Common Yoga Mistakes You Should Know

Common Yoga Mistakes You Should Know

Exercise or yoga asanas in any form is the only way you can assure yourself of physical and mental wellbeing. While on the route to mental peace and internal body cleansing, you are on a constant look out for what kind of exercise best suits your body. For some it could be 20 minute run, and some functional training, for others it could be yoga. When it comes to yoga there are some common yoga mistakes that happen when done unconsciously. Check out tips to do yoga asanas correctly.

Common Yoga Mistakes You Should Know

Nonetheless, yoga has always been a slow and strong choice of internal and external fitness. Provided you do it right. Yoga promotes myriad benefits, and has gained global popularity for its unbelievable health benefits. But now the big question is, “are you doing it right?” Check out the list of common mistakes you may be making while practicing yoga.

Common Yoga Mistakes And Tips To Avoid Them

Common Yoga Mistakes And Tips To Avoid Them

1. Practicing On A Full Stomach

Having a full stomach right before practicing yoga can cause you to have wrong postures because of feeling heavy. This might slow you down and can make you feel uncomfortable.

2. Mistake Of Wrong Clothing Choice

It is important to avoid stiff, starchy, or tight clothes while doing yoga. It might distract you from focusing on your breath and pose. Hence, make sure you wear something that you can move and stretch easily, and that comforts your skin.

3. Inconsistent Yoga Practice

Inconsistent yoga practice makes it difficult for you to progress and also can restrict the beneficial effects on your mind and body. Make your practice shorter, but regular.

4. Holding Your Breath

Yoga movements and poses are timed with breath and breathing patterns. Do not try to pace yourself with the instructor in in a class. Allow yourself to breathe slowly and fully.

5. Inverted V Shape

In an inverted V pose, it is important to have your spine straight and not curved. A curved spine imposes body weight on the shoulders and the wrists which can lead to injuries. Bend your knees slightly and slowly straighten them, with your feet flat on the floor, to get the right pose.

6. Forcing Yourself Into The Pose

Yoga is a slow detox process of the body. Instead of forcing the stretch, you must focus on practicing it mindfully, to reap the benefits of yoga. Do not force stretch yourself but move into each pose slowly.


What is the most important rule in yoga?

Focus on Your Breath. No need to be flexible or even warm-up before class! The purpose of yoga is not to do all those fancy, pretzel-like poses.

Can you get fit just doing yoga?

Yoga has the potential to increase fat loss, develop muscle tone, and build flexibility, leading to a more lean-looking physique.

Is yoga every day too much?

The only time yoga is done too often is when the same exact routine is done every single day that requires high intensity. Doing the same routine over and over again will cause RSI (repetitive stress injury).

How often should I do yoga to see results?

Most teachers recommend that we should practice three to five times a week for steady progress. A large study of Yoga practitioners revealed that people who practice at least five times a week have the best results in terms of overall health, sleep, low fatigue levels, and a general sense of wellbeing.

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