Best Hair Colors for Olive Skin

Best Hair Colors for Olive Skin

Using makeup products and picking a style that suits you are simply two components of a flawless look. You should also be aware that the colour of your hair matches your skin tone.

Olive skin has a warm, earthy tone to it, and it complements golden and dark brown tones, as well as red, purple, pink, and blue. Which colour brings out the best in your skin tone? It’s conceivable that one of these attention-seeking haircolors will pique your interest.

Best Hair Colors for Olive Skin

Platinum Blonde hair colour

Platinum blonde is one of the most fascinating hair colours for women with olive complexion since the two tones are so distinct. Even more stunning is the combination of light eyes, olive skin, and light hair.

Caramel Highlights

Caramel highlights are a must-have for everyone, regardless of skin tone. To lighten and invigorate your hair while simultaneously illuminating your skin, ask your hairdresser for caramel highlights.

Espresso with a dark brown hue

Olivia Wilde’s hair is coloured a rich chocolate brown to complement her dazzling blue eyes, and she wears it in a chin-length bob for a more edgy look.

Rapunzel whirlwind platinum-blonde

Keep in mind that if you decide to aim for platinum, you must be completely dedicated. We recommend doing your homework on the colorist you’re visiting when it comes to this hue.

Ash Brown

Many ladies with olive skin tones avoid ash brown since it mixes in with their natural skin tone and makes them seem tired. If you really must have ash brown, here’s how to get it: Wear a couple little golden ribbons through your hair to create a dramatic contrast.


Green hair with an olive skin may appear odd together, but once you try it, you’ll be hooked.


Any tone she chose is perfect for olive complexion, but the grey in this shot is really lovely. It gives her skin a cool shine and draws attention to the colour in her eyes.


Warm earth tones like chestnut work nicely in any season, but they’re especially nice in the fall and spring. This reddish-brown colour may appear to grow from your skull, yet it will flatter you far more than your natural skin tone.


Balayage is a terrific choice for you if you don’t want to radically change your hair colour but yet want it to look beautiful with your olive skin. You may keep your natural hair colour at the roots and simply utilise select face-framing highlights to enhance your face if you employ this procedure.

Chocolate Milk

Try a milk chocolate hair colour if you want a bit cocoa in your life without going too dark. The golden undertones in this deep light brown colour assist to balance out the olive complexion’s naturally warm tone.

What hair colors go with olive skin?

True, brown and chestnut are two of the best hair colours for olive skin but choosing a hair dye is rarely a case of ‘one size fits all’. The thing to remember is that olive skin, like all skin, comes in a wide range of shades, with underlying tones from cool to warm.

Does green hair look good on olive skin?

Olive skin tones can have undertones of beige, yellow, green, and even grey depending on the lighting. Since olive-skinned people can wear any shade of grey they like, this is why It won’t wash you out or make you look startling whether it’s a light grey or a dark charcoal.

Does gray hair look good olive skin?

Most greys flatter olive skin tones. Olive skin tones can have hints of beige, yellow, green, and, yes, grey! This is why if you have olive skin, you can wear any shade of grey you prefer. Whether it’s a light grey or deep charcoal, it won’t wash you out or appear jarring.

What ethnicity has olive skin tone?

Olive skin tones are most common in people in countries lining the Mediterranean sea. This includes parts of Southern Europe, Northern Africa and Eastern Asia. Some examples: Greece.

Does black hair look good olive skin?

The best shade of black hair for an olive skin tone is definitely almost black. It’s a great contrast to your warmer skin tone, so your complexion will really stand out.

How do I know if I have olive skin tone?

You notice a green or grey tinge to your skin. Foundations often look too yellow, pink, or orange on your skin, even if it’s the right depth. Your veins aren’t distinctly green or blue.

Is olive skin cool or warm?

Olive skin has both neutral and warm undertones along with green, an undertone that is considered unique to olive skin only. If you have olive skin, then you might find that certain colors in all three undertones suit your skin.

What is tan olive skin?

Olive skin is a human skin colour spectrum. It generally refers to light or moderate tan skin, and it is often described as having yellow, green, or golden undertones. People with olive skin can sometimes become more pale if their sun exposure is limited.

What hair colour suits olive skin and hazel eyes?

Olive skin and hazel eyes will welcome golden blonde or light platinum blonde, either cool or warm toned blonde hair. To highlight the green in your eyes, the lighter shade of hair is most suitable, and to highlight the gold, the warm one is most befitting.

Does auburn hair suit olive skin?

It’s often recommended that people with olive skin opt for warm, golden shades when it comes to hair color and makeup, but don’t be afraid of red 一 it’s great for the contrast concept we keep referencing. Auburn hair provides an ideal balance of warm and cool tones to flatter olive skin.

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