How Long to Cook Pre-Cooked Spiral Ham

Decorating your house, calling friends, and cooking new dishes are part of enjoying festivals and holidays. Similarly, cooking a spiral ham is also an interesting thing to do during the holidays. Christmas and New Year’s are two major holidays when people gather with their friends and family to celebrate.

Moreover, spiral ham is the most popular dish to prepare in the winter season. A perfectly cooked spiral ham can attract anyone to eat it. Besides, cooking a spiral ham is not hard. Now you may have a question about how you can eat cooked spiral ham that is cooked before some time. How long should you cook pre-cooked spiral ham to make it delicious again? So you’ll get your detailed answer right here on this blog.

How do you cook a spiral ham?

How do you cook a spiral ham?
Perhaps you’ve eaten spiral ham at your relatives’ houses as well. You also want to learn how to cook spiral ham at home so that you can impress your friends. Does baked ham also amaze you with its taste? If you are looking to see how you can cook a spiral ham at home, then you are at the perfect place. Below, you will get to see more details related to the cooking of the spiral ham.

Ingredients required to cook a spiral ham

In a recipe for spiral ham, you don’t need expensive ingredients. You can use the same type of ingredients for the ham spiral that you use regularly in your regular food. So in preparing a ham, you have to take, foremost, spiral-sliced ham, one cup of brown sugar, one and a half cups of honey, and one and a half cups of orange juice.

Plus, you have to take a teaspoon of cinnamon, one and a half teaspoons of cloves, and one pinch of nutmeg. Other than these, you can also add other elements according to your taste, like apricot jam, bourbon, Dijon mustard, and crushed red pepper flakes.

Instructions for cooking spiral ham

In ham cooking, there is no special step to follow. If you can do simple cooking, you can also bake hams easily like epicurious recipies. Let’s see some instructions you can follow to cook spiral ham:

  • Firstly, place the hams outside the refrigerator and let them rest for some time. so that the cold temperature inside the ham doesn’t interrupt the cooking.
  • Now unwrap the ham and remove all the plastic and clips. Plastics can spoil the taste of your cooked ham overall.
  • It’s time to place the ham in a baking dish and cover it with foil or a lid. Therefore, it can be baked completely.
  • Afterward, place the ham in a preheated oven and cook it for at least 1 to 1.5 hours. Furthermore, if the ham is large, cooking time may be extended.
  • Remember to brush on the glaze during the last 15-20 minutes of baking the ham. Or you can also glaze over spiral-sliced ham after removing it from the oven.
  • Once the temperature reaches 140 degrees, remove the ham from the oven and leave it outside for 15 to 20 minutes.
  • It is now ready to be cut into spiral slices. You can serve baked spiral ham with mustard or Dijon mustard. Let’s enjoy it with your friends.

How do you cook a Costco Kirkland spiral ham?

Cooking Kirkland ham is certainly not difficult as it comes pre-cooked so well. So to cook your pre-cooked Costco spiral ham, first you have to preheat your oven to 275 degrees Fahrenheit. Then unwrap the Kirkland ham and place it in a baking dish with the flat side down and the round side up. Now it’s time to cover the ham tightly with aluminum foil. Remember, you should cook the ham for 12–15 minutes per pound.

Glaze a Baked Ham

Glazing baked Ham

When you are going to glaze your ham that is cooked already, you can use a homemade glaze. You can use honey or brown sugar to glaze your ham. However, there are several methods to make the glaze for the spirals of the ham. Moreover, preparing a glaze for your food doesn’t take a long time.

As your food is already cooked, it doesn’t require too much effort to bake but yes you can glaze it better. Furthermore, the best way to glaze your sliced spiral ham is to brush the homemade glaze over it during the last 20 minutes before it bakes completely in the oven. In this way, you get a perfect glazed ham.

How to prevent the spiral ham from drying out in heat?

In the recipe for baking spiral hams, the internal temperature of the hams plays a vital role. Whether the hams will dry during roasting depends on the temperature inside the hams. If you don’t want to let your hams lose all their juices, you have to add your efforts by keeping an eye on their internal temperature.

Moreover, keep in mind that spiral hams generally come already cooked at heated temperatures, so what you usually do is just warm up the meat at an optimal temperature. As a result, you must ensure that hams do not lose their juices; however, you can also use foil to cover your food while it bakes.

How long should you cook pre-cooked spiral ham?

As spiral hams usually come pre-cooked from the market. As a result, it implies that you don’t have to add extra effort with temperature to precooked spiral ham. You just need to unwrap the hams and put them in the oven and set the perfect temperature, then just wait until they bake completely. However, you still wonder how long to bake the spiral ham.

The time your spiral ham takes to be fully cooked depends on the size and pound of the hams. You can cook the spirals of the hams at 275 degrees and assume approx. 10 minutes per pound. Consequently, you can get an idea from the size of the spiral ham you have about the time you will need to cook a precooked spiral ham.

What can you do with left-over ham?

You don’t have to throw away any hams that you cooked yourself. You can store leftover spiral hams and use them in other recipes as well. Moreover, cooked spiral hams or regular hams can easily be stored in the refrigerator for 3–4 days. On the other hand, you can also freeze them.

Ham is a versatile food that can also be used to make other special dishes. As it has a smoky flavor, it can easily add to different soups and stews. You can also make ham sandwiches, an appetizer ham roll, and use leftover ham in other dishes.


From the above discussion, it is confirmed that you have found all the details related to the hams. Ham is the best holiday recipe to try and impress your friends with your hand magic. A large ham with a spiral slice and a great glaze on top can make your mouth water. In their hunger, no one can ignore this tasty food.

Other than this, you can also add leftover ham to other new recipes and serve them to your friends. Here’s our time to wrap up. Hopefully, the above article has answered all of your questions. Now you can share your opinion on spiral ham with us. How long do you cook a precooked spiral ham? Let us know your thoughts.

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