Cute Ways To Cut T-Shirt Sleeves 

Cute Ways to Cut T-Shirt Sleeves

We all love t-shirts for their comfortable fit and casual look. Since they are usually of a relaxed fit, we can move around in it freely. T-shirts can be very cute when you do some creative customization. There are several ways in which you can cut the t-shirt sleeves out and create a new look with the same. We have penned down a few ways in which you can successfully do a revamping process. So, here are some Cute ways to cut T-shirt Sleeves

One can tailor their t-shirts with some expertise in sizing. It is a slightly complicated process, but you might be pleased with the end results. A part of the process will involve some cutting with your scissors. Another great tip is to iron the t-shirt before you hem it. But you can decide what the length of the sleeves should be. It is best to take the measurements beforehand so that you do not accidentally make some cutting error and throw out your project. 

Even if you end up making an error, it is best not to throw it in the dustbin right away because you can always look for a solution. You can repurpose it to a tank top or something else. You can take some time to plan as to how you will tailor the sleeves but when you decide to proceed you just need to be careful while cutting the cute sleeves. 

Methods of cutting T-shirt Sleeves

There are multiple ways to cut a t-shirt sleeve into cute designs. Most of these designs are for women than men. But most men don’t want cute sleeve designs for their t-shirts. Women have unlimited options for sleeve styles by cutting. So here are a couple of ways to do the same. 

Method 1: Cut Straight Slits

Cut Straight Slits to make t shirt sleeves cute

The simplest way is to cut vertical slits into the sleeves. You can also cut horizontal slits on the sleeves that will get you a cute look. After cutting the sleeves, the last thing to do is to tie up the loose cut ends. You can either pull the cut ends to create a rounded end or you can stitch up the slit and tie it up as you would to the front of the shirt. 

Method 2:  Cut the collar and the Sleeves

Another way is to just cut out the collar and the sleeves leaving the stitched portion as it is. Finally, you have to sew the fabric line from the body of the t-shirt to the collar and all around the sleeves. What you will have left will be a little different than a t-shirt but it will give your body a lot of room to breathe. 

Method 3: Turn a t-shirt into a muscular tank top

This is a technique both men and women can benefit from. If you have a t-shirt that is not appropriate for the summer, you can cut out the entire sleeve and just create a tank top. Men will look great with tank tops in the gym, at the beach, or anywhere for a casual look. You can cut out some of the back portions too to create a wider bottom and a narrow top at the back. It is a great way to show off some back muscles and even a tattoo. 

Method 4: Cut off the top and leave the bottom of the sleeves

You can leave the logo or the school tag if there is any, and cut the sleeves on the collar at an angle. If you do it, the sleeves will look wider at the top and narrower at the bottom. And a part of the collar will not have any fabric attached to it but it will look cool. 

Method 5: Cut for long sleeves

If you have a long-sleeved t-shirt, you can turn them into small or big bows and have them drape all over your shoulders and on your upper arm. Another great idea is to create small ‘V’ like incisions and create an arrow-like shape all down the seam of the long-length sleeve. You will achieve an amazing fashion statement with a nice triangle-like pattern. 

Another excellent method is to cut a lace pattern that is complementary and simply stitch it onto the sleeves. There are multiple methods in which you can use lace details to enhance the look of your sleeves and the entire t-shirt. 

Method 6: Cut t-shirt Sleeves Shorter

It is not a difficult process. If you find the sleeve length to be unflattering, you can take a sharp pair of scissors and cut the sleeves shorter. There is no skill required. The difficult part is to get those sleeves to look good. You need to keep the seams intact and be careful while you move around the fabric. It is easy to make a mistake. The end result of a mistake can be unequal sleeve lengths and weird shapes of the sleeve. Simply measure the portion you want to cut and mirror the same with the other arm. 

You want a smooth line when you are done to make the cut look professional. If you get a jagged look, you can always go in with your needle and sew it up straight. You can also make the sleeve length shorter by not cutting it but just rehemming the sleeves instead. 

Method 7: Cut horizontal Slits all Along the Sleeve

A great method of creating cute ties on the sleeve is to make small, horizontal incisions. Once you make the incisions, you can cut along the middle of the slit and tie up the loose ends. If you apply a little thought to the t-shirt cutting project, you will end up with great results which you can show off in front of your friends. There are other DIY ideas for you including neck cutting and sleeve cutting you can incorporate into the project. 

Method 8: Fringe a Shirt Sleeve

Lay the t-shirt flatly on a smooth surface and work on it. Cut off the finished hem at the bottom of the sleeve. If you want the fringe sleeves to be shorter, you have to first cut them to the length you want them to be. Once you have the right size, you need to cut horizontal lines starting from the bottom and ending in the shoulder seam. The narrower you cut, the thinner the fringes will be, and the wider you go, the fatter and thicker the fringes will be. 

You can get a finished look at your project if you lightly tug on the fringe each time. It will make them roll up and the fringes will stay separated and swing freely. 

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