How to Dress a Flamboyant Gamine

How to Dress a Flamboyant Gamine

A blend of yin and yang opposites with increased yang characterizes the Flamboyant Gamine body type. It consists of a tiny, widely angular body along with a youthfully assertive and brassy touch. ‍Here is a guide on how to dress a flamboyant gamine.

A minor departure from the following characteristics is always conceivable and should not be a cause for concern as long as it does not disrupt the overall balance of yin and yang opposites with extra yang equilibrium.

What characterises a flamboyant gamine?

  • The musculature is well-defined in this body type (unless overweight).
  • Flamboyant gamines are strong and lean. Unless overweight, stick to straight lines (flat breast and hips).
  • Bone structure is angular in nature. The shoulders are square.
  • Hands and feet are large (if very petite, hands and feet tend to be short, but wide and square).
  • Face features are slightly sharp or wide (nose, jawline, cheekbones).
  • Typical facial traits include exceptionally big eyes.
  • The face shape is usually wide or long (maybe very round or slightly oblong).
  • Lips that are somewhat moderate to full.

flamboyant Gamine face

Flamboyant Gamine Style Guide

The purpose of dressing a Flamboyant Gamine is to follow your own Yin-Yang balance, which is Gamine with a lot of Yang. If this seems perplexing, the suggestions below should help you with styling.

Before you continue reading, keep in mind that the attention should not be on each individual item of the clothing, but rather on the whole aesthetic. Keep in mind that the strategy must be comprehensive. It is important to strike a balance between outfits and accessories.

  1. Strive to establish a geometric silhouette with straight lines, crisp edges, and sharp corners. This part of your outfit complements your Yang side.
  2. Asymmetric and irregular forms perform well, as do short and broad geometrics with sharp or soft edges, chunky, and boxy shapes.
  3. Make sure your shape is broken up, for example, by using different colors on the top and bottom, but maintain the general contour boxy.
  4. The fabric should be light to medium in weight, with a subtle sharpness.
  5. Jackets with a rough or heavy fabric can be worn if they are coupled with a different texture to break up the bulk. Matte finishes are the way to go.
  6. Choose colors that are energetic, dramatic, and vibrant. You can get away with using a lot of different colors.
  7. Keep the prints bright and lively. The greatest patterns and forms are asymmetrical and uneven.

bright prints for flamboyant gamine

boxy crop top and straigh fit pants

Tips to follow while picking outfits for flamboyant gamine body type:

  • To accentuate your short vertical line, use broken, short, and staccato details, lines, and patterns (Yin).
  • Remember that vertical stripes do not downplay your short body. So avoid them!
  • Wear your top and bottom in contrasting ways.
  • Jackets with piping, contrasting trim on extremely sharp lapels, contrasting collars and barrel cuffs, and odd neckpieces will all look fantastic.
  • When it comes to jewellery, shoes, and purses, the irregular, angular, and bulky styles look best on you.

jackets with piping

jewelry for flamboyant gamine


What is flamboyant gamine style?

A petite lady with an angular body shape is described as a flamboyant gamine. She has a courageous and strong childish soul about her. The yin (female) and yang (male) opposites are present in this body type, although the yang aspects are more prominent.

What makes a flamboyant gamine?

Flamboyant Gamine is the consequence of combining both yin and yang traits, but with somewhat more yang. “Sassy Chic” is how Kibbe describes his Flamboyant Gamine.

Where do flamboyant Gamines gain weight?

The Flamboyant Gamine ID will grow stockier and more square in appearance. Excess weight is normally stored from the waist down, with just a few exceptions. Their arms and legs, as well as their waist and hip region, generally thicken.

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