Hair Bow Styles – Types Of Hair Bows

An Overview Of Hair Bow Styles – Types Of Hair Bows

Hair bows are one of the most fun hair accessories among the types of hair accessories. They look very pretty and are available in various colors, materials, and designs. Kids love wearing hair bows since they are really eye-catching. There are various types of hair bows and each of them has different features and ways of styling. In this article, we have provided you with an overview of hair bows with different hair bow styles, that will increase your knowledge about them. It will additionally allow you to choose the right one for your clothes. 

Hair Bow Styles

Hair bows are fun embellishments that one can wear with almost every hair length. Periodically, you may need a hair bow that coordinates with your outfit or has a theme for a specific occasion. However, it might also happen that you are unable to find the exact design or color that you are looking for in the store. In those cases, you can even make your own hair bow.       

Making a DIY hair bow is relatively easy and requires just a few steps. There are various hair bow styles and, making each of them yourself is not a very big deal. Tons of tutorials are available for making these bow styles.         

Different Types Of Hair Bows Styles

The types of hair bow styles available in the market are huge. There are styles for different occasions and every hair length. Having a hair bow makes you look pretty and also complements your outfit.      

different Hair Bow Styles

1. Ribbon Bows

When most of the bows are machine-made and bought from stores, ribbon bows are something that one can easily make at home and can also use to wrap gifts other than using them for your hair. These types are popular with small children as they can use them once and are also a variation to make.    

Ribbon Bows  

2. Fabric Bows

Fabric bows are made with fabric, as the name suggests one can make it at home or also at factories, depending on the choice. These kinds of bows are small and are also suitable for petite girls, which gives you a ribbon-like bow to the clips.   

Fabric Bows   

3. Pinwheel Hair Bows

These hair bows are perfect for petite girls who do not have much hair to hold or are unable to carry them. They are found in many types of patterns and are of wheel structure that protects the hair in a band form and makes the bold look bigger and fuller.     

Pinwheel Hair Bows 

4. Boutique Bow

Bose, which are not of typical design and are diagonal cut or trimmed type, are called boutique bows. These are small cute and consist of four loops. Does the outlook make it interesting for the kids? The only disadvantage of these is they become dirty very quickly, so that is not very friendly for kids to use.   

Boutique Bow   

5. Veil Fabric Hair Bow Band

This type of bow is specially made for bridesmaids or some bridal function use. These balls have an ivory coating and are made up of superior satin fabric, and are one of the majorly expensive bows in the market. The base of which is attached to the bow giving coverage just above your face does make the set simple yet elegant.   

Veil Fabric Hair Bow Band   

6. Butterfly Bow

A butterfly bow is one of the most used hair accessories that can be easily made at home and can be attached to the hair clip using hot glue. Even if it is both sides of it being very volume us makes it look like butterfly wings, these are available in many shapes sizes and colors.  

Butterfly Bow    

7. Oversized Bows

Oversized bows are mostly very big, covering the almost entire structure of the head that is the measurement of 5 to 6 inches. These kind of those were very popular in the 1980s and was one of the top fashion trends accessories available at that time. Now, as more vintage accessories are in use, oversize bows are back in fashion with their bright colors.      

Oversized Bows

8. Tie Hair Bows

As the name suggests, one can use the tie hair bows to wrap up the head around them when it is in a ponytail or accumulated way. This can be made with any fabric color and clip choice, and its volume is perfect makes it a vintage collection. This bose can we marry top not giving it a simple yet powerful look.     

Tie Hair Bows

9. Button Bows

Button bows are mostly made with fabrics of different designs that are made with a button in between them. These are not just used as head accessories but are also used in dresses, shirts or other decorative items.    

  Button Bows

10. Multiple Hair Loop Bow

A multiple hair loop bow is a rubber band structure but has more than one bow of different textures and types to it. you cannot be uniquely just in the structure of buttons which can be clipped to your hairs, mostly handmade pieces, and unique craft men ship.  

Multiple Hair Loop Bow    

11. No-slip baby bows

These bows are extremely easy to make to some extent since they are tiny and generally utilize little clasps or even Velcro to join the bow to the baby’s head. You can utilize practically any sort of material to make baby bows, albeit the vast majority will more often use texture or silk strips since they come in such countless various shadings.      

No-slip baby bows

12. Pom Pom Bows

An individual can make pom poms out of soft and fluffy material or even ribbons on the off chance that you make the bows suitable. Pom-pom bows are incredibly smooth and thick, so they occupy a ton of space on your head.   

Pom Pom Bows   

They are likewise loads of fun to make on the grounds that there is a wide assortment of ribbons you can use, with various surfaces, colors, and plans.      

So, to conclude we can say that wearing a bow is really cute and beautiful. They make you look different and help you to stand out in the crowd. It would help if you had the right bow for pairing with your outfit or else your entire look may ruin.      

Go through all the different types of hair bows and then find the right one for you or your kid.

What material are hair bows made of?

What Fabric is Best for Hair Bows? I’d recommend using felt, or satin to make these hair bows. They fold better and the bows always end up more pronounced if you use such fabric.

What type of ribbon is used for hair bows?

Grosgrain ribbons are the favorite for these bows as they are thicker, durable, and sturdier than ordinary ribbons and look quite good too. Check out this post on the different types of ribbons for more details on what you can use to make the hairbows.

Can a grown woman wear a hair bow?

Yes, hair bows are most commonly seen adorning a ponytail, but that doesn’t mean you have to wear yours that way! Don’t let the norms keep you inside the hair bow box, just as long as you’re not looking like Minnie Mouse or a 5-year-old girl, your bow is perfect.

How do you style a bow?

Gorgeous Ways to Wear Bows in Your Hair Tied around your neck, with your hair in a non-pony ponytail.

  • Positioned around your actual ponytail.
  • Wrapped around the topknot in your half-up, half-down hairstyle.
  • Tied at the bottom of a braid.
  • Around your bun.

What is the best glue for making hair bows?

All you need is a Tec 305-12 glue gun and either Tecbond 248-12-300 clear adhesive high performance or Tecbond 261-12-300 flexible grade (bends with the clip) and away you go, happy gluing.

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