Crimped Hairstyles

Crimped Hairstyles

Crimped hairstyles are on trend these days. People are getting bored of the standard blow-out, barrel waves, or braid. The 80s trendy hairstyle came back, and people went crazy after it. The crimped hairstyle is making a resurgence right now on the runways! Hair crimping creates zigzag waves using a crimping iron. Still, there are various methods to crimp your hair with a flat iron, which is particularly beneficial for natural hair to avoid damage. The crimped hairstyle brings back memories of the teen period and gives you a sexy and stylish look. There are many crimped hairstyles that you can opt for and stand out at every party or occasion.

Short Hair with Crimp

The first and one of the most legendary hairstyles on our list is short hair with crimp. You can infuse electricity in this cut with the purple and pinkish tones. This hairstyle looks good on every face shape and gives you a confident look.

Crimped Weave

If you want a silky, shiny mermaid wave, this hairstyle is the one for you. Crimping of +hairs gives you a natural look and a lovely texture.

Crimped Wavy Hair

The rippled cream looks beautiful on a lob cut, basically on a long bob. You can try the vibrant red on this crimped, and vibrant colors go in handy with this hairstyle.

Cute Crimped Zig Zags

The look of this hair symbolizes a calm, earthy, and natural look. The hairstyle looks classy, and it was created by hairstylist Jeni Parsons of Brownsburg, IN.

Beach Waves Crimping

If you want to add some fuller to your look, you can opt for this beach waves crimping. It will give a sexy look with beautiful waves. The waves also start higher up than curling tongs giving more volume and width to the hair.

Loose Crimped hair

The loose crimped hair comes with a modern twist in the classic pixie cut. The hair looks very cool and cute, and you can add a blue color to it.

Crimped with Bangs

The crimped hair with bangs gives a beautiful embellishment to your face shape. The middle of the haircut is cut back so that you can get more volume on the sides.

Crimped Red and Black Hair

Crimped Red and Black Hair come with bangs. You can use the crimping iron to create more waves in your hair. There are various colors you can use to make a beautiful hairstyle.

Crimped Black Hair

Crimped Black Hair is black lob with crimp. It will give you a chic look, and you can use the blue color in this hairstyle. You can style it in just five minutes.

Crimp Accents Throughout

Crimp accents throughout come with a colorful look. You can go for different colors, giving you a gorgeous look. You can also make some braided or twisted hair in this hairstyle to add a more fun element to it.

Crimped Hair Ponytail

Crimp Hair Ponytail is one of the most popular choices for people working out during the day and having to hide their hair. You can go for any color you want and add crimped hair to it.

Backcombed Crimped Hair

Backcombed Crimped Hair is one of the most popular choices for people working out during the day who have to hide their hair. You can go for any color you want and add crimped hair to it.

Crimped and Straight Hair

Crimped and Straight Hair cut comes with an asymmetrical lob. The hair looks good with a high bang. You can get it done in a salon, and it is up to you to choose the color of your choice for this hairstyle.

Crimped Long Hair Half Up Half Down

Crimped Long Hair Half Up Half Down cut comes with a half ponytail. You can add crimped hair to it to give it a more beautiful look. The hair looks fantastic when you have a vibrant or pastel color on it.

Fishtail Braid with Crimped Hair

Fishtail Braid with Crimped Hair looks good on medium to long hair. You can add crimped hair and wear it down without any problem. The braid style adds more beauty to this hairstyle.

Green Crimped Hair Bob

Green Crimped Hair Bob is one of our favorite looks. You can opt for a blue or green color on this hairstyle and look good. The crimping will give an extra boost to the hair giving you a natural look and helping to improve the texture of your hair.

Short Crimped Hair

Short Crimped Hair is a low-cut hairstyle with a side part. If you want to get the look, you can opt for brown color on your hair. The crimped and curly hair looks great on this style giving you a natural and refreshed look.

Side Swept Crimp Hair

Side Swept Crimp Hair is a hairstyle that you need to start styling from the side. You can go for any color of your choice. The crimping will give you that fresh look. You can go for some volume in the hair and get it done in a salon.

Tribal Crimped Hairstyle

Tribal Crimped Hairstyle looks very good and vibrant. You can add crimping or sugaring to it. You can also try the hairstyle with colored hair to have a more modern look.

Long Crimped Red Hair

Long Crimped Red Hair is one of the most popular choices for people working out during the day who have to hide their hair. You can go for any color you want and add crimped hair to it.

Unicorn Crown Updo

Crimped hair has been around for a long time and still rules with many variations. It is easy to style at home and carry with you in your purse. When you need a quick touch-up, do it yourself. Whether you have long or short hair, if your hair is naturally wavy or straight, going for a crimped style will always be a great choice.

Crimped and Braided Layers

When you want to create a braid out of your hair, many options are available. One option looks great and is easy to maintain, and it is the crimped hair with braids on top. You can make a simple braid or a more elaborate one. Either way, it will be perfect for a day at the beach or simply because you like it!

Mini-Crimped Fishtail Braids

If you want your hair to look great and energetic, you can opt for the fishtail braid. One of the most popular braid styles is the fishtail braid. You can achieve this style by tying your two front sections into two separate fishtail braids. By doing so, you are going to create a double-lined fishtail braid.

Crimped Bubble Braid

Crimped Bubble Braid is also known as a fishtail braid. But instead of tying your hair into a single fishtail braid, you will make a double wrapped fishtail braid. This is done by pulling and separating your hair as well as so that you can create two separate fishtails for each section of your hair. You can either remove the hair in opposite directions or hold the same order.

Micro-Crimped Tucked Braid

You can create a subtle variation of a fishtail braid by tying your hair into micro-crimped tucks. This style is excellent for short hair and creates an effortless look. You can do this style with two or three sections of hair, depending on the length of your hair. This style is perfect for those who love the fishtail braid but don’t have time to put that much effort into it.

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