Essential Oils For Hair

Essential Oils For Hair

Essential oils are not only popular for their sweet aromatic capabilities but also for the beneficial chemical properties it has. They are extracted from plants using processes like distillation or evaporation. It is widely used because of its effectiveness and fewer chances of side effects. Therefore, out of many uses of essential oils,  improvement of health is one of them. Various kinds of essential oils are effective in treating different hair problems. There are many reasons for hair complications. Reasons can be related to genetics, hormones, the kind of hair maintenance, climate changes, and others. Check out different types of essential oils and each of their benefits.

essential oils for hair

Let us now find out the various essential oils for hair treatement.

1. Lavender Essential Oil For Hair Growth

It is believed that lavender oil has antibacterial and antifungal properties. These properties help in the growth of hair and follicles. It is seen that it helps in improving hair health when used five times every week. Therefore, it is understood that lavender oil can work wonders.

2. Peppermint Essentail Oil For Oily Scalp

It is important to note that peppermint oil belongs to the mint family. When it is applied to the scalp, the cold and tingling sensation makes an impact on a larger area. This not only helps in hair growth but also stimulates the scalp. In addition, it diminishes the formation of dandruff. Essential oils for hair are quite useful and one must try them in improving their hair health.

3. Lemongrass Essentail Oil For Hair Strengthening

Lemongrass essential oil, when used on the scalp, is known for providing strength to the hair shaft and stimulating the growth of hair. The antifungal and antibacterial properties relieve the itchy and dry scalp. Therefore, it is highly recommended for those who suffer from dandruff-related issues. Great effects can be seen when used for 7 to 14 days regularly.  

4. Tea Tree Essentail Oil For Dandruff Treatement

Tea tree essential oil helps in unclogging hair follicles. It helps by hindering the formation of excess oil on the scalp. It removes dead skin cells and controls dandruff-related issues. In addition, tea tree essential oil handles hair-related complications like scalp eczema.  

5. Ylang Ylang Essential Oil For Smooth Hair

The Ylang Ylang essential oil is quite beneficial. If you have dry brittle and rough hair, use this oil. One of the most common reasons for hair breakage is weak and dry hair strands. It is known that the application of ylang ylang essential oil, helps in enhancing and stimulating sebum production. It also improves the texture of the hair and provides strength to it. It also has antiseptic properties to fight against lice and nits.

6. Cedarwood Essential Oil For Hair Fall Control

Cedarwood essential oil can clean and improve circulation in the scalp. This oil also helps in reviving healthy growth of hair and thinning of hair. It also helps to tighten the hair follicles and minimize hair fall. One can find their hair volume increasing when used properly. The anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties help combat dandruff formation and other related issues.

7. Orange Essentail Oil For Dry Scalp

Application of orange essential oil can help against dry scalp and hair thinning. It is rich in Vitamin C which imparts a fruity smell and also is beneficial to the hair scalp. It can be used with honey to restore moisture content and get back healthy hair. 

8. Cinnamon Essentail Oil For Scalp Stimulation

If you are suffering from problems related to dandruff, hair fall, and hair thinning, it is high time to use cinnamon essential oil. It helps in reviving hair growth and helps in cleansing hair roots. When added to the regular shampoo, it can add luster to hair strands. Thus, working wonders for hair-related problems.   

9. Eucalyptus Essential Oil For Dry And Itchy Scalp

Eucalyptus Essential oil has many medical benefits. When applied to the head it encourages hair growth, helps in the reduction of itchy flakes, and associates dryness. The antiseptic elements present in this oil have the capability of eradicating the growth of lice and nits. It also aids in healing injuries or bruises on the scalp. 

10. Pine Essential Oil For Dandruff Prevention

There is an antimicrobial property in pine essential oil that helps in the prevention of bacterial formation. In addition, this oil also helps in getting rid of oil, dead skin cells, and dirt that hinders hair growth. Problems like inflammation and itchiness go away when pine essential oil is used. Anti-inflammatory properties play an important role in this. Thus, it helps the hair follicles to be healthy and hair strands to have enough moisture in them. It is also good for getting rid of dandruff and lice from hair.

11. Sweet Basil Essential Oil For Hair Volume And Shine

Sweet Basil Essential oil has a warm floral scent that aids in rejuvenating the hair and strands and providing freshness to it. As a result, hair can be easily managed and remains soft and hydrated. The sebum production in the scalp remains stable. The hair loss lessens which means the volume of hair increases. The hair shafts become soft, providing it with a bouncy look. 

If you are facing problems like hair fall, dry hair, itchy scalp, stunted hair growth, and others, then it is time you try essential oils for hair. Essential oils are even used for aromatherapy. Essential oils can help you get some relief from different kinds of problems.


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