How to Dress like a Free Spirit?

Ways to Dress like a Free Spirit

Dressing like a free spirit in modern fashion trends is usually referred to as “festival style” or the “boho chic” style. This styling is more in association with summer clothing. The free spirit style aesthetic has become synonymous with music festival looks for the past decade. Music festivals like the Coachella Music Festival have become a breeding ground for this fashion style of Coachella outfits.

To answer how to dress like a free spirit, one needs to understand the type of clothing this styling is associated with. This article will discuss the various ways to dress like a free spirit. It can be of multiple types, and one might need to go for a beach nomad spirit to achieve dressing up as a free spirit.

A few aesthetic elements are key to the Free Spirit Style:

  • Wear breathable, flowing garments such as tunics, peasant skirts, or kimonos
  • Coral and turquoise jewelry that is a beach- or desert-inspired.
  • Accessories are hand-made, in fringe, eyelet, embroidery, and embroidery designs
  • Flat sandals and ankle boots
  • Multi-layered, well-worn, eclectic, and colorful items.

Wear a Kimono over the top for most dresses

Wear a Kimono over the top for most dresses

An item of clothing that embodies the free spirit nature and is the ultimate free spirit look is the kimono dress. To achieve the most trending “beach boho” free-spirit look, one can practically wear this kimono over everything, be it distressed denim or one’s favorite swimsuit.

One can also pair the kimono, i.e., wear it on top of Hawaiian shirts, or denim shirt and pair it with appropriate footwear to go with the dress that goes a long day in perfecting one’s outfit. This is one of the various ways to dress like a free spirit.

Using a Little White Dress

A little white dress is a staple for most wardrobes, and to dress like a free spirit, one can style it in various ways to achieve this look. One can wear a long white dress and accessorize it with chunky jewelry or a hat along with flip flops that capture the perfect beach nomad style.

The white dress can also be a long dress worn as a full-length dress without any accessories and is just a simple look but achieves the purpose.

Wearing a Maxi Skirt and pairing it with a Crop top

This outfit is an excellent example of how to dress like a free spirit. In this outfit, one can pair a voluminous maxi skirt with a soft T-shirt of a color that contrasts or works with the color of the maxi skirt. One can then knot the shirt to achieve the crop top effect.

Further, then accessorize this outfit with jewelry and casual footwear like sandals or flip-flops. One can also tie their hair with a bandana-type tie to achieve a chic look perfect to look like you can dress like a free spirit.

Wearing Denim Cut-off Pants paired with a Peasant Shirt

How to Dress like a Free Spirit?

The Denim Cut-Off short pants are an excellent choice if one is going for the “beach nomad” or ” boho chic” look. The Denim Cut-off Pants is a trend now in the fashion circles is not precisely short pants, but it is more of a three-quarter or Bermuda length.

Pair these Denim Cut-off pants with a voluminous ethnic style peasant shirt and then finish off the outfit with either sneaker-like Air Force Ones or go for something a lot more casual like velcro sandals to complete the perfect beach outfit.

MulticolourMulticolour Skirts

Multicolor skirts are essential items one needs to have to coordinate and create a fabulous beach outfit. Skirts with various colors with them match perfectly the atmosphere of a beachside day that is vibrant and beautiful. Pair it with jewelry and footwear like ankle boots and create a classic beach outfit.

One can then further pair this outfit with various accessories such as chic and more petite jewelry; multicolor Skirts also go well with most kinds of footwear. Still, the best for beachwear is most likely flat sandals or shallow heels. One cannot wear higher heels as the beach comprises sand. Therefore, the sand will suck up the heels, making one unable to walk.

Boho Dresses

Boho Dresses

Boho Dresses are, in theory, long dresses a little over knee-length that represent essentially funky designs. It is not a geometrical design or traditional print, but the design itself is in stark contrast to the actual color of the dress. For example, if the dress is black, the design would most likely be yellow.

When paired with ethnic jewelry and a denim jacket, this boho dress provides the perfect free spirit look that one can ask for. This type of outfit is generally styled with chunky jewelry, and one can wear it with both sneakers or flat sandals. Ideally, white sneakers or a pretty flip-flop will be best with this outfit.

Organic Fleece Hoodies

Organic Fleece Hoodies

Organic Fleece Hoodies are a go-to for fashionistas to achieve a free-spirit look. These fleece hoodies are different from traditional ones and have a wool-like texture, giving them a more natural look.

Wearing this fleece hoodie in the winter breaks the myth that one can achieve this style only in summer outfits.

Nature Inspired T-shirts

Nature Inspired T-shirts

T-Shirts are a go-to for anyone who lives on earth. What gives the boho tees a different vibe is their prints. Nature inspires these prints, which generally are of a tree or an animal all over. This goes well with almost any footwear and jeans.

Thus, this concludes the various ways one can style and wear different outfits that help one achieve a look that more or less resembles a free spirit. This list compares the multiple trends of the fashion world and is endorsed by celebrities worldwide that fulfill the style of a free spirit.

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