20 Feather Tattoos With Reference Pictures And Placement Ideas

Feather Tattoos

Feather tattoos are quite popular, especially among young men and women who want to project a free-spirited image. Well, what do feather tattoos mean? Of all tattoos ideas, feather tattoos signify freedom and a faint resemblance. It also appears less menacing than, for example, a skull and crossbones; mother will probably pass on that one. Make sure to check out this curation of 20 feather tattoos with reference pictures and placement ideas.

Also, a feather tattoo was once a sign of death. However, it also depends on the sort of bird the feather is from. Owl feathers, for example, are said to represent mystery and intellect. This list includes a feather tattoo for everyone and every location.

feather tattoos

1. Small Feather Tattoos

Small tattoos are the most delicate, as well as the most attractive, way to add to your ink collection. These Small feather tattoos look the nicest, whether it’s a small feather tucked on your wrist, a single black feather on the back of your elbow, or a miniature print on your ribcage. The image below is a reference for you!

Small Feather Tattoos

2. Feather Tattoos For Men

A feather tattoo is only for women, said no one ever! For many guys nowadays, getting a tattoo is a no-brainer. After all, some ink seems to be a very great way to express oneself. While the decision to go under the needle may be simple, deciding what to get tattooed on your body is difficult. These feather tattoos for men are one of the best inks to pick.

Feather Tattoos For Men

3. Unique Feather Tattoos

A feather tattoo is full of symbolism and frequently signifies the concepts of freedom, boldness, bravery, and exploration. You can always choose some unique feather tattoos like this watercolor feather tattoo on the forearm. The colors are interesting and beautiful. Make sure to book an appointment with a professional tattoo artist.

Unique Feather Tattoos

4. Feminine Feather Tattoos

This type of tattoo designs are often perceived to be the perfect tattoos designs for women. There are many feminine feather tattoos to choose from. This feather tattoo with colourful inks in pinks and blues. Mind you! Make sure to get yourself to a pro tattoo artist for this complex tattoo design.

Feminine Feather Tattoos

5. Peacock Feather Tattoo

A peacock feather tattoo meaning beauty, luxury and royalty is all you need to remind yourself about the importance of self care, being confident and independent. This peacock feather tattoo on the left thigh is full of colours and professionalism.

Peacock Feather Tattoo

6. Feather Tattoos With Names

Names tattoos are quite a popular trend. Also, name tattoos are the first pick for most of the men and women as beginner tattoos. Feather tattoos with names can be a great choice if you are looking for a tattoo design meaning truth, and a name of your loved ones attached to it. You can choose to have it with different fonts.

Feather Tattoos With Names

7. Feather Tattoos With Birds

Feathers and bird tattoos, both represent freedom and courage. A combination of feather tattoos with birds is a great pick for you if you are looking for some creative tattoos designs representing freedom. You can choose to have it anywhere on the body depending on the area available for inking.

Feather Tattoos With Birds

8. Feather Tattoos On Forearm

Many people think that forearm tattoos are quite cliched and common among both men and women. However, feather tattoos on forearm are not what people think of them to be. They look very classy and elegant when you pick a tattoo like this one in the image below, i.e: with simple black ink or different shades of black.

Feather Tattoos On Forearm

9. Feather Tattoos On Foot

Foot tattoos are quite versatile. The beauty of these tattoos is that you can choose if you want to show them to the world or not. You can also choose the design and the size of the tattoo. This infinity feather tattoo is one of the best feather tattoos on foot you can pick.

Feather Tattoos On Foot

10. Feather Tattoos Behind The Ear

Behind ear tattoos are both popular and interesting. Different people choose different designs. Some like them to be small and cute and some like them a little large and meaningful. Well, if you belong to the second category, feather tattoos behind the ear with different colorful inks is one of the best picks.

Feather Tattoos Behind The Ear

11. Indian Feather Tattoos

When feather tattoos, in general, has many meanings, the Indian feather tattoos signifies protection, bravery, strength. These tattoos usually have specific designs in specific patterns. The design here includes different traditional and tribal elements like dots, flowers, drops, etc.

Indian Feather Tattoos

12. Native American Feather Tattoos

A native American feather tattoo represents the spirit of the person wearing the tattoo. In general, the feathers signify the strength, protection, bravery and courage of the native American warriors before they went to participate in the war. This design here is full of colors and intriguing details in terms of shades.

Native American Feather Tattoos

13. Matching Feather Tattoos

Matching tattoos are quite a trend. You can always choose to have them with similar designs and different colors as well. What else can beat the craze of having matching feather tattoos? These geometric feather tattoos can be the best pick for sisters, friends, etc.

Matching Feather Tattoos

14. Colorful Feather Tattoos

Colorful tattoos, in general, usually represent the creative side of a person. These colorful feather tattoos require expertise since there is a huge spectrum of colors. We are sure you will love this design.

Colorful Feather Tattoos

15. Feather Finger Tattoos

Finger tattoos are quite a popular choice of tattoo for most young men and women. If you are a beginner in terms of tattoos and looking for a meaningful and tiny tattoo design, feather finger tattoos can work the best for you. The visibility and the size of the tattoo depends on your choice.

Feather Finger Tattoos

16. Feather And Flower Tattoos

Flower tattoos are quite feminine and are beautiful to look at and flaunt them to the outside world. Different flowers represent different things and ideas. The combination of feather and flower tattoos is the prettiest designs you will ever see.

Feather And Flower Tattoos

17. Feather Quotes For Tattoos

In the world of the tattoo industry, feathers and quote tattoos usually go hand in hand. Feather quotes for tattoos including some extra elements like birds, etc are a great pick for a meaningful tattoo design.

Feather Quotes For Tattoos

18. Feather Sister Tattoos

Feather tattoos meaning courage and strength also work the best for matching tattoos or sister tattoos. Sisters having feather sisters tattoos is a representation of both sisters being a reliable source of strength for each other. This tattoo design also has an added element of butterfly and a little bling.

Feather Sister Tattoos

19. Feather Cover Up Tattoos

Feathers are the easiest for tattoo artists to use as a cover up tattoos. The reason behind this is the versatility of feather tattoo designs. You can choose to cover up different tattoos like name tattoos, quote tattoos, arrow tattoos, etc. that you regret. Make sure to find yourself a professional artist since the design involves colours.

Feather Cover Up Tattoos

20. Rose And Feather Tattoo

Rose tattoos represent love, passion, and new beginnings. A combination of rose and feather tattoo is a great pick if you are looking for a beautiful and meaningful tattoo. You can choose to add some more elements like birds, and leaves in different shades or colors for making it more interesting.

Rose And Feather Tattoo

We are sure you could pick the best one from this curation of 20 feather tattoos with reference pictures and placement ideas. Different feather tattoos represent different things and ideas. All you need to do is to know different tattoo styles and their meanings before you get one for yourself since it is going to stay with you for a lifetime.

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