How do I hold the crochet hook?

How do I hold the crochet hook?

If you are a beginner at crochet, then you might be wondering how to hold the crochet hook. This article will explain how to hold the crochet hook and introduce different types of hooks. The most common way to hold a crochet hook is with your fingers, but there are other ways too. Each way has its own benefits and drawbacks, so it is worth trying out different methods and learning their advantages and disadvantages in order to find the one that suits you best. Holding the hook is one thing and matching yarn to it is the next thing you get into, here’s how to match yarn to crochet hook.

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Two ways to hold a crochet hook

Holding a hook like a pen

In this “pencil grip” or “pencil hold”, you’re holding up the top part of the pen-knife like you would when writing – between your thumb, index finger and middle finger. The blade is resting on top of the space. Your ring finger and your little finger are tucked away in your palm.

This way of holding a crochet hook is really just like holding a pen or a pencil. The pencil method works great, especially when working with a fine-weight yarn and tiny hooks. When working with a smaller hook, a pen hold seems to be the preferred way to go.

Holding a hook like a pen

Holding a hook like a knife

This knife-holding method is called “knife hold” or a “knife grip.” In this method, you’re holding the hook like a kitchen knife. The top of the hook is in between your thumb and bent pointer finger, and the body of the hook is encased in the palm wrapped with your ring finger. Your thumb is resting on the thumb rest of the hook.

The knife method firmly grips in my palm and does not escape anywhere. Knife hold is great when working with larger hooks or ergonomic hooks like Furls as their shape is often designed to fit in the palm of the hand.

Holding a hook like a knife

Neither one of these ways is better or more correct than the other, it’s just a matter of comfort and preference.

Practicing holding the crochet hook

For best results, it’s worth trying to hold your hook differently depending on what type of hook shape you are using. The same goes for if you have trouble with tension since only adjusting the way you hold the crochet hook can help.

Holding a hook is a new skill just like holding the working yarn or making the stitches, it just takes some time and practice. You can practice holding your hook while making a slip knot, making a chain or crocheting a row of single crochet, all these repetitive movements will give you great practice in holding the hook.

Hold the hook in one hand with the yarn on the other. Wrap around the hook, then try it with your other hand. If you’re new to crochet, then just use one method of holding the hook and have some patience as you learn. You can always change your grip later on as you progress.

The important thing is to find the way of holding the hook that works with your style, hook and personality, that feels good on your hands, especially when you are working on large projects and holding the hook for a long time so you can enjoy the process. Yes, there are popular ways, but what is the correct way for you

Practicing holding the crochet hook

Is there a correct way to hold a crochet hook?

Hold the crochet hook as you would a pencil with your thumb and index finger on the finger hold, and the third finger near the tip of the hook. The crochet hook should be turned slightly toward you, not facing up or down. The crochet hook should be held firmly, but not tightly.

What is the most comfortable way to hold a crochet hook?

What are the different ways to hold a crochet hook?

How many ways can you hold a crochet hook?

Crocheters generally hold their hooks in one of two ways: like a pencil or like a knife.

What are the two ways in holding the hook?

The two basic ways of holding a crochet hook are the pencil grip, with the hook going over the crotch of the thumb, resembling a pencil, the knife grip, with the hook under the palm of the hand, resembling a knife held when held overhand.

Which hand do you hold a crochet hook?

Traditional method Both crochet and yarn are held in the left hand, with the right hand holding the hook preferably like a pencil, but like a knife, if you prefer. Hold your yarn between thumb and first finger, with the ball end of the yarn taken over the first three fingers and under the fourth.

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