How to Fix an Uneven Crochet Blanket

How to Fix an Uneven Crochet Blanket

Have you ever finished a crochet blanket only to realize that it’s crooked? Crooked blankets are common in the beginning stages of crocheting, but luckily there is an easy fix! This article will discuss how your first few projects can become uneven and what steps to take to fix these issues.

Why is My Crochet Blanket Uneven?

Tight Tension

Even if you’re a beginner or an experienced crocheter, your tension can sometimes get tighter in certain areas and cause an uneven blanket.

When even the most consistent of crocheters eventually run into this problem, it’s no surprise that beginners are not immune to encountering irregular tension occasionally either!

Not Starting or Ending in the Right Places

Incorrectly counting stitches is another common reason for crooked edges. If you don’t count your stitches and start/end exactly where they are supposed to, your blanket may run bigger or smaller in certain areas causing an uneven project.

How to Fix Uneven Edges in a Crochet Blanket


If your crochet blanket’s edges aren’t too bad, you could try blocking it to fix the curling. This would involve soaking and stretching out the blanket before pinning it into its desired shape. However, this method doesn’t work if your edges are a bit uneven because they won’t stretch as much as other parts of the crocheted fabric will do when wetting them up in the water, for example.

Adding a Border

A quick fix for your curling blanket, maybe adding a border to hide it. If you want more information on this, read our guide on fixing curling blankets.

Count Your Stitches

You may need to cut your losses and accept that you have uneven edges if the blanket is already complete because it’s not feasible to frog back.

Preventing the uneven edges from occurring in the first place is a must-do habit for your next project. It seems tedious, but counting stitches will save your next piece of work and make it look more professional!


If you finished crocheting an uneven blanket, there are solutions to fix the issue. Figure out why it happened and avoid doing so in your next piece of work; if you’re stressed when working or moving too quickly, consider changing these behaviors for future projects.

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