Trending Indo Western Trousers

These are western trousers styled into Indian dressing. I started to think of it to compliment with my Kalamkari kurta design. This time I was on Pinterest. Images on pinterest made it easy to follow the measurements math for trousers. It was interesting and also challenging to see the images of trouser pattern cuttings. Interesting because, … Read more

Kalamkari Kurta Design (Front Cut Kurti – Cigarette Pants)

Kalamkari Dress Design | Front Cut Kurti: Here’s another beautiful floral print kalamkari kurta design with a kalamkari cotton saree. You can also check out my kalamkari dress design patterns which include some kalamkari kurta designs in 5 different styles. The hand printed kalamkari kurta designs when used in kalamkari kurtis makes the garment look stylish and sophisticated. This design … Read more

Kalamkari Long Dress (Cold Shoulder-Back Neck)

kalamkari long dress

Kalamkari Dress Design Patterns: These days tradition is everywhere and I thought why not start my work with kalamkari long dress. You can also check out my kalamkari dress design patterns in 5 different styles. Let’s get into the kalamkari way… It was a kalamkari dress material I first saw, before it got so popular, … Read more