Different Female Body Types In The Fashion Industry

What Are The Different Female Body Types In The Fashion Industry?

Be it the fashion industry or any other, females are literally moving towards the top everywhere. Thus, such occasions of victory call for great dressing and for picking the perfect outfit. However, each woman is different from each other in so many ways, such as their body type. They have a different way of dressing, they have a different way of talking and they have a different body structure. Female body types vary from each other— no single woman will have the same body type or measurements. 

The fashion industry often considered an average size for mostly all women of a specific age group, not considering the fact that there are different female body types out there! The media still is not able to come to the fact that this is the end of ancient history and every type of body type is now celebrated and embraced when it comes to styling— thanks to the strong presence of fashion bloggers on the internet. 

Different Female Body Types

What are the different female body types? 

The matter of fact is that every girl and every single woman has a different body type. Female body types are characterized in many different categories. Lately, all the more with the rise of the Internet, as now there has been expanding banter over depicting a better self-perception.

She works all day in work with better than expected compensation, and she is liberal-minded. She has no flaws, no incapacity, no strict or social sensitivities or other exceptional necessities that may influence her decision of attire.

Female body types have consistently disapproved of the ridiculous mirror it holds up to its shoppers. But to break this gender stereotyping, it is important to know that female body types are always different and will always be. Thus, should be the outfits that are designed and marketed for them.

The Different Body Types Of Women 

1. Rectangular/Straight/Banana 

If your abdomen estimations are about equivalent to your hip or nothing, your shoulders and hips are about a similar width, you have what’s known as a “banana” or square shape body type. Beauticians will likely direct you to off-the-shoulder tops, tube dresses, and belted midsections. 

Rectangular body

2. Triangular or Pear Shaped 

With this shape, the shoulders and bust are smaller than the hips. Females with these body types are more likely to have thin arms and a perfectly shaped waistline. In many females, the waistline is almost as broad as the hips. That is why it appears like a pear-shaped body structure. 

Pear Shaped


3. Spoon 

The spoon body type also resembles a pear-shaped body. The only difference here is that the upper portion that is the torso is bulkier than the lower portion. The bust is bigger or equal to the hips in case of spoon body type. You probably have a characterized abdomen. You may likewise convey some weight in your upper arms and upper thighs. 

Spoon body type

4. Hourglass 

This is one of the female body types that every woman wishes to have. Here the hips and bust are almost equivalent in size and a thin waistline. Dressing up in fitted gowns and dresses that fit the body will accentuate every part of the body, especially the waist. Here the waist is thinner or smaller than the bust and the hips, giving your body an exact look like that of an hourglass. The legs and arms are equally proportionate in an hourglass body type. Perfectly sized or custom-fitted apparel has customarily been planned considering this body type.

Hourglass body type

We are still living in an era where a majority of the females are plus size and they don’t shy away from their sizes. Besides, these, now the plus size women are also making their mark in the fashion industry with great pride. In this era of the 21st century with two decades already being complete, there is nothing known as the “perfect female body type”. Every single woman has a perfect body type and structure – no matter what her flaws and faults are. What is important is to feel good with what you are being gifted by God. 

So ladies, understand your body structure, get to know your body type, and love and style it accordingly!

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