How long do strawberries last in the fridge?

How long do strawberries last in the fridge?

Strawberries are a tasty fruit that is best in the summer and spring. If you are willing to have strawberries right after buying them, you can store them at average temperatures. Refrigerating it is the best option if you want to store it and use it in other baked items. So how long do strawberries last in the fridge depends on how you keep them. This article will confer how long strawberries last in the refrigerator.

Strawberries require some special safekeeping and proper storage to make them last longer. If stored properly in the refrigerator, strawberries remain fresh for three to seven days. You can increase the shelf life of the strawberries by storing them in the fridge.

For that, you need to know certain tricks and tips to increase their shelf life. Keep scrolling to also learn about some best tips you should follow for storing strawberries in the fridge and more. Improper storage can considerably reduce the life span of strawberries.

Tips for storing strawberries in the fridge | How to store strawberries

Fresh strawberries load immense taste. But the strawberries will develop mold if kept at room temperature for long. So how long do strawberries last in the fridge depends on how we store them. You can follow these tips to make your strawberries last longer and the best ways for storing strawberries in the fridge:

  • Keep the stems of the strawberries: You should not remove the stems from the strawberries as the stems will preserve the inner part of the strawberries.
  • Do not pre-wash the strawberries: You should avoid washing strawberries after bringing them from the market. Instead, wash them before eating or when you will use them to prepare any dish. As strawberries stay fresh when kept cold dry, it softens with moisture and thus promotes molded growth.
  • Keep the strawberries in single layers: You should store them in a single layer to avoid crushing by layers of strawberries over them.
  • Layer a glass or plastic crate with a paper towel: It is significant for storing strawberries. The paper towel absorbs moisture and prevents the strawberries from getting rotten.
  • Close the container tightly and keep it inside the fridge: The airtight dry strawberries last in the refrigerator for seven days or more. It would help if you ate them after buying them without keeping them for many days.

How to say if the strawberries are bad?

Before eating strawberries, you should know whether the strawberry is still fresh, as you should not eat strawberries when they are rotten. We will talk about a few things which you need to follow to confirm if the strawberry is fresh:
If you can easily bump your fingers inside the flesh of the strawberry, then it is wrong or possibly overripe.

Smell the strawberries. If the smell is sweet, it is of a perfectly ripe strawberry. If the strawberries have a bitter odor, then it is less ripe. Do not eat strawberries if it has a rotten smell.

If the strawberries have any white or light greenish-grey signs, those are molds. It would help if you did not consume strawberries with molds.

Finally, storing strawberries in the fridge can increase its span. For that, we need to follow specific measures to keep it fresh. This article contains necessary information about storing strawberries, tips for storing them, and more. Use the tips to increase the shelf life of the strawberries. We hope you got more knowledge about how long do strawberries last in the fridge.

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