Can You Cook a Ham in an Oster Roaster Oven

A party is incomplete without delicious dishes. Whether it’s Christmas or New Year’s Eve, if you prepare a special dish for your friends and family, your cooking can win the hearts of others. Although, If you love parties and food, then you surely love to eat ham.

Moreover, it is also clear that you also know the recipe for making ham on an electric roaster. Even though you know the recipe for cooking ham at home, you can still have some confusion, such as how to cook ham in an oven roaster. So to get answers to your queries, be here until the end.

Cooking Ham in a Roaster Oven

Cooking a Ham in a Roasting Oven

You have surely eaten ham at several parties or gatherings. Now you want to make another surprise with your cooking. Anyone will be drawn to a spiral-sliced ham with ham glaze. If you want to know how you can cook ham, then you are at the right place. Below, you will see information related to the roasting of ham.

Ingredients for recipe to make ham

To prepare a maple-glazed ham, you don’t need expensive ingredients. Even though it is not a quick task, anyone can easily prepare glazed ham. Among the ingredients for roasting ham, you will need a fully cooked ham, 2-4 cups of water depending on the ham’s weight, and an electric roaster oven.

Other side, you must glaze the cooked ham meat. For this, you can use a packaged glaze or make your own. A basting brush and a meat thermometer can also be useful when cooking hams. Plus, you can add other herbs as well if you love cooking hams differently.

Instructions to cook ham in roasters

Here are some instructions you should follow when cooking ham:

  • Firstly, you have to set your roaster oven to 325 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Fill the roasting rack with 2-3 cups of water and cover it. And wait until the water is well heated.
  • Unwrap the ham and put it aside until it thaws completely. The large ham will take longer to thaw, so be patient.
  • It’s time to remove all the plastic that comes over the ham and make a pattern on it with a knife. The pattern on the hams will help the glaze adhere to it.
  • It is almost finished with the ham preparation. You can now put the ham on the roasting rack and give it some time to roast well in roaster oven.
  • Afterward, be ready with the glaze; you can use honey glaze or make any flavor glaze you like.
  • After one hour of baking the ham in the oven, you can continue to brush the glaze onto the cooked ham meat using your basting brush. You will need more glaze on the ham if you have a large pound.
  • After the glaze is applied to the cooked spiral ham, cover with foil and put it again on the roasting pan and place it in the oven for one more hour.
  • Now remove the lid and glaze the baked ham again to get a better taste.
  • Lastly, bake the ham without foil cover one more time in the roasting oven for 10 minutes more.
  • Test the internal temperature of the ham after removing the cover of foil from the oven until it reaches 145 degrees Fahrenheit.

How long does it take to bake the ham in an oven roaster?

How long does it take to bake the ham in an oven roaster?

An electric roaster cooks meat very well and without too much effort. You might have to wonder how long to cook the ham in a roasting oven. The answer is not confirmed because the time required to cook hams varies according to the pound of hams.

A large spiral ham can take up to 4 hours to cook, but a small ham can be well-cooked in under an hour. Furthermore, ham that comes precooked will take less time than ham cooked from scratch in an Oster electric roaster.

Can you cook a spiral sliced ham in an Oster roaster oven?

Can you cook a spiral sliced ham in an Oster roaster oven?

If you have eaten honey-baked ham during your holiday and want to cook it again in a roaster oven at home. Then you want to know if you can use your own Oster roaster oven. Electric roaster cooking saves time and gives proper food quality. However, maple-glazed ham can be prepared in any oven, but an Oster electric roaster can be perfect for it.

To make ham at home, you don’t need an expensive electric roaster to get heat. Oster roasters are also used to cook turkey, so it will be a great choice to cook a ham in it. So without any second thought, continue your holiday recipe with your electric roaster oven.

Should you put water at the bottom of the roasting pan while baking the ham?

For some dishes, roasting doesn’t need water, but for cooking ham in a roaster, you have to put in some amount of water. You may be confused about why you use water when roasting meat. Basically, you have to add some water to the bottom of the roasting pan when you cook spiral ham.

Remember not to let the ham dip into the water. Water is required to keep the spiral ham moist so that it cooks properly and yields fleshy meat. To complete the baking of the ham, add water to the pan and cover it with foil so the moisture can cook the ham perfectly.

How much ham or honey baked ham do you have to cook?

We cannot give a proper answer here, as it depends on how many members you have to serve. Furthermore, for a large number of hams, a large roaster is required for proper ham cooking. Another side, for a single person, half a pound of ham is enough. Besides that, you can take any pound of ham to cook in a roaster.

For a large party or gathering, you would require to prepare a big honey-baked ham in a roaster oven. Furthermore, baked ham is easily available at the market, saving you the time of cooking for a large group. In this way, you can save on roasters and also prepare your dish early.

Advantages of an Oster Electric Roaster

To get a properly baked ham, a roaster can help a lot. However, the rooster roaster is an electric roaster, but it can do all the things that a traditional rooster does. Do you know why people use electric roasters over a regular roaster? For starters, an electric roaster saves time when cooking spiral-sliced ham.

Aside from that, an Oster roaster can be used to cook turkey, spiral-sliced ham, glazed regular ham, and other holiday dishes. Besides, cooking any meat in an oven or an electric roaster doesn’t take up much space, you also can use a roasting rack place. Moreover, an electric roaster cooks food so early.


You can prepare ham in your home oven or an Oster roaster oven properly without any stress. However, maybe for you, it is not a regular dish, but it is not hard to use a roaster oven to make spiral ham. Anyone will be impressed by a baked ham with glaze.

It is sure that if you grab all the information from the above discussion, you will come to know how to cook ham in a roasting oven. Whether you want to prepare a maple glazed ham for dinner or lunch in a roaster, an Oster electric roaster can make your work easy. Now your turn has come. Let us know your opinion on cooking ham in a roasting oven. Have you ever baked spiral ham?

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