20 Heart Tattoo Ideas To Flaunt Your Love! Rose, Three Hearts Tattoo & More

Heart Tattoo Ideas – Rose Heart Tattoos, Three Hearts Tattoo & More

The heart has been an always-popular tattoo on both men and women. Each heart tattoo is an individual piece of artwork that’s a meaning for both the person having the tattoo and the design itself. Some people get heart tattoos from lovers whereas some people use them for the love of their moms or daughters with rose heart tattoos, three hearts tattoos and more. Here is a list of heart tattoo ideas with various options to explore. 

There are literally hundreds of heart tattoos available in different styles and designs. Heart tattoos are placed anywhere on the body depending on the size of the tattoo. Heart tattoos permit you to be as creative as you want to be and make your own design as important as possible. The heart tattoo is incredibly versatile depending on the style that you choose.

heart tattoo ideas

1. Anatomical Heart Tattoo

The anatomy of the human body is an amazing feature in its composition but the presence of the exposed features has become one the most infamous tattoos of all time. An anatomical heart tattoo illustrates the inner part of the body and demonstrate the power of courage and reveal the expression of human nature.

Anatomical Heart Tattoo

2. Sacred Heart Tattoo

The Sacred Heart is Christ’s undying love of humanity. Many religious people elect to have the imagery on their bodies through tattoos. A sacred heart tattoo represents the wearer’s devotion to Lord Jesus. Some images on the sacred heart also include thorns surrounding the heart.

Sacred Heart Tattoo

3. Rose Heart Tattoo

Rose tattoos have been a favourite among women for generations and have also won people’s attention over time. Artists make sure the designs are in a manner that perfectly corresponds to one personality. Rose is also known as the Queen of floral plants and a symbol of beauty. Here is a rose heart tattoo with red ink. 

Rose Heart Tattoo

4. Mom Heart Tattoo

You can get a tattoo for your mother to establish bonds as deep as blood bonds. Nobody else deserves a place more on your body than your mother when she gave you a place in her womb during a nine-month period. The mom heart tattoo is to flaunt your love for your mother and her place in your heart.

Mom Heart Tattoo

5. Infinity Heart Tattoo

The infinity symbol has become a staple of tattoo designs in recent years. Elegant in its simplicity, rich in meaning and versatile in design the infinity symbol makes for an effective tattoo for both females and males. An infinity heart tattoo represents the love you have for something or someone for a lifetime.

infinity heart tattoo

6. Queen Of Hearts Tattoo

The queen of hearts is the classiest heart tattoo you can choose to have. Although they are important because they are the key cards in the game of solitaire, their importance in terms of a tattoo design is different. A queen of hearts tattoo represents a person being the master of her life on every front.

Queen Of Hearts Tattoo

7. Small Heart Tattoo

A small tattoo can be attractive, unique and meaningful. Small body art cannot provide such details as sleeves or thighs so you’re going to choose just a simple tattoo design for a better look and quality. A small heart tattoo anywhere on the body represents happiness and passion for whatever you do in life.

Small Heart Tattoo

8. Fingerprint Heart Tattoo

Fingerprint tattoos are a great way to show your personality and memories to the world. Everyone has a unique identification and creates fingerprints in one of the most special ways of expressing your independent and free-spirited nature. You can also use a fingerprint heart tattoo as a memorial tattoo. Also, check out these memorial tattoo ideas!

Fingerprint Heart Tattoo

9. Bleeding Heart Tattoo

A bleeding heart is actually a flower looking exactly like a bleeding heart. Getting yourself a bleeding heart tattoo signifies a lot of things. It symbolises one’s capacity to put out all the feelings and emotions freely to the world and deep love and passion between two people. You can either keep it simple with black ink or unique with inks. 

Bleeding Heart Tattoo

10. Heart Cross Tattoo

The heart cross tattoo is the most popular religious tattoo symbol around the globe. Since its inception as part of religion, there is the fact that the Christological cross has since become a tattoo. The cross is also used as a tattoo to display sacrifice, the Crucifixion of Christ and his resurrection.

Heart Cross Tattoo

11. Heart Tattoo With Names

The heart has always been a popular tattoo for either men or women. Each heart tattoo has a different meaning not only by the person getting the tattoo but also depending on the design itself. There are practically hundreds of different heart tattoos you get in hundreds of different styles and colours and a heart with names is one of them.

Heart Tattoo With Names

12. Stitched Heart Tattoo

There are different heart tattoo designs to choose from. A stitched heart tattoo is one of the most beautiful heart tattoo ideas both in terms of looks and on the philosophical front as well. A stitches heart tattoo signifies your zeal and perseverance to heal your broken heart.

Stitched Heart Tattoo

13. Broken Heart Tattoo

Love is a beautiful feeling and no one on earth is above that emotion. Well, the result of being in love, both positive and negative, are inevitable. They are different for different people. A broken heart tattoo signifies building the strength of a person to overcome a loss of a person’s presence both physically and mentally.

Broken Heart Tattoo

14. Winged Heart Tattoo

Among the newest tattoo designs, a heart tattoo adorned with wings has a meaning for love. If you want a winged heart tattoo you also must know some of the different meanings it conveys. A Winged heart tattoo represents one’s independence to love and fly high to reach the desired height with emotional balance.

Winged Heart Tattoo

15. Celtic Heart Tattoo

The legend behind Celtic tattoos is equally complex as the designs are. From ink that overtakes enemy forces at battlefields to the purpose of life with no beginning or end. Although most tattoos will be black ink, the tradition of adding various colors will make your tattoo pop. A Celtic heart tattoo also represents the bond between two individuals.

Celtic Heart Tattoo

16. Simple Heart Tattoo

Heart tattoos are meant for many different reasons depending on what you are going for. There are a number of tattoo designs to apply depending on the size and shape of the tattoo. A simple heart tattoo allows anyone to be as creative as one wants. You may create your own layout with as much significance as possible.

Simple Heart Tattoo

17. Black Heart Tattoo

Although a usual heart tattoo represents happiness, love and passion towards something, heart tattoos in different colors signify different meanings. For example, a red heart is for love, a yellow heart is to signify a new beginning and a black heart tattoo is for representing the loss of someone to death. 

 Black Heart Tattoo

18. Three Hearts Tattoo

Hearts are the iconic tattoos of both men and women. Each heart tattoo has a different meaning not only on the person getting the tattoo but from the design itself. There are nearly hundreds of different heart tattoos of many styles and shapes to choose from. The three hearts tattoo represent your love for the past, present and future.

Three Hearts Tattoo

19. Tribal Heart Tattoo

Tribal heart tattoo is very interesting though they don’t have any actual meaning. A person’s name is one that always goes well with a heart tattoo. There are virtually thousands of tribal heart designs that you can pick up that can also go well with other tattoo designs.

20. Lock Heart Tattoo

One of the most interesting and unique heart tattoo ideas is definitely a lock heart tattoo. Couples usually prefer a heart lock and some keys adorned with names, dates or even a meaningful word. Definitely, this tattoo design is popular with couples as they can wear matching tattoos on the same parts of the person’s body.

Lock Heart Tattoo


This list of heart tattoo designs includes tattoo designs for every emotion like a broken heart tattoo for break up, a black heart tattoo for grief, and a three hearts tattoo to signify your love for past, present and future.


What does a heart tattoo represent?

Heart tattoos can have a multitude of meanings. It can be as simple as expressing love or desire, as well as friendship or passion. A heart can also commemorate a lost loved one or represent heartache.

Why do girls get heart tattoos?

Heart tattoos for women having this imagery represent or celebrate the joyous occasion of falling in love with someone.

What does a small black heart tattoo mean?

Just as a heart represents love, a black heart tattoo usually symbolizes a lost love-whether family or romantic-as well as being a common symbol of grief and mourning.

What is a Sacred heart tattoo?

Traditionally depicted as a flaming bleeding heart encircled by thorns, each facet of the sacred heart design is intended to convey a special meaning in relation to Christ’s sacrifice and divine love, making it a perfect choice for a tattoo honoring your faith.

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