16 Couples Halloween Costumes – Scary, Funny, And More

Couples Halloween Costumes Ideas

It’s fun to dress up for Halloween, there’s no doubt. Halloween has a festive vibe that will make you want to wear your best clothes and put on some creative couples Halloween costumes. Why should you do this alone? These are some great, easy couples Halloween costumes that you can make together. We hope these couples Halloween costume ideas come in handy for you while you are searching for the best Halloween costumes for yourself and your partner!

Cute Couple Halloween Costumes

Here are cute couple Halloween costumes ideas in Doug Funnie and Patti Mayonnaise or Cosmo and Wanda for some Halloween costume inspiration.

1. Patti Mayonnaise And Doug Funnie Halloween Costume

The actual characters of Doug Funnie and Patti Mayonnaise are Ross and Rachel of the nineties cartoon series. Though they did not end up in a romantic relationship, the couple is quite popular. For a simpler version of this look, pick a pink top with yellow polka dots, and a blue skirt. For the man, pick a casual outfit similar to Doug Funnie.

Patti Mayonnaise And Doug Funnie Halloween Costume

2. Cosmo And Wanda Halloween Costume

Cosmo and Wanda are one the best couples and this cosmo and Wanda Halloween costume can make the best couple outfits for the next Halloween.

Cosmo And Wanda Halloween Costume

Halloween Costumes For Female Couples

My joke about matching everyday outfits with a girl is enough to make me ice cold. Halloween is the only day of the year that it’s acceptable to coordinate your outfits. Here are some suggestions for Halloween costumes for female couples to help you make the most of this amazing annual event.

3. Grace And Frankie Costume

Who said “couples” are the only couples? Friends and enemies can make great couples too! Here is a couple, Grace and Frankie, from a series on Netflix. To get yourself this look, pick the outfits that define these two ladies and their respective personalities.

Grace And Frankie Costume couple

4. Emoji Twins Costume

emoji twins costume

Scary Couples Halloween Costume Ideas

While you might leave the most disturbing, gross, and wicked characters to your horror movies, Halloween is a great time to embrace all things weird and creepy. You and your S.O. can show off your funny bone by wearing pun-filled costumes. You can get more thrills by tapping into Halloween’s serious creepiness. You’ve come to the right place: Go with any of these scary couples’ Halloween costumes some Homemade, some available to purchase to send chills down your spine.

5. Joker And Harley Quinn Halloween Costume

The Joker and Harley Quinn couple is the best pair that is created by the artistic world of comics and stories. To achieve this look, pick the right kind of outfit similar to Joker and Harley. Dye your hair with red and blue, paint your faces and bodies with good quality body paint, and do not forget that cute little black heart on the cheek.

Joker And Harley Quinn Halloween Costume

6. Mickey Mouse And Minnie Mouse Halloween Costume

Mickey Mouse and Minnie mouse is one of the cutest couples of all time. If you are looking for some scary couple Halloween costumes, this one will work the best for you. Well, if you are to resemble this cute couple for the next Halloween party, you got to give it a little spooky twist. Pick the basic outfits and stir the magic in your make-up and accessories for making the outfits suitable for Halloween parties.

Mickey Mouse And Minnie Mouse Halloween Costume

Funny Couples Halloween Costumes

Sometimes it can be easy to slip into sedentary bliss as a couple. This can make the idea of Halloween, especially when you have to dress-up in funny couples Halloween costumes, seem daunting. If you enjoy the coordination aspect of being a couple, you will have someone to coordinate with the following couples Halloween costume ideas

7. Green And Envy Halloween Costume

It is quite an easy task to achieve this look “green and envy”, and it is all Do It Yourself! Being a couple, one with dress in green from top to the toe, and the other needs to wear a plain t-shirt with a print “word”. This one is a pun in itself!!

Green And Envy Halloween Costume

8. Bob Ross And Happy Little Tree Halloween Costume

If you looking for a comfortable Halloween costume for yourself and your partner, for all day long juggling between different Halloween parties, this one is the right one. All you need is a basic outfit with some extra creative accessories like some leaves, wigs, a color palette, etc. to represent Bob Ross and his artwork.

7. Bob Ross And Happy Little Tree Halloween Costume

Iconic Couples Costumes

9. Greek Gods Halloween Costumes

Greek gods Halloween costumes are the best for couples. You can pick any DIY outfits similar to greek gods and goddesses. If you wish to dress in resemblance with a specific greek god or goddess, try Aphrodite and Hermes costumes.

Greek Gods Halloween Costume

10. Dragon Ball Z and Naruto Costumes

If you are an anime fanatic and looking for some nice outfits for you and your partner, dragon ball z and naruto costumes can work the best. Make sure to pick the exact outfits and do a little DIY hack for making the costumes look more realistic. Also, concentrate on your hairstyle as well!

Dragon Ball Z and Naruto Costumes

Hot Couples Halloween Costume Ideas

11. Grease Halloween Costume

Well, you might have found the right life partner. It is time for picking a perfect couple of Halloween costumes for you and your partner. Grease Halloween costumes are the perfect pick for you if you are looking for a simple and not-so-spooky Halloween outfit.

Grease Halloween Costume

12. Deadpool And Lady Deadpool Halloween Costume

Well, the lady Deadpool is not that popular amongst people who watched Deadpool as a movie on the screen. The lady Deadpool is one of the most iconic characters in the comic book version of Deadpool. Pick the outfits with the correct size and you are all set to rock this look.

Deadpool And Lady Deadpool Halloween Costume

Plus Size Couples Halloween Costume Ideas

13. Mr And Mrs Incredible Halloween Costume

The Incredibles is a 2004 American computer animation superhero movie. Written and directed by Brad Bird it features the voices of Jennifer A. Lee, Sarah Vowell, Holly Hunter, and Spencer Fox. It received constructive reviews from critics and its audiences winning many awards. Well, it deserves the Halloween costume idea award as well.

mr and mrs incredible Halloween costume

14. Shrek Couple Halloween Costume

Here is a Shrek couple Halloween costume for a plus size couple. These are quite popular and easy to maintain for a day-long Halloween party. However, you need to keep in mind that using good-quality body paint is important to avoid any allergies!

shrek couple halloween costumes

Couples Halloween Costume Ideas From Movies

15. Clark Kent And Lois Lane Halloween Costume

It is often said that each version of Superman is only as successful as its version of Clark Kent. The episode offers an honest and deliberate return to the first principles in Superman’s story. And the combination of Clark Kent and Louis lane as Halloween costumes can make the best Halloween costumes idea for couples.

Clark Kent And Lois Lane Halloween Costume

16. Up Halloween Costume

Up is a computer animation film that was produced and released by Pixar Animation Studio in 2009. The film revolves around an elderly widow named Carl Fredricksen ( Ed Asner ) and an honest boy named Russell. With this set of couple Halloween costumes, you might become the cutest couple in the city on Halloween day!!

Up Halloween Costume

There are different options from simple DIYs to the spookiest Mr and Mrs Mickey. We are sure you have picked up the right one from these couples Halloween costumes.

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