Forward Helix Piercing – What is forward helix piercing?

Forward helix piercing

Accessories play a vital role in any kind of look. Whether you are getting ready for a birthday party or a wedding, accessories are important to complete your look. Moreover, ear piercing accessories are so important.

With a traditional outfit, you would like to have long earrings in your ear piercing. Many people used to wear accessories in their forward helix piercing in addition to their regular earrings. Nowadays, forward helix piercing has also become a trend.

Everyone is getting attracted to the forward helix piercing. You have most likely arrived here after searching for a forward helix piercing. The forward helix piercing gives a youthful look and works for multiple piercings.

You are most likely the one who is unfamiliar with forward helix piercing. Then don’t worry. This article contains every forward helix profile related to information. Let us get started right away.

What is forward helix piercing?

What is forward helix piercing

In general, a forward helix piercing is a type of piercing in the human ear, specifically on the outer cartilage closest to the face. You should not be confused between the helix and the forward helix piercing.

The helix is a term used to describe the ear. In simple terms, a flat helix lies on the inside part of the ear, and a forward helix is on the closest part of the face.

The forward helix piercing is known as “forward helix piercing,” so there should be no confusion between the various types of helix piercing. The variations of helix piercing are the double or triple helix, the forward helix, and the lower helix.

Is the forward helix piercing painful?

Every piercing gives pain, and it doesn’t matter which type of helix piercing you get; you will get pain, of course. However, the level of pain associated with a helix piercing is determined by your choice.

A simple piercing can cause a moderate amount of pain that is easily tolerable. Furthermore, if you are going for a forward helix piercing, then you have to be ready.

The forward helix piercing to to be made at the top of the rim, just above the tragus, in the outer rim of the ear or helix. As a result of the puncture through the cartilage, the injury will be quite painful.

How much time does it take to heal a forward helix piercing?

You may have a question about how long you will have to tolerate pain. And how much time will it take to get a fully healed forward helix piercing?

The forward helix is a part of the ear and should be treated in the same way as other helix piercings. The very initial healing time of any helix piercing is two to four months. I

It is not necessary to believe that your forward helix piercing will take years to heal. Don’t be so worried. Forward helix piercing also has a healing time of up to four months. However, to get fully healed, the forward helix piercing may take six to nine months.

Healing period of your forward helix piercing also depends on how you care for your forward helix piercing. The ear gets completely healed once any bleeding, redness, flaking, and swelling stop completely.

How do you care for your forward helix piercing?

Getting a forward helix piercing is simple, but you must care for it until it heals completely. Here are some points you should follow to take care of your forward helix piercing:

  • Always wash your clothes before going to bed. You must keep your pierced area free of discharge for several weeks.
  • Use piercing-specific products and saline spray to apply on forward helix piercing to avoid future complications.
  • Never use any type of chemical on the forward helix piercing; they can cause infection or damage the tissue of the helix.
  • Avoid touching the forward helix several times a day. Cleaning the forward helix piercing with aftercare piercing products available on the market is recommended.

How do you remove a forward helix piercing?

After getting the forward helix piercing, you can be so excited to wear all your dream accessories in it. But wait; don’t be in such a rush. You should wait at least eight weeks before you replace your first piece of jewelry with a new one.

Because your wound requires time to completely heal, After eight weeks, thoroughly clean the forward helix piercing with a good-quality piercing cleaner. Moreover, a little lubricant is advisable to use to remove your jewelry from the forward helix piercing.

Besides, you should consult with your piercer if the jewelry is hard to remove. After the healing time, you can wear other jewelry without any lubricant or other products.

What is the cost of a forward helix piercing?

The cost of a forward helix piercing mostly depends on the location you are in, along with what type of piercing you are choosing, which is also a factor.

Moreover, the price of a forward helix piercing is not so different from a simple helix piercing, but it can cost more if you are getting a double or single helix piercing. Aside from that, you are the one who can influence the cost of forward helix piercing.

Even though the average cost of a forward helix piercing is between $30 and $75, it can go low or high depending on your preferences and the piercers’ terms and conditions.

What type of jewelry is best for your forward helix piercing?

What type of jewelry is best for your forward helix piercing

Many people used to wear different types of jewelry and accessories in their forward helix piercing to represent their creativity and personality. What people like to wear varies from person to person.

Here, you can’t get the perfect type of jewelry that is only for a forward helix piercing. However, the most popular jewelry to wear in forward helix piercings is flat-back stud earrings. Other than this, you can wear a small cartilage hoop.

Studs are the best jewelry to wear in forward helix piercings these days, as fashion styles change frequently. You can choose your style and wear what you like to attract others.

Is a forward helix piercing safe?

There is no side effect of a forward helix piercing on your helix or ear. After getting pierced in the forward helix, the wound takes some time to heal, and after healing, it becomes normal.

With time, your pain and the wound will be gone completely, and you can safely enjoy accessories in your forward helix piercings. However, the forward helix piercing is safe, but you have to take care of it and choose quality products for it.

Using a harsh product can result in infection, allergy, or damage to the tissue of the forward helix. Therefore, it also depends on you and how safely you treat your forward helix piercing.


The forward helix piercing has grown in popularity over time, and it appeals to every fashionista. The style you follow is the best way to represent your personality to others.

If you are unsure about whether a forward helix piercing is right for you, then don’t be so underconfident; you can also wear forward helix piercing accessories and get a distinct style.

Today is the era of new trends and new types of styles, and you are in the world to live fully. So why worry? Enjoy forward-helix piercings and new types of studs and rings for them. Have you also had a forward helix piercing? Which type of jewelry do you wear in your forward helix piercing? Let us know your thoughts on it.

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