How do you Know if Cotija Cheese is Bad?

Cheese can make your dish tastier with its unique taste. There are various types of cheese available, each with its distinct flavor. Furthermore, cheese is so common to keep in a fridge because it can be used in different dishes. Whether it’s to use cheese as a topping or to add a different flavor to dishes, among them, Cotija cheese is very popular.

If you are a foodie, you are probably familiar with cotija cheese as well as other cheeses. Along with that, you also have cotija cheese in your fridge, but how long can you eat it with your food? How do you know if Cotija cheese is bad? Don’t worry, you will get your answer in this article. So let’s begin without any delay.

Cotija cheese

How do you Know if Cotija Cheese is Bad

Cotija is an aged Mexican cheese that is made from unpasteurized cow’s milk. The cheese is white and has a firm texture with a salty and milky flavor. Did you know that Cotija cheese was named after the Michoacan town of Cotija? In the very beginning of its making process, the cheese used to be white, fresh, and salty in flavor.

Other than this, with time, the cheese becomes hard and inferior. In addition to all this, you must know that the cheese is made by hand and comes in cylinders. Moreover, to know why cotija cheese is popular while other cheeses in the market are declining.

Why Cotija Cheese is Popular?

One of the most common reasons for cotija cheese’s popularity among other cheeses is its taste, which is like sour milk. Moreover, the cheese has a unique quality in that it doesn’t melt. Yes, it is also a reason for this cheese’s popularity. The cotija cheese can soften when heated, but it doesn’t change its shape or get mold and melt.

As a result, it becomes the best cheese to grate over salads and use as seasoning on recipes to get a good look as well as a new taste. Along with this, the cheese is also known by other names, such as Queso Cincho and Queso Seco.

Use of Cotija cheese

Use of Cotija cheese

If you are a food lover and love the smell of the cheese in your regular food, then it is easy for you to find a way to add this cheese to your food. However, there are several food recipes you can choose to make with the cotija cheese, but it is perfect for crumbling and sprinkling.

As the cheese is hard to melt, you can use it as a perfect topping over food. Moreover, you can make cotija cheese biscuits, and pasta with cotija cheese, and try your creative food recipe.

Taste of Cotija Cheese

The cotija cheese is crumbly, but the taste can attract any cheese lover. Cotija in general is a mild and salty cheese made up of cow’s milk. Cheese is also known as the Parmesan of Mexico because of its capability to add saltiness and fat to food.

Mexican cheese is saltier than any other cheese available on the market. Plus, aged cotija tastes much better than young cotija. Furthermore, because it does not melt and has a salty flavor, cotija cheese complements any dish as a topping or seasoning.

How to Store Cotija Cheese?

How to Store Cotija Cheese?

The best way to store Mexican cotija cheese is to keep it in your fridge. Moreover, it is good to preserve this Mexican cheese in frozen form. To keep your Mexican cheese in the freezer, you should first wrap it well. For wrapping, you can use a plastic wrapper as the first layer, then layer it up with aluminum foil.

The foil will burn your Mexican cheese from excessive freezer burn. Along with this, you can save this Mexican cheese get mold by keeping it in an airtight container in your fridge. You can now freeze cotija and keep it for a long time.

How to Thaw Cotija Cheese?

If the cheese is frozen and now you want to use it, Then how do you know when and how to use Cotija? However, the cotija grates well when it is frozen rather than mold, but still, it is best to thaw it well before use. For this, you have to first remove this Mexican cheese from the fridge and also take it out of an airtight container.

And now it’s time to leave your frozen cotija cheese overnight on a plate. In this way, the ice around the cheese will melt, the cheese will retain its shape and flavor, and it will be ready to collaborate with your dishes.

Is Cotija cheese supposed good for your health? What happens if you eat expired cotija cheese?

Different types of cheese have different health benefits. Similarly, cotija cheese is supposed to provide nutrition and calories. The cheese provides the body with the protein it needs to build strong bones, repair tissues, and boost the immune system. Furthermore, Mexican cheese is high in saturated fat and salt, both of which are harmful to your heart.

Therefore, it is advisable to consume this cheese in moderation. Besides, expired cotija cheese can make you sick. So if after eating cotija you feel weird, it can be a sign that you have eaten expired cotija cheese.

How long does Cotija cheese last?

How long does Cotija cheese last?

The period for which that cotija can last depends on how you store fresh cotija cheese. After opening the cheese when it is fresh, you have to keep it protected from going bad. However, the cheese can go bad early if you don’t keep an eye on it regularly.

Temperature and moisture are the two factors that can decrease the shelf life of cotija. Besides, a cotija can last up to 4–6 weeks inside the fridge after being opened very fresh. Furthermore, if you keep aged cotija cheese away from all negative factors, it can last up to six months.

How do you know, Cotija cheese bad or not?

Whether your cheese is Mexican or from any other country, it is obvious that with time it becomes bad. No amount of effort can keep cotija from spoiling over time. However, you can keep your cotija fresh by storing it well, but you still cannot use it for life. And now you may wonder how to tell if cotija cheese is bad or not good to eat. Moreover, if you want to find out if the cheese has gone bad, you have to check its smell and taste.

In general, cotija cheese is supposed to last up to 4–6 weeks; therefore, after that time, cotija cheese makes a different shape than its usual shape. Hence, It is not hard to know that the spoiled cheese of Mexican country is not edible now. If you notice a rotting odor, discoloration, or bad taste, it’s time to throw it out.

In conclusion, cotija cheese is a perfect fit to add to dishes to get a good smell and taste. Moreover, Cotija cheese has a great taste and adds a different aroma to any dish. The cheese, on the other hand, can be stored for many months, but it is important to check to ensure that cheese does not go bad too soon.

Hopefully, this guide was helpful for you, and now you know how can tell if the cotija cheese has gone bad or can be used for months. Furthermore, whether the cotija cheese is bad or not, it is good to check every time before eating so that you don’t use spoiled cheese that can have a bad effect on your health. Now it’s time to say goodbye to you. You can share your opinion on the cheese coming from Mexico.

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