How To Detangle Hair

Best Way To Detangle Your Hair Like A Pro

Are you someone who when picks up a comb to brush their hair, feels like a battle is about to start? You should know that you are not alone in this. If your hair gets detangled or there are many knots when you start combing, then you should know that there are a few ways of dealing with it. One of the main reasons being every day’s harsh products that you have to use. One is  haircare is a must. Keep reading to know the ways of detangling your hair without tearing half of your hair and detangling in a smooth and caring way. If you want to know how to detangle hair, keep reading.

What causes hair tangling?

You will have tangles in your hair when the cuticle i.e, the outer layer of hair gets damaged and opens up. This open cuticle blocks the other hairs forming knots. Tangled hair refers to the hair knots formed. A hair knot is created when two single hair strands intertwine with each other. When there are multiple knots or tangles, it gets difficult to detangle them. Hair that is silky and smooth tangles much less than damaged or hair textures like wavy or curly ones.

Here are the factors that can lead to tagline hair: 

  • Using harsh hair care products
  • Massaging the hair too hard when shampooing
  • Heat styling
  • By rubbing hair with a towel
  • Wind blowing through the hair
  • Over Brushing your hair or not brushing hair daily
  • Sleeping with your hair open or down
  • Split ends

Here are the ways of how to detangle hair like a pro?

Here are some of the best tips you should use to detangle your hair without getting tired or in the best way. Knowing the right way to comb the hair when having tangles is a part of the health care routine. 

1. Using a conditioner

Good hair care must include conditioning. It also helps in detangling the hair easily. You should know how to use a conditioner properly. You need to apply it from the tip to the roots. But remember that your scalp does not need a conditioner. Leave it like that for at least 5 minutes and try to detangle the hair. It is so much easier this way.  

2. Detangling Spray

It is always advised to use detangling hair spray. This helps in reducing the tension between the hair when detangling. If you do not have much time, this is the best way to detangle hair. These sprays can be used on dry as well as wet hair. There are ingredients like butter that soften the hair while detangling. 

3. Oils

Mineral oil is one of the best things to use for detangling. They are a colourless and odourless distillate of petroleum. Do not apply too much conditioner else mineral oil does not work well. After you are done detangling the hair, use a few drops of olive oil and let it penetrate the scalp. You can use carrier oils like coconut oil, olive oil, castor oil along with essential oils like lavender, or tea tree.

4. Water

Moisture makes detangling much easier. You can take a spray bottle and fill it with water. Make sections and spray them on your hair. Use a wide-toothed brush and comb. This will help in detangling the hair without pulling harshly.   

5. Begin from the bottom

A lot of people start combing from the roots which are why their scalp hurts later. You should start combing from the bottom and make your way up. This will protect you from hair breakage. 

6. Use your fingers

Using your fingers before starting off with a comb is the best thing. You should separate the hair into sections with the help of your fingers. 

Here is an elaboration on how you can detangle the hair by using water or detangling Spray

Step 1:

Use a wide-toothed comb. Do not use a brush since they can tangle your hair more. If you are not able to use a comb use some other method. 

Step 2:

Next, you need to section your hair in parts. You can divide it into three, right, left and back. This way it will be easier for you to handle the hair. 

Step 3:

Now take the section you want to detangle first and wet it. You can use either water or detangling spray or other products mentioned before. What you will use also depends on your hair type.

Step 4:

Next, comb your hair with the use of a wide-tooth comb. You should be slow and gentle. If it is still difficult to detangle, try adding more water to your hair. But also make sure that the hair is not too soaked.   

Step 5:

After one section is detangled, repeat the steps above for the other sections left. If your hair is straight do not eat the sections dry up when combing others. This is to avoid detangling the hair again. 

Step 6:

Now you can remove the clips and put all the sections together. dry your hair. But remember not to blow dry too much else your hair can get damaged.

Now you know how to detangle hair with ease!

How do you detangle matted hair painlessly?

Painlessly Detangling Matted Hair
Start by taking a shower and rinsing the hair in warm water. Once you’ve rinsed out the shampoo, put in some deep conditioner and allow it to sit for at least five minutes to hydrate and help loosen the hair.

Are detangling brushes good for your hair?

Detangler brushes are good for all hair types — even the thickest, curliest hair — and they can be used on both wet and dry hair. They minimize damage from brushing knotted hair, and their thin flexible bristles make it easier to painlessly get knots out of kids’ hair.

How do I choose a detangling brush?

When getting your paddle brush, be sure to check the bristle density – you’ll find dense and sparse bristle placements made from both metal and plastic. Always choose wide-spaced bristles for detangling, and denser bristles for styling. Extension or wig brushes are often great for detangling too.

Does conditioner help detangle hair?

A conditioner will help soften strands, making them so much easier to detangle. If you have normal or dry hair, try a leave-in conditioner, applied to ends. A leave-in conditioner sprayed only on the bottom two-thirds of hair can also help in the detangling process.

Should you detangle natural hair wet or dry?

Start detangling in the shower. Always detangle curly hair while it’s wet, never dry. Coat hair with conditioner (choose a formula with plenty of slip), and working in sections, use a wide-tooth comb to gently loosen tangles.

Is it better to detangle wet or dry?

In general, hair that is wet is weaker than hair that is dry meaning there is more chance of breakage and damage if you try to detangle it immediately after showering or bathing. Plus, for some hair types such as dry or curled it’s actually better to detangle damp locks.

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