Detox Bath Recipes

Detox Bath Recipes

Detox Bath Recipes

Detox is a must for everyone, be it through diet or exercise. But you can take your detox routine to a different level with a Detox bath routine that can help with skin detoxification and overall rejuvenation. And you don’t have to go to a fancy sauna spa for this, and you can do this within the comfort of your home and your own bathtub. To get you started, we have some easy DIY Detox bath recipes that you can try with easily available ingredients. Check out detox bath for weight loss with detox bath recipes.

detox bath recipes

Who doesn’t love a good, relaxing bath? How about a warm relaxing bath to calm your senses and also improve your health? Indulge in soothing self-care and cleanse your body at the same time with a detox bath. A detox bath can help stimulate your body’s natural detox functions and cleanse your skin of toxins that get absorbed due to everyday exposure to harmful chemicals and substances. 

Taking one active ingredient to pull out toxins and one calming ingredient to soothe your skin, you can create simple, easy, and effective detox recipes for a bath. So let’s get started.

1. Salt Detox Bath Recipe

salt detox bath recipe

Salt baths are the simplest and one of the most effective detox baths that require no more than some salt, warm water, and a bathtub! You can indulge in a salt detox bath after a stressful day and feel relaxed and refreshed.

For salt bath recipes, we recommend using coconut oil or one of your favorite essential oils to moisturize your skin, as salt can be harsh in doing its job. These additional ingredients can also help you feel relaxed and induce a good sleep afterward.


  • 2 cup Epsom Salt
  • 1 tbsp Coconut oil

Just fill your tub with warm water, add salt and coconut oil, and enjoy some soak time detoxing with Epsom salt.

You can also add essential oils like lavender or chamomile, sea salt, and baking soda to this recipe. Just reduce the quantity of the two salts and baking soda to ¼th cup each, mix, and pour them into the bathtub along with a few drops of your preferred choice of essential oil.

2. Clay Detox Bath Recipe

clay detox bath recipe

Bentonite clay, also known as volcanic ash, is a natural ingredient rich in minerals that have been used by ancient cultures for centuries for its amazing skin benefits and are commonly used in skincare products. Guess what? Clay is a great ingredient for a detox bath as well. Let us tell you how.


  • ½ cup Bentonite Clay
  • ½ cup Epsom Salt
  • Few drops of essential oil (optional)

Dissolve the salt in the warm water of the bathtub directly, mix the clay in some water first and then add it to the water. A dash of essential oils and it’s ready for you to take a dip in.

Clay is known for its quality of absorbing materials by sticking to its molecule or ion, so it can effectively absorb excess oil, dirt, and impurities. It can also help repair and restore the pH balance of the skin. 

For this bath, you can alternatively apply the clay like a mask all over your body before getting into the water. Applying directly onto the skin will let the clay pull out the impurities more effectively and restore the skin’s natural glow. Create a clay paste with some water, apply it to your body and let it sit for a few minutes. Then soak yourself in the water. Gently rub and enjoy the bath.

3. Green Tea Detox Bath Recipe

green tea detox bath recipe

Green tea is not just great for cleansing from within but owing to its many benefits for skin, it is also ideal for topical use such as in masks and detox baths.

Our recipe uses Green tea to recharge your skin along with the detoxifying effect of Epsom Salt. 


  • 5-10 bags of green tea
  • ½ cup Epsom Salt (optional)

Soak the green tea bags in your tub filled with warm water and add the Epsom salt. Stay in as long as you like! Green tea can help relieve muscle tension as well as soothe your senses. Using Epsom salt is optional if you only prefer a green tea detox, but adding it will increase the detox effect.

4. Mustard Bath

Mustard bath

Mustard is known for its healing and properties that can help cure stiff and sore muscles and is popularly used in several traditions and cultures for treating injuries. Using it in your bath detox can help not just relax muscles but also stimulate blood circulation.


  • 1 cup Mustard powder
  • 1 cup Baking soda
  • 1.5 cup Epsom Salt
  • Eucalyptus or any other essential oil

Mix all these ingredients in a bowl and add them to a hot tub of water. You can go for a slightly higher temperature of the water with this recipe as it increases the effect of detoxification. Adding an essential oil like eucalyptus or rosemary oil can help with opening up your nasal passage as well and help you relieve any cold or sore throat!

Mustard is an effective scrubber and natural exfoliator so you can also try that with the bath. Just mix a little bit of the mustard powder with water and apply it to your body. Scrub gently or go soaking and use a soft washcloth while in the tub to exfoliate as well as detoxify with this amazing mustard bath.

If you love to indulge in bath rituals, these detox bath recipes are definitely your thing to try! We recommend a detox bath at least once or twice a week. You can try these as often as you like, even experiment a little with these recipes and uncover a routine that works for you.

However a word of caution, this does not supersede or replace individual medical advice. If you are pregnant or suffering from a skin illness, consult your doctor before trying these as certain ingredients might be allergic or harmful to you.

Happy Detox!

Do detox baths actually work?

Although research on foot detoxes is limited, there is some evidence to suggest that the practice isn’t effective. Researchers in a 2012 study took an in-depth look at the IonCleanse foot bath and found that the foot detox did nothing to reduce toxin levels in the body.

What comes out of your body when you detox?

Detox diets rarely identify the specific toxins they’re claimed to remove, and evidence that they remove toxins at all is lacking. Your body can clear itself of most toxins through the liver, faeces, urine, and sweat.

What draws out toxins in a bath?

A detox bath will help your body in eliminating toxins as well as absorbing the minerals and nutrients that are in the water.

Do it yourself bath detox?

Mix baking soda into the bath as hot water is running. Once the temperature is cool enough for you to handle (but still hot), soak for 30-45 minutes, then towel-dry. As weird as it may feel, do not rinse or shower until the following day.

Does baking soda bath detox your body?

Baking soda has cleansing and detoxifying properties that may help to purify your body and boost immunity. It can be combined with Epsom salt, sea salt, and ground ginger to make a detox bath. You can also add essential oils and other natural ingredients of your choice.

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