Finger Mehndi Designs (All From Minimal, Modern To Grand)

One of the most tedious tasks before any festival is deciding on a perfect mehndi designs amidst all the beautiful options available. Also, mehndi artists get booked just before, and during festivals, and getting mehndi done in that crowd becomes quite unbearable. Appointing a mehndi artist might seem unnecessary when you can DIY it at home with our help and that too almost free of cost.

Top Finger Mehndi Designs

Finger Mehndi designs are an effortless option for achieving an elegant look. And finger mehndi designs have been flooding the social media ever since netizens hyped its trend. We have picked some of the topmost finger mehndi designs and discussed them in this article.

Lace Style Finger Mehndi Design

Use intricate and detailed patterns incorporating starburst, swirls, tails, creepers, flowers, petals, etc. for creating lace style finger mehndi. The designed area on the finger often looks like a ring stain. The lace-inspired design for finger mehndi can also include chains formed of curved lines and dots.  

Peacock Finger Mehndi Design

Peacock mehndi designs are grand in any style. The above peacock finger mehndi design is no less. Check out more peacock mehndi designs for your chosen occasion.

To opt for a grand mehndi design yet, that looks minimalistic might be challenging to create. However, the peacock finger mehndi is ideal for those looking for something tattoo like simple yet stylishly grand. Practice drawing a small peacock that can start from your finger and extend a little to your palm.

Rangoli Mehndi Design


Rangoli designs are diverse and have scope for further experimentation and creativity. Take inspiration from your childhood and incorporate common rangoli patterns into your finger mehndi design. Rangoli patterns are easy to make yet can make your mehndi look very elegant.

Finger Mehndi Designs


Create a stencil-like effect on your finger to make the mehndi design look like rings. Decorate the edges with lines and dots. Just like the picture, make the stencil-like pattern on all your fingers at the same distance.

Minimalist Finger Mehndi


Minimalistic art appeases to the taste of many individuals. We have often seen influencers and artists on social media flaunting their minimalist finger mehndi design. A single creeper like pattern extending from the nail of a finger to your wrist is potent to create a gorgeous minimalistic finger mehndi design.

Indian Folk Art Inspiration


If you Google images of Indian folk art, you will see examples of effortless designs made only with dots and lines. This art was used to decorate huts, pitchers and utensils. Now you can use Indian folk art to create elegant and simple finger mehndi designs.

Creeper With Flowers


Use leaves and flower petal patterns to create either minimalistic creeper and flower designs or complex, intricate designs consisting of florets and shaded leaves. This mehndi design looks good in both dark and light stain henna.

Leaf And Floret Finger Mehndi


Leaf and floret finger mehndi design consists of very intricate patterns. Floral and petal patterns along with leaf and tail like patterns dominate the leaf and floret finger mehndi design. The design on the index finger (in the picture) is quite grand, and it extends to the area before thumb. The other fingers are half-covered using similar yet a variety of other patterns.

Simple Finger Mehndi

As the name suggests, simple finger designs include elementary patterns that are relatively easy to create. The design in the image is effortless to make, and beginners can try their hand at this design as well. The basic patterns used in the design of the image are oval, lines, dots, and teardrop patterns.  

Paisley Finger Mehndi


The main pattern in this finger design is the paisley, and it is decorated further using lines, teardrops, swirls, etc. Paisley is a very dominant pattern in mehndi designs. And it is also heavily seen in fabrics and tiles. In the design, as shown in the picture, you can also notice some traditional Indian folk patterns on the finger, accompanying the paisley pattern. The overall look of the design is neat, simple, yet luxurious.  

Tails And Petals Finger Mehndi Design


The design shown in the picture is a standard for tails and petals finger mehndi design where the patterns start from one finger and extending to the wrist. As you can observe in the image, swirls, lines, and dots dominate the design to create a tail like looking pattern with similarity to petal-like patterns. The upside-down triangular pattern with borders and a net-like pattern inside that extenuates the elegant essence of the finger mehndi design.

Chandelier Inspiration


As the name suggests, the design is inspired by the look of a chandelier. Even though converting a 3D structure into 2D drawing requires the simplification of patterns. The shapes of glass are mimicked in the mehndi design using net patterns, swirls and circles. Teardrops of a glass of a chandelier are easy to reciprocate in the mehndi design. The finger mehndi design in the image is effortless to make and very elegant looking.  

Jewelry Style Mehndi


If you search on the internet about jewelry style mehndi design, then you will get various design options from which you can draw inspiration. However, there will be some patterns that will be common in most designs, just like in the design image we have provided. These patterns include chains, embellished net, floral and leaf patterns.

Geometric Finger Mehndi


In this design, too, as its name suggests, geometric designs are used to create traditional-looking patterns. Geometric finger mehndi designs are one of the most effortless henna designs of the lot to make and are very beautiful too. Use squares, triangles, circles, dots, lines, etc. and create minimalistic and elegant designs like the one in the image provided.

Netted Finger Mehndi


The design in the picture is constructed using net patter on all the fingers and decorated using borders at the ends, along with tails and florets to enhance the design further. The netted finger mehndi design is classy and stylish and has plenty of space for experimenting.

Humps And Dot Strings Finger Mehndi


This design is very similar to the paisley finger mehndi design. The patterns began from the index finger and extended almost to the wrist in an almost linear fashion. Artists created the flower patterns using swirls and humps, whereas you can create chains like effect using string and dot patterns. The humps and dot strings finger mehndi design requires a little practise before one can master it.

Starburst Finger Mehndi


Create starburst patterns all over your index finger as shown in the image, using swirls, curved lines and dots. Decorate the lower part of your hand (to your wrist) with netted patterns and simple borders. Incorporate floret or leaf patterns on the borders if you want. On completion, you will have a perfect starburst finger mehndi design stain.

Grand Finger Mehndi Design

If you are someone who prefers traditional extravagant mehndi designs over minimalistic designs, then the grand finger mehndi design is the perfect choice for you. The fingers are entirely covered using various standard patterns like net, starburst, circles, lines, teardrops, etc. Artists made clean borders at the ends of the finger using lines and dots. You can decorate the borders further if you want, as done in the image.

Final Note:

In this article, almost all classy yet trendy finger mehndi designs were covered that readers can try at home. Hope this article helps in bringing your inner mehndi artist out so that you can explore the wonders of creating finger mehndi designs.

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