Capsule Wardrobe For Women

Quick Guide For Capsule Wardrobe For Women

Out of the many practices of sustainability that we should adopt, sustainable fashion remains one of the foremost. It is known to everyone that fashion trends evolve every season- what is relevant this summer may not be on the runway next summer. And this leads to a lot of reckless buying in order to be ‘in trend.’ This impulsive and reckless buying definitely burns a hole in our pocket and contributes to the rising consumerism. Clearly, excessive consumerism isn’t healthy for our planet and its resources.

Sustainable fashion is, therefore, the need of the hour. A capsule wardrobe is one way to adopt this practice. Essentially a capsule wardrobe means having some basic staples in your closet that never really go out of style and can be worn in several ways. Coined by Susie Faux, this is something which is definitely economical, but also sustainable. This blog is your quick guide- the staples you need to have to build the perfect capsule wardrobe for women.

How to build the perfect capsule wardrobe for a woman? 

Cotton Pants 

Cotton Pants are definitely one of the most versatile pieces that you can ever gift yourself. You can wear them to your office, to a seminar, to a casual day-out-basically everywhere when styled with the right accessories. Make sure to get them in neutral or solid colors- so that they become your savior for any occasion.

Tank Tops 

Tank Tops are again must-haves, as the number of ways they can be styles is countless. You could wear them with your pants, with a skirt, throw a shirt around to give a casual look or wear them with a blazer for a semi-formal look. These tops are an absolute staple and can never go out of style. So make sure to have them in your closet, preferably in neutrals.

White Blouse 

A white blouse is perhaps the most timeless addition that your closet can have. It is the most versatile piece of clothing, and you can never go wrong with it. It can be worn literally to all kinds of occasions such as workwear, friends day out, parties, at dates, literally everywhere! So, while building your capsule wardrobe, a white blouse should be your first pick.


Kurta is a staple for every Indian Girl. Again, it’s a very versatile fit and you can wear it with your pants, denim, skirts, and it can never fail to make you look dapper. When selecting the color and the style, make sure you go for something in solid colors and a straight fit, making kurtas your best companion.


Blazers can never go out of style when it comes to having a classy, chic look. They should definitely be your first pick for any kind of formal or semi-formal event, but you can even wear them for an informal event if you know the right way to carry them. They will instantly make you look bold, powerful, and confident and this is something you should not limit to just formal occasions.

Little Black Dress 

LBD is perfect for days when you aren’t able to figure out the right outfit for yourself. So that is again a must-have fashion piece of your closet. Wear your LBD to your heart’s content on casual dates, friends day out, night out. But here is a fun fact; you can even wear your LBD as your workwear. Yes, you read it correctly! Wear them with your blazers and your pencil skirt, and you have the best look in front of you.


We all have days when we are really not in the mood to dress up and dusters are our companion for those specific days. SO, throw a duster on, and you will instantly feel dressed up without going through any trouble!

Accessories to add to your wardrobe

A closet can never be complete without having the right accessories and shoes to complement the look. And here are some of the pieces that we believe you need to have while building your capsule wardrobe

  • Elegant Studs
  • Classic Hoops, and 
  • Minimalistic Watch

The above-mentioned are pieces that are timeless and will never be out of style.

Coming on to shoes, here are some of the pairs every girl should have:


Ballerinas are the best footwear for all occasions. They are light, comfortable, and suit almost every occasion. Get them in black or brown shades to complement all kinds of outfits.


Sneakers would be your go-to footwear when it’s a casual or chill event. They are comfortable and the best pick when you want a casual and comfortable look.


A good pair of heels are a girl’s best friend. They can instantly glam up your look to another level. So save them for the days when you want to rock them!

These are some staples that you need to have when you are building the perfect capsule wardrobe for women from scratch. Having a capsule wardrobe is the best possible thing that can happen, as your wardrobe will only need a few changes from time to time, allowing you to be always chic and fashionable.

So are you going green by having a capsule wardrobe? We hear a big YES!

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