How Long Does Makeup Primer Last

How Long Does Makeup Primer Last

Commonly used by makeup lovers, primers are a necessary part of a makeup kit. It is the first step toward applying makeup to the skin. Today, we will talk about makeup primer and its usage and long-lasting usage.

What is a Makeup Primer?

A makeup primer is yet another makeup cosmetic in demand. Primer is blended on the skin before putting any makeup on.

Why is Makeup Primer Used?

Makeup Primer is applied because it helps retain the makeup for an extended period. It protects the skin and reduces the oil present in the face. It further covers pores and blemishes, thus making the skin smooth to put the makeup on.

How Long Does a Makeup Primer Last?

A makeup premier lasts for a minimum of 8 hours. Some primers even last for 15 hours. The long-lasting of a primer depends on the brand. Some of the brands that produce good quality and long-lasting primers are L’Oreal Paris, Oriflame, Lakme, Lotus, etc.

A makeup primer can cost you between 300 INR to 1000 INR, which can be used for a few months depending on its usage per week. A 24 hours long-lasting primer can cost you between 3000 INR to 4000 INR.

On average, makeup primers are good for 24 months. In case of primer usage for more than 24 hours, its expiry date must be taken care of.

How long should you wait after applying the Primer?

After using a primer, it should be left untouched for a minute or two before applying any other cosmetics. Allowing your primer to sit for a few minutes prepares a base for makeup to be applied on. If not, primer mixes with the foundation or any other makeup product applied after it.

Difference between Primer and Foundation

A primer protects the skin from makeup and prepares a base to put makeup on, whereas a foundation gives skin a matching tone. A foundation can also make your skin look lighter/darker as per your choice and hide dark circles and flaws on your skin.

A primer pertains in the form of lotion in contrast to a foundation that can be dry, liquid, and creamy. Primer is also used as a base before applying foundation.

Do you need to wash off the primer too?

Yes, if you have applied primer all day, it needs to be washed off at night. The reason behind washing off the primer before going to bed is it consists of all the dirt and pollutants from outside that can be harmful to your skin.

You can apply a primer after washing your skin though it cannot replace moisturizer. A primer helps cover the blemishes and make the skin even. A moisturizer provides necessary dampness and keeps the skin healthy, protecting it from dryness and skin infection.


At last, a makeup primer is healthy to use and can last up to 15 hours a day. However, it requires cleansing every day to protect the skin from infections. Replacing your primer with a new one after every few months is healthy for usage. How often do you use a makeup premier?

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