Can you eat 2-week-old hard-boiled eggs? How to store hard-boiled eggs?

Can you eat 2-week-old hard-boiled eggs?

Can you eat 2-week-oil hard-boiled eggs? Well, this question arises when you initially boiled several dozen eggs with the intention of making lots of egg salad so you can serve the guests a delicious meal! You soon discover that your guests have postponed their visit to next week!

The smartest thing you can do now is to think about questions like “can hard-boiled eggs go bad?”, “Can you eat 2-week-old hard-boiled eggs?”, etc. This comprehensive guide on hard-boiled eggs will help you with everything from the hard-boiled eggs’ storage, shelf life, and, the signs of spoilage for hard-boiled eggs.

Hard-boiled eggs will stay for up to one week in the refrigerator. After one week, the eggs might begin to spoil. Therefore, it is not safe to consume 2-week-old hard-boiled eggs unless you are sure that there are no signs of spoilage. If you want the eggs to stay for longer, continue reading the article to know how to store hard-boiled eggs in fridge and in the freezer.

Shelf Life Of Hard Boiled Eggs – How long are hard boiled eggs good for?

Can hard boiled eggs go bad

Can hard-boiled eggs go bad? Well, hard-boiled eggs can spoil and have a very short shelf life. Hard-boiled eggs have a shorter shelf lifespan than raw egg that is still inside the shell. Here is everything about the shelf life of hard-boiled eggs.

  • Boiling eggs can make them more porous but the outer layer of protection helps keep eggs fresher for longer. It is obvious that we break the shells after boiling the eggs. This makes them more vulnerable to bacteria and air as the eggs’ protective layer is gone.
  • A hardboiled egg with a shell can last for about seven days. The shelf life of hardboiled eggs drops to three to five days once the shells are removed.
  • You should freeze hardboiled eggs as soon as they are boiled to ensure their safety and increase their shelf life.
  • Transfer the eggs from boiling water to a bowl with ice water so that they cool down quickly before they begin to spoil. Store the eggs in the fridge to keep them safe for later use.

Storage Tips For Hard Boiled Eggs – How to store hard-boiled eggs in fridge?

How to store hard-boiled eggs in fridge

While it is technically possible to freeze hard-boiled eggs, it is not recommended for preserving whole hard-boiled eggs. The egg whites can become sticky and change their texture.

You can freeze hard-boiled eggs to make egg salads or other similar dishes with chopped boiled eggs. However, it is best to keep the eggs separate from any other ingredients. We recommend freezing the eggs separately, and adding mayonnaise, spices, or other seasonings after you thaw them.

grated eggs

  • Cut or grate the eggs into small pieces and freeze them in a container or bag. Hard-boiled eggs can last for a few months.
  • Hardboiled eggs can be thawed in a container for up to two days in the refrigerator.
  • Pickling hard-boiled eggs can also be done to preserve them for more than a week. Some recipes for pickled eggs can last for up to 4 months.

pickled eggs

Signs Of Spoilage For Hard Boiled Eggs – How to tell if hard boiled eggs are bad?

  • The most obvious sign that a hard-boiled egg is bad is its smell.  It is best to avoid eggs that have a foul, sulfurous, or rotten odor. In case the protective shell is still intact, make sure to peel it off to check for a foul smell.
  • There is a misconception that if the yolk of hard-boiled eggs is gray or green it means that the egg is bad. This is incorrect. The yolk’s color has more to do with the cooking time.
  • A perfectly cooked hardboiled egg will be creamy and deep yellow-gold color. As the egg cooks, it becomes paler in color and will eventually turn greenish or grayish. The egg’s texture will get chalkier with each color change.
  • If the yolks of hard-boiled eggs turn green frequently, ensure that you don’t overcook them.
  • The grayish tint is actually due to a chemical reaction within the yolk.
  • Although the egg is safe to eat at this stage, it might have a less appealing texture and taste than eggs that are perfectly cooked.
  • If you find it bad, it is better to throw it out than to force yourself to eat it.

How to tell if hard boiled eggs are bad

Key Takeaways

  • Hard-boiled eggs can last about a week in the shell and 3 to 5 days after peeling off the shell.
  • They should be kept in the refrigerator, preferably in a sealed container.
  • You can freeze hard-boiled eggs, but the whites may become rubbery. Pickle the eggs, or make a delicious egg salad to avoid wastage!

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