How Long Does It Take to Crochet a Scarf

How Long Does It Take Crochet a Scarf? A scarf is a great beginner crochet project. Many factors affect how long it will take to complete your first one, from the design of the yarn you choose to use and even whether or not you’re working on this in front of an audience! Check out … Read more

What Does Tog Mean in Crochet – Tog Crochet Meaning

What Does Tog Mean in Crochet? – Tog Crochet Meaning Tog crochet meaning, that when following crochet patterns, it can be challenging to keep up if you don’t understand abbreviations. One common abbreviation is TOG and stands for “together.” Knowing this will help when reading other instructions as well. Check out what does STS mean … Read more

How to Start a Crochet Chain

How to Start a Crochet Chain We may get carried away with all the stitches and combinations when learning how to crochet, but the truth is that it all starts with the most fundamental of stitches: the crochet chain and slip knot. The chain and the slip knot are the foundation of everything. You can’t … Read more

DC2TOG – Double Crochet Two Together

Double Crochet Two Together A double crochet two together is a type of crochet stitch that you can do by working two double crochets in one stitch. This works best for you if you are a beginner learning how to crochet and can be found in many crochet and knitting patterns. Here is everything you … Read more