35+ Gold Foil Nails With Pictures And Tips

Gold Foil Nails

Foil nails in trendy nail designs can be very appealing. These are not only attractive but can also enhance your hands’ beauty. Of all foil nail designs, gold foils are very unique and beautiful, especially if worn at parties or on special occasions. Are you looking to spice up your nails? Nail polish with gold foil has been the go-to product to finish off chic and elegant looks for years. This article will show you how to paint them with different designs. You can use this craft for any occasion and here is a curation of gold foil nails waiting for you.

Clear Gold Foil Nails

Some women love blingy and glamorous accessories. These clear gold foil nails will give you a new look. This look is more striking than other ones because there is no color polish underneath. Metallic foil is subtlely applied to clear nails to create a realistic look.

This curation of nail designs works the best for you as it includes different varieties of clear gold foil nails with everything from marble nails to designs with cute dried nails.

Clear Gold Foil Marble Nails

Clear Gold Foil Marble Nails 

Dried Flowers And Foil

Dried Flowers And Gold Foil Nails 

Clear Nails With Rhinestones

Clear Gold Foil Nails With Rhinestones

Gold Foil Nails Short

Nail polishes are a popular choice because they come in so many different colors and styles. We love gold foil nails, especially when they are short. It is amazing how the light catches the shiny metal foil.

The use of gold foil to shorten nails is a great way to stand out. This list of short nail designs will surely blow your mind for the fact that short nails can look hot and trendy too.

Simple Short Nails

Simple Gold Foil Short Nails 

Floral Short Nails

Floral Short Nails With Gold Foil

Short Black Nails

Short Black Nails With Gold Foil

Black And Gold Foil Nails

Foil nails is relatively a new trend, but black and gold foil nails have really taken off in recent months. These pretty black and gold foil nails can be used to decorate your nails.

These nail designs are great for special occasions, such as parties, beach days, or just a nice lunch at the mall. It may seem difficult to create foil nail art at home, but it’s not! These reference photos will help you create perfect gold foil nails.

Nude And Black Nails

Nude And Black Nails With Gold Foil

Black Marble NailsBlack Marble Nails With Foil 

Black And Gold French Tips

Black And Gold French Tips 

Rose Gold Foil Nails

If you like the look of Rose Gold Foil Nails but are not sure where to start then this section is for you. Rose gold foil nails look a little more adventurous than regular glitter nails or other recent nail trends.

Let’s take a look at rose gold foil and how it can be used to enhance simple nail designs. We will then look at some images that can help you get started with your Rose Gold Nail Art Journey.

Grey Nails

Grey Nails With Gold Foil 

Peach Almond Nails With Rhinestones

Peach Almond Nails With Rhinestones

Rose Matte Nails

Rose Gold Foil Matte Nails 

White And Gold Foil Nails

White nails have been everywhere in the past couple of years. This trend is literally all over the place, but one thing you can use to spice up your classic white nails is topping them up with some glitter.

The glitzy, shiny finish in each nail design in this section of white and gold foil nails will set you apart from all other nail art addicts. The gold color gives a rich and classier touch to the shiny nails with white background.

White Square Nails

White Square Nails With Gold Foil 

Floral White Nails

Floral White Nails With Gold Foil 

White French Tips

White French Tips With Gold Foil 

Pink And Gold Foil Nails

Stylish and bright nails seem like they’re only reserved for the fashionistas and celebrities, right? Wrong. This section is for you if you are looking for vibrant nails with dark pinks or subtle nails with pastel pinks and are willing to spend a little more.

This collection is worth a look. Remember that you can rock these gorgeous pink and gold foil nails with a little extra dash of confidence and the right kind of attire

Pink And Purple Marble Nails

Pink And Purple Marble Nails With Foil

Pink Matte Nails

Pink Matte Nails With Gold Foil 

Floral Nails With Pink

Pink Floral Nails With Gold Foil 

Green And Gold Foil Nails

Looking for the perfect Green And Gold Foil Nails to match an outfit? These nails are stunning, but some people don’t take the time to think about creating them. It doesn’t take a lot of effort to do them either.

Green is a great color because it adds vibrancy to the ensemble while looking modern and gives an appealing look to nails while making them fit snugly into this season. The list includes everything from mattes to shiny french tip designs.

Green Matte Nails

Green Matte Nails With Gold Foil 

Green Marble French Tips

Green Marble French Tips With Gold Foil 

Sea Green Square Nails

Sea Green Square Nails With Gold Foil 

Red And Gold Foil Nails

Well, if you have never been much of a fan of gold all that much, you will become one after checking out these red and gold foil nails.  Holidays are full of joy, laughter, and lots of fun beauty looks. The best part about the holidays is the chance to make festive nail designs.

You have many options to choose from in this section. You can paint intricate red-and-gold details on each finger or go minimalistic and decorate one accent finger.

Red Matte Coffin Nails

Red Matte Coffin Nails With Gold Foil 

Dark Red Almond Nails

Dark Red Almond Nails With Foil 

Blue And Gold Foil Nails

Pastel colors can easily be incorporated into fall when paired with a rich metallic, such as gold, copper, or rust. But nothing beats the royalty of blue and gold foil nails.

Start with your favorite base coat and add two coats to your favorite shade of blue nail polish. You can add bits of gold leaf to your nail varnish by using a toothpick. Tap lightly with your finger to ensure that the nail polish is flat.  Add a topcoat.

Royal Blue Short Nails

Royal Blue Short Nails With Foil 

Alternate Blue And Clear Nails

Alternate Blue And Clear Nails With Gold Foil 

Pastel Blue Nails

Pastel Blue Nails With Gold Foil

Orange And Gold Foil Nails

It can be difficult to pick the right nail color because there are so many options. You can create stunning nail designs with orange, from vibrant flames to gorgeous ombre. There are many shades to choose from, including vibrant oranges and soft pastel tones.

We have some amazing orange nail designs for you to see. While orange nails are most popular in summer, we also have cool designs you can use during winter and fall. These stunning manicures will make you fall in love with orange!

Fluorescent Orange Nails

Fluorescent Orange Nails 

Shiny Orange Coffin Nails

Shiny Orange Coffin Nails 

Gradient Orange Nails

Gradient Orange Nails 

Gold And Silver Foil Nails

Have you ever wondered about how to apply two metallic tones to the same nail art? If you love the look of foil nails, but don’t have the patience to pick the perfect color that matches almost every outfit and if you are looking for something low maintenance then silver and gold foil nails are going to be your best bet. This list is all yours to pick the best and the most versatile nail art with gold and silver tones.

Nude Nails With Gold And Silver Nails

Nude Nails With Gold And Silver Nails 

Black And White Nails

Black And White Nails 

Pink Nails With Foil

Pink Nails With Foil 

Gold Leaf Foil Nails

Do you want to stand out among the crowd? Try gold leaf nails to stand out from the crowd. They will not only make your toes and fingers look amazing, but will also last longer than traditional nail varnish. You won’t have to reapply them every few days, which is great if you want more permanent bling!

Gold Leaf Foil Over Nude Nails

Gold Leaf Foil Over Gold Nails 

Green French Tips With Gold Leaves

Green French Tips With Gold Leaves

Black Colorblock Nails

Black Colorblock Nails 

How do you apply gold foil to nails?

How do you do gold foil marble nails?

  1. Apply 1 coat of your choice of polish to all nails.
  2. Take one nail at a moment.
  3. Use small foil sticks to gently pat the nails.
  4. For all nails, repeat steps 3 and 4.

How long do you leave foils on your nails?

Put the soaked cotton ball on top of your buffed nail, and wrap your finger in a small square of aluminum foil to keep the cotton ball in place. Repeat for all of your fingers. Set a timer for 10 minutes. Remove the foil wraps, and use the cotton balls to wipe off any leftover polish on your nails.

Do you need glue for nail foils?

Most gel nail polishes are sticky after you cure them; requiring you to clean them with an alcoholic wipe. This may sound like an annoyance, but it is perfect for applying Nail Art Transfer Foil! Simply put that stickiness to use by using it like a glue to get the foil to stick!

Can you top coat nails with foil?

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