DIY Decor Ideas For Home

Simple DIY Decor Ideas For Home

The festival brought joy to each face. Things in 2020 have made the circumstance gloomy, but it cannot definitely halt your excitement to celebrate the longest and the biggest festival of the year. Now that the festival has celebrated this full force yet being safe, you cannot turn your back on the beautiful decorations, you can create your decoration that adds a personal touch and festive ambiance to your house. The festival might be over but who said you cannot decorate your home on a daily basis on regular days with these DIY home projects for beginners?

It can be quite a task to go shopping during the pandemic, thus we have brought to simple DIY decor ideas for home that you can easily imply in your free time.

How to decorate your house? | DIY Home Decor Crafts

You can indulge in hand-made decorations to brighten up your house. Lightening the house with candles and diyas brings positivity, hope and helps you to spread good vibes. You can easily decorate your home by using home-made materials, which are relatively inexpensive and make your house look beautiful and attractive.

Here, are some of the simple DIY home decor crafts you should try to bring lights to your house and to prevent dirt and bacteria: 

1. Evergreen Diyas

You can adorn your house by simply painting the diyas and placing it at every corner of your house to give a bright and glowing texture to it. If you are not a fan of painting, you can simply make your own diyas with the following steps:

STEP -1:

Cut a piece of coloured paper in a circular shape.


Fold it twice along the diameter and turning it in half. 


You can glue the folded papers to make diyas out of it and paste the colorful diyas on the string of thread to illuminate its brightness and to lighten up its flame in the house.

2. Magnificent Lanterns

To remove the darkness of the virus, it is vital to brighten up your place with lights. You can draw the lanterns at your home while using home-made materials which will make you reminiscent of your childhood days and the crazy passion for art and craft. 

You can draw the lanterns with the use of thread, glue, bowl, balloon, cotton yarns and water. To make the lantern follow these simple steps:

Step-1 Take water in the bowl and mix it with the glue.

Step-2 Put the cotton yarn in the mixture and keep it aside for a few minutes.

Step-3 Blow the balloon and start covering the balloon with the yarn tightly to get the pattern on it.

Step-4 Let the glue dry for some time. After the glue has dried, burst out the balloon and pull it out of the lantern. Place the lights into the lantern. 

There, you are ready with your lantern! You can hang them wherever you wish and illuminate the brightness in your house.

3. Wall Hanging 

This year, try something unique and innovative to decorate your house. You can create a wall hanging while using the bangles and satin ribbon. How? Let us brief you with the same:

STEP-1 Take different shades of bangles and make a circular shape out of it. 

STEP-2 After making a circular shape, you can tie them up with the satin ribbon.

STEP-3 Glue it together if required and hang them accordingly. 

This will save you money and time and make your house beautiful and attractive.

4. Make use of the Flowers

Use flowers to decorate your lodging and keep your home smelling of fresh aroma. You can make a beautiful portrait or scenery with the use of flowers on the front side of your house to invoke the blessing of God and to spread peace and happiness in your home. 


All you need to do is separate the petals and lure them in a beautiful design.


Take a beautiful vase or paint a jar in the preferred manner and place fresh flowers in it while supporting the stems with a little water.

5. Scented Candles for therapy

Scented candles smell amazing and therapeutic at the same time. Do you know you can create one at your home in a jar of your choice and light up your house in the most pleasant way? In fact, the candles also make sure the environment is free from bacteria with the use of the essential oil. How can you create your own scented candle?

STEP 1: Collect the material. You can use soy wax, beeswax or paraffin for the heart of the candle. Apart from that, you will need wicks, preferred fragrance oils, double boiler and choice of container.


Melt the wax in the double boiler for 10-15 minutes.


Adhere the wick to the container while the wax is melting.


Add the preferred essential oil and stir well.


Let it cool and pour into the container. Make sure the wick stays in the center.

Now place it at any corner of your home and let the candle do its magic!

So, try these simple DIY decor ideas for home to lighten up your place and don’t let your enthusiasm to decorate your home get affected by the pandemic. This year, show your creativity and add the personal touch of festive ambiance in your home. Celebrate it with its full zeal and stay safe. 

Remember to sanitize your home along with decorating it!

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