Best Face-Framing Highlights for Every Face Shape

Best Face-Framing Highlights for Every Face Shape

Occasionally, a hairstyle becomes so versatile and popular that it instantly becomes a customer and stylist favorite! Consider face-framing highlights or the hair trend known as the money piece. Balayage was just one of those trends, emerging as a summertime option for people seeking lighter, sun-kissed locks and swiftly establishing itself as an all-year favorite.

However, when Queen Beyoncé released a selfie with two caramel blonde face-framing highlights framing her face at the hairline, everyone was eager to bet on her new style.

What is the difference between face-framing highlights and money-piece hair?

Face framing highlights complement balayage because they are an excellent technique to increase the brightness around the face while highlighting both the hair color and facial features, creating a wonderful dimensional impression.

Money piece hairstyles are a simple way to inject some personality into any look, regardless of hair color, haircut, or facial shape. Additionally, it is low maintenance, allowing your customer to choose whether to let the highlights grow into the hair or to intensify the color over time. Your customer will not have to spend a fortune to have this subtle yet effective look alteration.

When and how to use highlights for face-framing?

The money piece should match the hair’s natural parting as a general rule. Begin by dissecting the portion and dividing it into subsections according to the thickness of the face-framing highlights. Choose smaller weaves for a softer, more natural look or a larger piece for a more dramatic effect.

It has been demonstrated that working with back-to-back portions works best to generate the money piece effect. Paint freehand but rather weave and tease; it is all up to you how you want the finished product to look.

Begin your hair lightening treatment further down if you want the most dramatic effect around the face; alternatively, work with back-to-back baby lights for a practical yet extremely natural finish. Checkout 15 face-framing highlights Ideas

Wavy Long Honey Balayage Hair

Sun-kissed-blonde face-framing highlights on brown hair are an easy way to brighten a pale complexion and a diamond-shaped face. Although a little untidy, the slight wave adds significant body and volume without overbearing.

Subtle Blonde Highlights with Dark Woody Cut

Sleek and seductive for oval shape face, the tiniest hint of blonde highlights on mahogany-brown hair perfectly frames the face. Additionally, an asymmetrical part and long feathered sides assist frame the face against a picture-perfect backdrop of luscious chocolate waves.

Balayage Waves with Rusty Blonde for Dark Hair

Long, tousled darker hair enhanced with rusty blonde balayage for heart shape face will instantly make you appear more youthful and carefree. The lightest bits closest to the face create a natural appearance. It is a sweet choice for coarse, wavy hair.

Long Hair with Ash Blonde Balayage

Lavender-hued ash-blonde face-framing highlights for dark brown hair for a long face are a contemporary method to make long hair appear more mature. The side part line and a long sweep of peek-a-boo bangs assist in emphasizing the lower half of the face, drawing attention to the adorable chin and sultry lips.

Wavy Dark Blonde Balayage Hairstyle

The dark brown base color and a delicate blonde balayage effectively frame a narrow face. The Cascades of waves cascade across the shoulders in this sporty and fashionable haircut to age instantly.

Dark Black Face Framing for Long Hair

Chunky honey-blonde highlights that flow down the sides of the face are an unusual technique to emphasize the eyes and mouth for diamond-shaped faces. The almond brown base hue will enhance with gold flecks, creating a shimmering and glowing effect in the light.

Collarbone Choppy Blonde Bob

The choppy center-parted bob for a heart-shaped face will elevate to new heights with face-framing blonde highlights and spicy transitional colors. It is fun and youthful and the ideal way to highlight your cheekbones.

Waist-Length Messy Waves

There is no better way to revitalize long, drab tresses that have lost their sheen than to add some face-framing highlights to dark hair. Walnut brown tones run from the midsection to the ends, enveloping your lovely facial angles.

Choppy Lob with Caramel Highlights

Sassy, seductive, and parted in the middle, these beautiful highlights’ warm blonde tones perfectly complement the blue eyes and gorgeous cheekbones. The shoulder-length lob serves as a backdrop for your delicate facial features.

Honey Bronde Waves

The honey-bronde tendrils gently curve around the face and neck, and the overgrown bangs are angled to fall below the chin, creating a slimming impression. It is a versatile hairstyle that is ideal for showcasing super-long tresses.

Tousled Medium Bronde Bob

Balayage to frame the face and side-parted bangs to skim the chin work well with a straight hair bob for heart shape face. The subtle blonde highlights add dimension to this lovely tousled look.

Wavy Long Walnut Tresses

The brown walnut highlights on brunette hair create a pretty symmetrical framing for a diamond-shaped face. The waves cascade over the shoulders, illuminating the skin and drawing attention to the eyes. Choppy, textured ends lend a sense of casualness and ease to the hairdo.

Top-Knot for Long Hair with Toffee Highlights

What is the greatest formula for creating a fun and trendy haircut for long brown hair? A whimsical topknot with some face-framing tendrils! The super-thick toffee-colored waves and loosely wrapped bun add the perfect amount of height and body.

Partial Highlights with Thick Lob for Straight Hair

Hair thick and bouncy has an uncanny ability to be universally flattering. A slightly shorter shoulder-length lob in the back and delicately highlighted with blonde highlights adds to your fashionable uniqueness.

Ash Black Balayage for Straight Hair

One of the best aspects of having super-straight hair is that it attracts attention automatically. The beautiful blonde highlights around the face focus attention on your face and that lovely smile.

Remember, well-placed face-framing highlights and baby lights are just as important as a great hairstyle for a balanced appearance. Never underestimate the power of a carefully positioned wave or curl, and when that curl is highlighted with stunning color, the effect is even more striking.

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