How To Cuff Jeans (Different Cuffed Jeans Styles – Japanese Cuff Jeans & More)

Different Cuffed Jeans Styles – Japanese Cuff Jeans & More

If you are aiming to achieve a smart look then sagging and loose pant ends won’t be able to give you that. For a cool and chic silhouette, you might want to consider cuffed jeans style, such as Japanese cuff jeans and more, which is cuffing the end of your pants to accentuate the look with your shoes.

How To Cuff Jeans?

The standard fashion trick of folding, rolling up, or cuffing pants is an effortless way to add some little details to your regular jeans, denim or chinos look. Cuffing works best with straight-legged, tapered fit and slim pants. The best aspect of a good turn-up or cuffed look is that it allows one to show off their sneakers or favorite pair of shoes and some dope pair of socks.    

Basic Steps For Cuffing Jeans

  1. Start by choosing the right pair of uncuffed pants. Some of the best options are chinos, slim fit jeans, and denim. 
  2. Grab and pinch the inseam of your jeans on one leg and pull it out. Do the same with the fabric on the other leg. 
  3. Fold the seam of the pant inside and grab the bottom of the jeans where the fabric is supposed to overlap. 
  4. Cuff or fold once, and keep the fold in place. You can choose to do another cuff depending on the cuffing style of your choice. 
  5. Tuck the overlap inside the fold.
  6. Use your fingers to smooth out the cuffs you made on both legs, and you will be ready to go. 

Ways To Cuff Jeans – Cuffed Jeans Styles

Pants like jeans come with stitches at the bottom, called hem that prevents fraying of the fabric. These hems can be reopened and stitched again when one wants to get the pant shortened. However, cuffed jeans is a more practical method to shorten jeans. Even though there had been somewhat of an uncool representation of the style of cuffing in the past, rest assured that the style of cuffing is coming back with more definition. 

1. Single Cuff

how to single cuff jeans

For a clean look and if your jeans are just about the right length this cuffing style works best and looks suitable for any jeans. The steps for making the single cuff are- 

  • Fold up the cuff of your jeans for about 1 to 2 inches approximately.
  • Either leave the hem or tuck it behind the roll if you like.

2. Double Cuff

If you want your jeans to hit the top of your boots, this cuff is a good option. With skinny fit jeans, the cuffs should be smaller whereas, with loose fit jeans, the cuffs should be bigger. The steps for making the double cuff are-

  • First, fold the cuff in a single cuff then add another fold.
  • The cuff shouldn’t sit higher than at the top of your shoes.

3. Skinny Double Cuff

If your jeans are not long enough but you want to achieve a double cuff look you can go for this cuff. This look goes best with flat shoes like converse. The steps for making the skinny double cuff are-

  • Fold your skinny jeans in a single cuff. 
  • Roll down the hem only to hide it.

4. Bicycle Cuff

This cuffing style is perfect for your outdoor activities like hiking or bicycling plan. You can also pair white sneakers with your bicycle cuffed jeans to a picnic date. To achieve this cuffed style you have to –

  • Make the double cuffs. 
  • Then slide the jeans above your calves but keep it just under the knees. 

5. Pin Roll Cuff

The pin roll cuff makes your jeans slimmer from the knee down and helps you in showing your shoes off. This cuff is complimented with narrower shoes. The steps for making the pin roll cuff are-

  • At first, fold over the inseam of your leg.
  • Then do a single cuff around 1.5 inches while you hold the fold with your thumb in place.
  • Then fold it all once or twice. 

6. Mega Cuff

Mega Cuff

As the name suggests, the cuff itself is mega in size and usually requires loose fit jeans and heavy denim that will stay up. The steps for making the mega cuff are-

  • Grab the bottom hem of the jeans and pull up and stop when it reaches about 4 inches.
  • Straighten out the cuff so that it flatly lays with minimum wrinkles.

7. Japanese Cuff

Japanese Cuff

The Japanese Cuff is ideal for you if you want a slightly cropped look and want to show off the hemstitching of your jeans. The steps for making the Japanese cuff are-

  • First, you have to do a single big cuff at least 3 to 4 inches.
  • Then do another single cuff on top of that cuff.
  • The top edge of the single cuff should line up below the stitching of the hem.

8. Summer Cuff

Summer Cuff

If you want to go for a casual look, this cuff is the perfect look for you. It suits with lightweight denim and also with roomier fits. The steps for making the summer cuff are-

  • First roll up your jeans two, three or four times in an uneven manner.
  • This cuff is meant to look a bit messy.

9. Inside-Out Cuff

Inside-Out Cuff

For outside of box style, which gives you a chance to stand out the inside-out cuff look is ideal. This cuff works excellent with darker denim and slimmer fits. The steps for making the inside-out cuff are-

  • Fold your jeans inwardly in a single big cuff.
  • Then do a single cuff on top of that cuff outwardly this time.

10. Iron Worker Cuff

For heavyweight canvas pants or long raw denim, this cuffing style works best. The folds made through ironworker cuffs will compliment your boots. The steps for making this type of cuff are- 

  • Grab the hem and create a broad fold of approximately 4-5 inches width. 
  • Smooth out the fold or cuff you made using fingers or even iron for achieving a perfect flat fold. 
  • You can repeat the cuffs but remember the cuff should not go above your calf region.

For a dynamic personality, you need to keep changing the type of cuff you are making on your jeans. Also, wearing the same cuff on a denim pant for a long time can increase the chances of premature break of the fabric. 

To prevent the breakage, bring some variation to the type of cuff you are making. You can also depend on your shoes of the day to choose the type of cuff that best suits your outfit. We hope this article about cuffing jeans was helpful. 

How do you cuff jeans step-by-step?

Learn how to roll your jeans in our easy, step-by-step guide. Start. Start with your pants uncuffed. … Grab. Grab the inseam of your pants, pinch it and pull it out. Fold. Fold the seam in and grab the bottom of your jeans, where the fabric overlaps. Cuff. Cuff once. Smooth. Smooth out your cuffs and you’re ready to go.

How do you cuff loose jeans?

When should you cuff pants?

If your jeans are too long and you want them shorter, you can either have them shortened (called ‘hemmed’) or you can cuff them. Cuffing is not only a practical way of making your jeans shorter without having to cut and sew, it also looks great.

Should you cuff your jeans?

It’s hard to know when to cuff your jeans, and there really are no rules. For a more casual look, loosely cuff your jeans with a pair of sneakers or booties, depending on the weather, to show off your relaxed kicks.

How do you cuff jeans that are too long?

If your jeans are lightweight, or only an inch or so too long, then rolling is simple – fold the hem back once, then again if you want a cleaner cuff.

How do you cuff baggy jeans with rubber bands?

How do you cuff womens bootcut jeans?

SINGLE CUFF This cuff is as easy as it gets and looks best on a pair of bootcut jeans. Simply fold up the bottom of your jeans once. Determine the length of the cuff by the look you’re going for and the type of shoe you’re wearing. If you want the cuff to stay up longer, iron it in place.

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