Can you use hair dye on eyebrows? What dyes are safe for your eyebrows?

Can You Use Hair Dye On Eyebrows

Although the eyes may be the window into the soul, we believe that eyebrows are equally important. Eyebrows not only convey emotions and moods without words but also frame the face and provide symmetry. But, can you use hair dye on eyebrows? Read on to know if it is okay to use hair dye for eyebrows.

Some of us aren’t blessed to have perfect eyebrows. It can be tedious to have thin or light eyebrows and then fill them with makeup every morning.

A professional can dye your eyebrows and transform your face in a matter of minutes. Let’s face the truth, not everyone can afford to take the time or money to have their eyebrows done every couple of weeks. We will be discussing the dangers of hair dye and which types of dyes are safer. Also, we will show you how to get your dream brows without using harsh chemicals.

Why you shouldn’t use hair dye on your eyebrows?

Why you shouldn't use hair dye on your eyebrows

There are three types:

  • Permanent
  • Demi-permanent
  • Temporary or semi-permanent

Permanent Dyes With Hydrogen Peroxide

Permanent hair dye is most commonly sold in boxes. These hair dyes are made up of two components: the dye and the developer (usually hydrogen peroxide). This is a major skin and eye irritant.

  • Hydrogen peroxide can be used on the scalp but it is not recommended for use anywhere else. Your eyes have the most sensitive and thinnest skin of any part of your body.
  • Because there are fewer oil glands in your eyelids, it doesn’t have a protective barrier like your scalp.
  • It also tends to dry out and crack easily. If it is damaged, it takes longer for it to heal.
  • Hydrogen peroxide may cause skin redness, swelling, itching, and peeling. It can also be used as a bleaching agent to lighten hair before the dye is applied.
  • While it may work for the hair on your head this will not work for your eyebrows. Your eyebrows are made up of finer hairs. They can be damaged by the peroxide to the point that they break. It is possible to have no eyebrows.
  • Hydrogen peroxide can also cause eye irritations if it gets in your eyes. The FDA actually prohibits hair dyes on eyebrows or eyelashes as they may cause blindness.

What about temporary or semi-permanent dyes, however? However, semi-permanent dyes contain less hydrogen peroxide. Semipermanent dyes don’t contain hydrogen peroxide but they aren’t ideal.

Temporary Hair Dyes

Temporary dyes are not able to lift your hair or lighten your hair before depositing new colors. They can only be used if your eyebrows want to go darker than they are currently. You don’t want them on your face.

  • All hair dyes, including temporary ones, contain a chemical called PPD (paraphenylenediamine). This chemical is the reason for all the warnings on boxed hair dyes urging you to perform a patch test 24hrs before dyeing your hair.
  • Because reactions to PPD are common, this test will check if you have had an allergic reaction. PPD may cause redness, itching, pain, blistering, and swelling in the area where the dye came in contact with your skin.
  • PPD allergies can develop within a few days of contact. Lesions can stay on the skin for several weeks. We don’t recommend that you take this risk with your face.
  • Hair dye shouldn’t be applied to your eyebrows. It can cause allergies, hair loss, irritation, pain, and hair loss. You can use safer products instead. This brings us to the next point.

What dyes are safe for your eyebrows?

There are products available that can be used to dye eyebrows. These products are safer than using hydrogen peroxide on the skin and don’t require any special care. There are many eyebrow kits and tints that look similar. We’ve seen some eyebrow tints and kits that are similar to hair dyes, but they contain harsh chemicals.

Be aware and carefully read the ingredients list before you apply a new product to your face.

You can also use men’s mustache and beard tints if you don’t have the ability to find eyebrow-specific products. These products are also suitable for facial hair and have fewer irritating ingredients than hair dye.

How to Dye Your Eyebrows at Home?

How to Dye Your Eyebrows at Home?

After you’ve found the right product for your eyebrows and chosen it, read the instructions. Most of these products will require that you follow the following steps:

  1. Make sure to start with a clean, dry, and washed face.
  2. To prevent dye from staining areas that you don’t wish to be colored, apply vaseline to your eyebrows.
  3. As directed, mix the dye according to the instructions. Some dyes are powdered, while some are cream- or gel-based.
  4. Shape your brows by brushing them.
  5. To apply the color to your eyebrows, use the applicator included with the kit.
  6. Make sure to get rid of any stains from outside your desired brow area.
  7. The package suggests that the dye be left on as long as it is recommended. Temporary brow dyes can be left on for only a few minutes while longer-lasting ones should be left on for many hours. Follow the directions for each product.
  8. After the time has expired, wash the product gently with warm water. You are done!

The instructions will vary depending on the product and the ingredients. Make sure you follow the directions on the packaging. It’s quick and painless. You will have great eyebrows.

How long does eyebrow tint last?

Depending on which product you use, eyebrow tint can last anywhere from three to four days up to several weeks. These products do not contain the harsh dyes used in traditional hair dyes, but they aren’t permanent.

Some of these can last for several weeks and save you tons of time getting ready each morning. These products will eventually go away, returning your eyebrows to their natural color. This makes them less risky than permanent options like micro-blading.

How can you naturally darken your eyebrows?

There are some home remedies that you can try if you don’t want to use any chemicals on your eyebrows. These home remedies won’t drastically change your eyebrow color, but they can darken or thicken your brows over the course of time.

These natural remedies have been proven to work for some people:

  1. Olive Oil. This oil can be found in most kitchens. It is rich in vitamins such as vitamin E and vitamin A which will help your hair grow. However, olive oil can cause skin breakouts in some people.
  2. Hibiscus flowers. Make a paste of crushed hibiscus flowers. Mix them with some hair conditioner to make the paste easy to use. This mixture can be used to make your eyebrows thicker and darker by being applied overnight.
  3. Castor Oil. This oil has been used for many beauty purposes for centuries. It is said to stimulate blood flow and moisturize, as well as help your brows become thicker and darker. It doesn’t cause acne-like olive oil.
  4. Before you apply these natural remedies to your eyebrows, please do a patch test as with any new product. You can have allergic reactions to something just because it is natural.

These natural remedies don’t provide quick fixes. These natural remedies are best used over a long period of time and should be used every night. We recommend one of the brow tints/tints mentioned above if you want an immediate result.

We get it. It is a great way to color your eyebrows and hair with the same products. Unfortunately, hair dyes can cause damage to your eyebrows. It is not worth the risk of losing your eyebrows or developing a rash that lasts for several weeks. There are so many great products that you can use at home to help you achieve good results. No matter what you do, be careful. Use the best products and keep your eyebrows healthy.

Is hair dye the same as eyebrow tint?

Eyebrow dyes use the same technology found in permanent hair dyes and many women use regular hair dyes for their brows. These chemicals used are referred to as “oxidative dyes” because they must be mixed with an oxidizing agent (usually hydrogen peroxide) before they will work.

How long do you leave hair dye on eyebrows?

Eyebrow tinting takes between 1-5 minutes (depending on the hair type) before the dye is wiped away and your brows are done! The skin around your eyebrows shouldn’t have been affected by the dye – but if there is any staining don’t panic, this will wash away over the next day or so.

Does dying your eyebrows damage them?

Usually, no. Eyebrow tinting is relatively safe, as long as there are no harmful chemicals used in the dye.

Can I put hair dye on my eyelashes?

Do not use regular hair dyes for your eyelashes. They contain dangerous chemicals and can be applied near your eyes. Look for a specific dye that is designed for eyelashes and eyebrows.

How can I lighten my eyebrows with hair dye?

To control the color, mix permanent hair color and hydrogen peroxide. Make sure you get to your roots by brushing or combing your eyebrows. Add 2 to 3 drops of hydrogen peroxide depending on the color you choose. Use a cotton swab to lightly apply the solution to your brows.

Can I use semi-permanent hair dye on my eyebrows?

Permanent hair dye shouldn’t be used. It is too strong for facial skin and can cause hair loss. Inadvertently putting it in your eyes can cause permanent damage. Use beard dyes, semi-permanent hair dyes, or demi-permanent eye dyes instead.

How can I darken my eyebrows without makeup?

Although henna may require more upkeep due to the fading of color, it is the best choice if you want to darken your eyebrows naturally. Even vegetable-based dyes can contain chemicals.

How can I tint my eyebrows at home without dye?

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