How Much Dried Rosemary Equals Fresh?

There are different types of shrubs and herbs available around the world. Both the shrubs and herbs can be grown at home with proper care. Moreover, shrubs and herbs have many uses in daily life. Different types of shrubs and herbs add flavor to the food, have medicinal value, and also help in dressing the dishes for your holiday. However, it is great to use fresh herbs and shrubs, but what if they are not available all year?

To use several herbs and shrubs, people keep them in their dried form. so that they can use dried shrubs and herbs later in their cooking as spices, for medicine, and more. If you are aware of the different types of shrubs and herbs that are grown at home, then you surely know about rosemary. Rosemary can also be grown at home and has various health benefits. But can you store dried rosemary? If yes, then how much-dried rosemary equals fresh rosemary? You will learn about rosemary and get an answer to your question below. So be here until the conclusion.


How Much Dried Rosemary Equals Fresh?

If you love to use shrubs and herbs in your routine, then you surely know about Rosemary. Rosemary is one of the most popular shrubs used in different recipes for cooking different foods. Rosemary, scientifically known as Salvia Rosmarinus, is a Mediterranean herb with fragrant, evergreen needle-like leaves.

The flowers of rosemary are small and are white, pink, purple, or blue. You’re probably recalling rosemary from your Christmas festivities. From the beginning of November until the end of Christmas, demand for rosemary increases. Moreover, people love to store dried rosemary so that they can use it again when they can’t find fresh rosemary in their homes.

Rosemary Benefits

Rosemary is one of the most popular herbs used in various types of recipes. Moreover, rosemary is not only used for cooking; it also has a good reputation as an herb with medicinal value. First and foremost, the leaf and oil of rosemary are used in the making of food and medicines.

Rosemary is used as a seasoning in several dishes, like soups, salads, and stews. Furthermore, the herb, which has a good flavor, is also used in cooking chicken and other meat-based foods. Moreover, the herb is rich in antioxidant and anti-inflammatory elements, so it helps improve the immune system and blood circulation.

Plus, the herb rosemary is also useful for getting a properly working digestive system. In addition to this, the herb also helps in cancer prevention, migraine relief, hair growth, respiratory health, improved memory, and many other health benefits. Therefore, it is popular as the best herb for medicinal use along with usable in cooking recipes.

Can you use ground dried herb instead of fresh?

Can you use ground dried herb instead of fresh?

For whatever reason you want to use herbs and shrubs, it is always best to use them in their fresh form. However, this does not allow you to use a ground dried herb in this case. Of course, you can. You’ve come to find out whether to use fresh or dried rosemary. Then the answer is both. It depends on the recipes you are making using rosemary. Fresh and dried rosemary can both make your recipe look great while also adding a new smell and taste to it.

Furthermore, if fresh rosemary is available at your home, you should not miss the chance to add it to your diet because no flavor can beat the fresh rosemary flavour. However, if fresh herbs have dried well and you have no more freshly cut rosemary, you should not be worried. Dried rosemary can give similar results as fresh rosemary, so it is good to use any form of herb with your dishes.

When neither fresh nor dry rosemary is available, what should you do?

It happens sometimes when you don’t find fresh herbs while preparing a recipe. In this case, you should keep some other herbs on hand that can be used in substituting dried herbs. Similarly, if there is no rosemary available at your home and you are just going to complete your recipe, don’t worry; there is another option. In this case, thyme, parsley, bay leaves, and savory are the best for replacing dried rosemary. Therefore, it is recommended that you keep other herbs in your home that can be used to substitute dried rosemary.

Tips for Gathering and Drying Fresh Rosemary

Anyone can be enticed by the flavor and aroma of fresh rosemary. The herb is not only a perfect fit for cooking but also gives many health benefits. Therefore, it is good to store this herb safely in your home so that you can use it anytime, in any season. However, harvesting rosemary during the summer is good, as it keeps its fragrance protected for a long time.

To gather the fresh rosemary, you should cut the stems of the herb and wash all of them well after gathering. To dry the rosemary, cut the fresh sprigs into pieces and tie them together in a bundle. Later, you must place them upside down in a dry, airy area with direct sunlight. You can use dried rosemary instead of fresh rosemary because the health benefits are the same whether you use dried or fresh rosemary.

What is the best way to store fresh rosemary as dried ground herbs?

Gathering and drying fresh rosemary can be an easy step, but storing it is most necessary. Dried ground herbs should be stored in a way that they don’t lose their aroma and taste for a long time. Consequently, to store fresh herbs dried, you can use an airtight container.

An airtight container will not allow moisture to enter, preventing mold from growing on dried herbs. Moreover, dried herbs are not something that will never die. To keep your dried herbs fresh and protected for a long time, you have to clean them and check them at least twice a year.

How much-dried rosemary equals 1 tsp fresh?

If you want to know how many teaspoons or a tablespoon of fresh rosemary is equivalent to dried rosemary, this is the place to look. It is just a simple way to know how much rosemary you have to use in a recipe.

If the recipe calls for one small/medium sprig of rosemary rather than teaspoons of fresh rosemary, use a small amount of fresh rosemary.

Upto three sprigs of fresh rosemary will make one tablespoon of fresh rosemary leaves.

On the other hand, 1 tablespoon of fresh rosemary is perfectly equal to 1 teaspoon of dried rosemary.


It is easy to grow rosemary at home and use it fresh in your recipes. However, it is common to store dried ground herbs for an extended period to use the dried herb fresh. By storing fresh rosemary for a long time, you can use the plant that usually grows from September to November in June, when no one can find this herb.

In addition, the amount of fresh rosemary required in a dish is different from the amount that will be required for dry rosemary. Hopefully, from the above discussion, you have gotten all the answers you were looking for. You have now expressed your thoughts on the herb rosemary. In which recipe should I use rosemary for the first time?

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