Butterfly Garden Plants

What should I plant in my butterfly garden?

Butterflies feed on tubular flowers and they especially love those with “landing strips.”

Yarrow, stonecrop, coneflower, verbena, phlox, butterfly bush, butterfly weed (Asclepias), bee balm, cardinal flower (Lobelia), coreopsis, black-eyed Susan, Joe Pye weed, pentas, and various asters and sedums can keep your garden.

What is the best plant to attract butterflies?

Plants That Attract Butterflies

For caterpillars, consider plants like violets, milkweed, dill, and asters.

For butterflies, Joe-Pye weed, ironweed, yellow coneflowers, goldenrod, and brightly-hued asters are nectar-filled favorites.

What flowers go in a butterfly garden?

Butterfly Garden Flowers

  • Phlox. Phlox is a low-growing, spreading plant that forms a blanket of blooms all summer.
  • Coneflower (Echinacea) Coneflower is one of the best flowers for attracting butterflies.
  • Lantana.
  • Bluestar (Amsonia hubrichtii)
  • Pot Marigolds.
  • Black-Eyed Susan.
  • Blazing Star Flowers (Liatris spicata)
  • Heliotrope.

How do you make a butterfly garden?

How to Make a Butterfly Garden Plant Butterfly Friendly Flowers. Add Plants for Butterfly Caterpillars. Include Butterfly Shelter Areas. Offer Alternative Butterfly Foods. Provide Butterfly Puddling Stations. Avoid Pesticides That Harm Butterflies. A Fun and Worthwhile Garden Project.

Do butterfly gardens need full sun?

Butterflies are cold-blooded and need the light from the sun to warm the muscles they use to fly. Not only do butterflies like the sun, the plants they thrive on need full direct sun. Most plants need at least 8 hours of sunlight to bloom properly and provide enough nectar.

What is the best mulch for a butterfly garden?

Mulch your new butterfly garden with a layer of shredded wood mulch or pine straw. We prefer wood mulch at a depth of 1 to 2 inches deep as it provides a better barrier against weed growth.

Do hydrangeas attract butterflies?

One of the plants that I have had great success with is Hydrangea paniculata Grandiflora – also called Pee Gee Hydrangea. While it’s not on most people’s nectar list, I have found that when it blooms it attracts tons of pollinators. It also attracts Spring and Summer Azure butterflies that lay eggs on the blossoms.

What plant attracts monarch butterflies?

milkweed These striking orange-and-black butterflies are looking for one thing: milkweed (Asclepias). And when you plant milkweed in your garden, it’s like rolling out a welcome mat for monarchs. Spring is the beginning of the monarch’s breeding season, and milkweed is crucial to the survival of the species.

What color butterfly bush attracts the most butterflies?

There is no plant more attractive to butterflies than the butterfly bush. Best colors are blue, purple or similar colors. The least attractive color is white. It has been a wonderful year for the yellow/black Tiger Swallowtails.

How do you attract butterflies to yourself?

Tips for Getting a Butterfly to Land on You Wear brightly colored clothes. I have a bright yellow and orange tie-dyed shirt that always seems to lure butterflies to me. Smell sweet. If you’re wearing a skin lotion or perfume that smells a bit like flowers, that attract a hungry butterfly. Stay still.

Are daisies good for butterflies?

Butterflies love daisies and related flowers, because the center “eye” is an all-you-can-eat meal of tiny florets. Most fuzzy flowers bloom from summer into fall, when butterfly numbers are at their peak.

What can I plant with a butterfly bush?

Pair butterfly bushes with Verbena bonariensis, pineapple sage, purple salvia, lantana, swamp milkweed and asters. Some dwarf varieties of butterfly bush can be grown well in containers.

How do you make an outdoor butterfly habitat?

WHAT YOU NEED TO MAKE A MONARCH BUTTERFLY HABITAT Common milkweed plants. Tomato cage or a small section of wire fencing. A few yards of tulle fabric — this fine netting lets in light and water but keeps out hungry critters. Scissors. Twist ties or clamps to secure the tulle.

How big should butterfly garden be?

Choosing the Right Spot A butterfly garden can range from a large plot of land to a 5′ x 10″ strip near a walkway to a window box or a container garden. Since butterflies tend to be more active in the sun, large open sunny areas are an important factor for the garden.

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