Are Hooded Eyes Attractive Or You Need Fixing?

Are Hooded Eyes Attractive

Stats show that the Eyes are one of the most attractive parts a man, and a woman finds. Appealing eyes can make anyone fall in love with you. Today, we will talk about hooded eyes and whether they are attractive or not. We will further discuss frequently asked questions related to eye shapes and hooded eyes. Let’s dive straight into it.

hooded eyes

What are Hooded Eyes?

Hooded eyes make your crease hide through a fold of skin. These eyes are quite common. As you get older, your eyes eventually turn into hooded eyes. However, some people are born with hooded eyes due to genetics.

Are Hooded Eyes Attractive?

Hooded eyes are considered attractive. Many people like this eye shape and hooded eyes are amongst the common eye shapes. However, hooded eyes do not go well with all types of eye makeup.

If you ever find yourself following the same Instagram trend but your eyes do not match as shown could be due to differences in eye shapes.

How to Get Hooded Eyes?

Are you a fan of hooded eyes but don’t have them? It’s okay. You can create hooded eyes using makeup tricks. Here is how you can get hooded eyes:

  • Use heavy mascara to make your eyelashes more visible
  • Try eyeshadow matching your skin tone and blend it properly
  • Use eyeliner. Do batwing eyeliner for your hooded eyes.
  • Make your cheekbones thinner using contour to make your eyes look bigger
  • Use an eyelash extension

hooded eyes batwing eyeliner

How many eye shapes are there?

Almond, monolid, downturned, hooded, round, and upturned are six major eye shapes. These shapes have their speciality and do not go well with all eyeshadows or eyeliner styles. The best way to get beautiful eyes is to know their shape and apply makeup accordingly.

Which is better? Almond eyes or hooded eyes?

Both these eyes, almond and hooded, are considered to be attractive. However, almonds are said to be slightly better than hooded eyes because all eyeshadow looks can go with it.

almond eyes

Which is the most common eye shape?

Did you know the most common eye shape is also the most attractive eye shape? This eye shape is called almond. Almond eyes look fierce and go well with all makeup styles. That is the reason why almond eyes are considered most attractive.

Does eye shape matter?

Eye shape does not matter. If you know your eye shape, you are more likely to know what styles suit your eyes. In general, eye shapes do not cause much difference.

How to fix hooded eyes?

If you wish to fix your hooded eyes permanently, you can go for eye surgery. Eye surgery will cost you large sums and is known as blepharoplasty. Whereas if you want to fix your hooded eyes naturally, you can do so by applying chamomile tea bags, cucumber, or ice water on your eyes.

You can also fix hooded eyes instantly using makeup.

To conclude, hooded eyes are attractive. However, hooded eyes are not considered the most attractive eye shape. Through this article, we learned about different eye shapes and how to change them through makeup. Let us know in the comment section about your favorite eye shape.

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