Sleeping Positions For Sciatica

How should you sleep when your sciatica hurts? Lie flat on your back and keep your buttocks and heels in contact with the bed. Bend your knees slightly towards the ceiling. Slide a pillow under your knees. Slowly add additional pillows until you find a comfortable knee and lower back position. What side should I … Read more

Best Carrier Oils For Beard

What are carrier oils for beards? Below are the most recommended oils (Carrier and Essential) for your beard: Jojoba Oil Castor Oil Avocado Oil Sunflower Oil Coconut Oil, Fractionated Coconut Oil Grapeseed Oil Sweet Almond Oil Orange Oil Lavender Oil Tea Tree Oil Eucalyptus Oil Peppermint Oil Frankincense Oil Sage Oil Patchouli Oil. How do … Read more

Best Sleeping Positions For Digestion

How should I sleep to help digestion? How To Sleep for Proper Digestion Elevate your head. Elevating your head while sleeping on your left side can improve nighttime digestion. Add a pillow in between the knees to prevent your midsection from sinking. Don’t eat large meals THREE hours before sleeping. Which side is best to … Read more