How to Dress a Romantic Body Type

How to Dress a Romantic Body Type

Romantic’s results to the Kibbe body type test are primarily E, indicating that her Skeleton (shoulders, limbs, vertical line), Body Flesh (bust, waist, hips), and Facial Features (jawline, nose, cheekbones, lips, eyes, cheeks) are all Yin-dominant (feminine) with very little to no sign of Yang (masculine). Here’s how to dress a Romantic body type if you’re one.

How to Dress a Romantic Body Type

What characterises a Romantic body type?

  • Soft and luscious body type.
  • Curvy (breast and hips, with a tiny waist) hourglass figure (in proportion to the curves).
  • Arms and legs that are fleshy.
  • The bone structure is small and delicate.
  • Shoulders that are rounded or sloping.
  • Hands and feet are little (maybe slightly wide). Facial bones are tiny, fragile, and may be broad or lush in appearance (nose, cheekbones, jawline).
  • It may appear to have a huge bone structure if the bone structure is slightly broad or lush.
  • The characteristics of the face are luscious, full, and seductive (rounded).
  • Eyes that are large and brilliant.
  • Lips that are full.
  • Chins that are a little too fleshy.

What characterises a Romantic body type

How to dress a Romantic kibbe figure

A Romantic, like the other Kibbe kinds, must stick to her own path. In other words, your ultimate objective is to dress in a way that emphasizes your Yin roundness and softness above all else. The following suggestions will assist you in doing so. This is how you should dress if you have a Romantic Kibbe body type.

  1. Keep the general form of your apparel round and soft to fit the roundness of the Romantic body.
  2. Ruffles, bows, and round necklines will provide softness, as will circles, elaborate swirls, and delicate flowing designs in the form of ruffles, bows, and round necklines.
  3. Your silhouettes should be fluid and flowing (yet fitting) and highlight your body’s rich contours.
  4. There should be enough draping throughout, as well as waste definition.
  5. Lightweight materials that drape effortlessly, as well as gently woven textiles and transparent fabrics like chiffon, are ideal.
  6. Opt with pastel and delicate or rich and richly mixed colors to maintain the overall appearance of gentle and feminine.
  7. Small, delicate flower designs can soften your ensembles even further.

Tips to follow while choosing clothes and other accessories for a romantic kibbe body:

  • Always use outfits with rounded corners.
  • Wearing clothes that are boxy and inflexible with less or no waist definition is a poor choice if you have a tiny and delicate bone structure.
  • Ornate or intricately embellished outfits with intricate designs and complicated patterns are appropriate for a Romantic physique.
  • Short dresses tend to display and enhance a Romantic’s petite and delicate bone structure, thus she wears her own line.
  • Thin straps will look nicer on your little, delicate bones than bulky ones will.

short clothes for romantic body

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