How to Dress Soft Dramatic Kibbe Body Type

How to Dress Soft Dramatic Kibbe Body Type

Sharp yang defines the Dramatic body type, which is an overall blend of a powerful, sharp physique, a calm reserve, and captivating strength. ‍Here is an article on how to dress soft dramatic kibbe body type.

It is always possible for a minor departure from the following qualities to occur, and this should not be cause for concern as long as it does not disrupt the overall sharp yang balance.

How to Dress Soft Dramatic Kibbe Body Type

What are the characteristics of a Soft Dramatic body?

  • Straight and angular body type with long or sleek muscles (sinewy or lithe).
  • Long legs and limbs with a small breadth are typical.
  • The bone structure is angular, with sharp edges, and the shoulders are generally square (which may be narrow).
  • The hands and feet of most people are long and thin. Sharp or prominent facial bones (nose, jawline, cheekbones).
  • Straight, sleek lines characterize facial characteristics.
  • Eyes that are small and almond-shaped; lips that are narrow, thin, or straight; and skin that is tight, especially around the cheeks and jaw.

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How to dress a soft dramatic body type?

With the Kibbe method, you must match the Yin and Yang balance of your body to the Yin and Yang balance of your attire. Wearing mostly Yang attire with Yin undercurrents is what a Soft Dramatic looks like.

Long and slender lines define the Dramatic Kibbe body type, giving it an elongated, and strong image. This length and crispness should be replicated in your clothing lines.

  1. Clean, long vertical lines with slight tailoring for sharpness are what you’re looking for. Trousers, skirts, and jackets with long and straight legs are ideal.
  2. To emphasize your long vertical line, keep your silhouette clean, straight, and straightforward, with minimum embellishment and little to no color blocking.
  3. Color palettes that are monochromatic look best on you.
  4. Triangles, rectangles, and anything sculpted, sleek, and elongated with clean corners should be the general shape of your apparel.
  5. Choose materials that are thick and hefty, rigid, and keep their shape effectively.

Tips to keep in mind while picking outfits and accessories for a soft dramatic kibbe:

  • Soft Dramatics, unlike Yin-dominant body types, can manage voluminous and enormous clothes with ease (big swirls, large coats, huge drapes).
  • Unlike Yin-dominant body types, Soft Dramatics can easily manage extravagant and gigantic clothing (big swirls, large coats, huge drapes).
  • Drapey garments are ideal for showcasing the curves of a Soft Dramatic, but the fabric must be thick enough to keep the drape tight to the body while also complementing the SD’s Dramatic skeleton.
  • If you’re going to wear a belt, make sure it’s the same color as the rest of your clothing. This prevents you from being “split in half,” which happens when you wear a single hue that isn’t used elsewhere in your ensemble.
  • Because you’re made up of both Yin and Yang, you may look beautiful in both rounded (sweetheart) and angular (V-neck, decollete) necklines.

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