Hairstyles For Women Over 50

Hairstyles For Women Over 50

Did you just celebrate your fiftieth birthday? Brainstorming about what hairstyle to pick? We are here for your rescue!! Here is a list of hairstyles for women over 50 including the hairstyles with short and medium hair lengths. These hairstyles are meant for women who wish to have low maintenance yet unique hairstyles.

Well, there is a preconceived notion that hair with long length is associated with youth!! On the contrary, long hair makes you look older than you actually are. However, the look of a woman over fifty depends on the choice of hairstyle depending on one’s hair type and your face shape. Also, make sure to check out the reference pictures to pick the best hairstyle for yourself and also recommend some for your friends!!!

1. Simple Bob

Bob haircut, also known as a simple Bob, is a short hair type in which the hair is usually cut straight along the head at chin level, left and right, usually with bangs (or ” fringes “) in the front. You can choose whatever type of fringe is comfortable for you. The standard bob is usually between the tip of the ear or just below the tip of the ear and well above the shoulder.

This hairstyle is the best pick if you are a woman over fifty due to its simplicity, low maintenance, and comfort.

Simple Bob

2. Long Bob

The time as early as the early twenties of the twentieth century, women started to adopt bob cuts as the symbol of modernity and class. Women who were not okay with traditional roles and responsibilities adopted short bobs. Well, as the time and fashion world evolved, here comes a list of different bobs like inverted, a-line, shingle, chin length, shoulder length, etc.

You can also choose to have a long bob aka lob if you are looking for a Not So Short hairstyle for yourself. To illustrate, here is an image featuring a long bob with completely silver hair. You can choose this hairstyle for any hair type or hair color. The difference lies in the effort you put in for maintaining it in a proper way!!

Long Bob

3. Pixie Bob

A classic pixie haircut involves three parts. Each one of them is different. The hair on the back is short, the hair on the top and crown is long and the bangs or fringes in the front are the shortest. A pixie cut is a different version of a crop cut. This hairstyle was popular during the mid-fifties of the twentieth century and flaunted by movie actresses.

If you are looking for a short no-nonsense and comfortable haircut with a powerful and youthful look, this one is the best for you. To illustrate, here is the reference picture below with a pixie bob, i.e; a pixie cut with hair till the jawline makes it look like a bob cut.

Pixie Bob

4. Shaggy Cut

A shaggy haircut or simply a shag is a haircut involving the layers of hair into different lengths on different parts of the head. Did you know? This classic is invented by a barber named Paul McGregor. The hair on the top and on the sides are cut into feathers, to make it look quirky and voluminous. And the hair at the back is trimmed down. Earlier, this hairstyle was flaunted by many celebrities, and today it is one of the very few popular unisex hairstyles.

Well, who said a fifty-year-old cannot go for a stylish unisex hairstyle? If you are a woman over fifty and looking for an old-timey and unique hairstyle for yourself, this one is the best for you. You can choose to have it with any hair colour. This haircut is restricted to only straight and wavy hair types.

Shaggy Cut

5. Layered Bob

Layered hair is a haircut technique involving the procedure of chopping the lengths and breaths of the hair into layers. The hair is set into different layers horizontally and each stack of hair is cut shorter than the layer under it. A layered bob is voluminous and easy to maintain. It looks great with round and oval face shapes.

A layered bob is one of the best picks for you if you wish to have a short and comfortable haircut with zero accessories and is easy to maintain. Here is an image featuring a layered bob with blonde hair. You can have it with any hair colour.

Layered Bob

6. Short Layers

A short layered hairstyle is a long hairstyle with short layers at the top and longer layers at the bottom to add more shape and volume. Adding mixed layers to short hair will add more texture, fullness and three-dimensionality, which is great for women with fine hair. This hairstyle looks great for someone with a round face shape. Well, the choice also depends on the type and texture of hair as well.
If you are over fifty and looking for a voluminous and trendy hairstyle, short layers are the best pick for you.

Short Layers

7. Wavy Bob

Some women have wavy hair by birth. Well, we call them lucky for obvious reasons! Their hair looks voluminous, chic, and beautiful. There are different ways to make anyone’s hair wavy. A few of the techniques are temporary and a few others are permanent. The real look of wavy hair comes out only when the hair is messy. You do not need special good hair days if you have wavy hair.

If you have crossed fifty and looking for a short, beautiful and voluminous hairstyle with almost nothing required for its maintenance, a wavy bob is one of the best picks for you.

Wavy Bob

8. Curly Blonde

You shouldn’t use shampoo for your curly hair! You need to deal with tangles all your life if you have naturally curly hair! No one manufactures products for curly hair!! We are sure you must have been listening to all these phrases all your life. Well, the curly hair is for the Brave!!! The right kind of products and the correct hairstyle also plays a very important role in maintaining curly and experience your share of good hair days.

If you have naturally curly hair, crossed fifty and looking for a good hairstyle for yourself to flaunt those curls, this one is the right pick for you. Make sure to check out the image below featuring a curly blonde.

Curly Blonde

9. Blunt lob

If you want to add some texture or thickness to your fine hair, you will have to consider a long bob or simply a lob! A Long Bob involves cutting the length of the hair till the line below the chin and above the collarbone into a bob. Layering is still popular these days! So if you think your hair is long and considering having a middle ground to a long and short hairstyle, a lob is the perfect choice for you.

There are many types of lobs to choose from. To add some volume to a lob make sure to cut some layers. If you wish to have a decent and formal hairstyle of a lob try a blunt cut lob. To illustrate, here is an image featuring a blunt lob with salt and pepper hair. Choose the right hair colour to add some more beauty to the hairstyle.

Blunt lob

10. Long Pixie

There are different pixie cuts to choose from. A long pixie is one of the most popular ones. This hairstyle is usually a short haircut involving cutting the hair longer than a regular pixie. These are short at the back and the sides. The top and the crown are longer and the bangs are long.

If you are a woman with fifty years or more, looking for low maintenance and stylish hairstyle for yourself, a long pixie is the one for you.  You can pick this hairstyle if you have straight or wavy hair.

Long Pixie


We hope this article with a list of hairstyles for women over 50 helped you with choosing the right kind of hairstyle that suits your personality and style. So when are you going to have a fresh hairstyle along with your ever young gang?

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