How To Fray Jean Shorts – How To Fray Jeans

How To Fray Jean Shorts

Jeans are a staple in any woman’s closet, but sometimes they don’t look their best. These jeans may be too long, or too baggy, and they definitely need some kind of help. With the help of distressing or fraying jeans, you can change the look of the jeans. There are many ways to distress jeans, and the popular 5 ways how to fray jeans can help you. Frayed jean shorts are not just a trend that originated from fashion. They have been around for quite some time. But now, in the modern era of fashion and technology, they seem to be all the rage. Well, learn How To Fray Jean Shorts with our help, and thank us later!

If you are looking for a way to create trendy jean shorts, then this is the tutorial for you. It’s simple and straightforward and will teach you how to fray jean shorts, just like the ones in your favorite fashion mags.

What You Will Need:

  • A pair of old jeans with rips in them
  • Ruler
  • Scissors or shaving razors or sandpaper

Steps To Fray Jean Shorts

1. The Reference Piece

Place your old jeans on a flat surface for reference.

2. Marking The Denim

Now, place your shorts on the pair of jeans and mark the desired length (preferably at least 14″ long) of your shorts using a ruler.

3. Cut It Out

Now, cut the denim with good quality textile scissors. Take the extra fabric and your shorts off of the surface.

4. Finally, The Fraying Part

Now, take the scissors, open them and start scraping the edges of the shorts until you achieve the desired length and texture of the fray. You can also use a shaving razor or a sheet of sandpaper for fraying the jeans.

5. Scissors Or Shaving Razors Or Sandpaper?

Each of them gives a different texture! The Scissors are for a rough textured fray, the razors usually work for a medium fray, and lastly, the sandpaper is for fraying the fabric into a smoother texture than the other two methods.

6. Wash It Off!

Wash your newly frayed shorts once before your start wearing them. Washing the shorts after fraying them gives them a good texture and more stylish look!

How do you fray the edges of jean shorts?

Can you fray denim shorts?

Use sandpaper or a razor blade to distress the denim. Lay the shorts on a flat surface. Use sandpaper and rub along the bottom of the shorts if you want to add softer, more controlled fraying. Or, run a razor blade along the bottom if you want your shorts to be more distressed.

How do you fray shorts with a razor?

Scrape a disposable razor across the hems and edges. To fray the edges of your shorts, grab a disposable shaving razor and place it flat down on your shorts. Rub it quickly back and forth to scuff up the material and make some frays. This is an easy way to distress your shorts all over, too.

How To Fray Jean Shorts Bottoms

To fray the jean shorts at the bottom, follow the steps as usual but you will need to follow some tips! Well, the pro tip is to wear the shorts as soon as you cut them. Look yourself, with shorts on, into a life size mirror and mark the areas at the bottom before you fray them.

How To Fray Jean Shorts Bottoms

How To Fray Jean Shorts With Scissors

In case you wish to fray the jean shorts with scissors, make sure to use good quality tailors scissors. You can also make tiny vertical slits with scissors for a more rugged type of frays at the bottom.

How To Fray Jean Shorts With Scissors

How To Fray Jean Shorts Hem

Want to know how to fray jean shorts hem? So let us tell you a fashion secret! Take a pair of ready-made shorts with a thick hemline at the bottom. Cut the hem halfway horizontally and now start fraying the scissors. This gives a more distressed look and fluffier fray at the bottom.

How To Fray Jean Shorts Hem

How To Fray Jean Shorts Without Washing

Although washing your pair of DIY shorts before you start fraying them can make the fabric softer and easier to fray, well there’s another way to make a pair of perfectly frayed shorts. Make a few tiny slits at the bottom vertically and pluck the thread slightly using a tweezer.

How To Fray Jean Shorts Without Washing

How To Fray The End Of Jean Shorts – Using Razors

In case you love your shorts to have frayed bottoms with a neutral texture, and some not-so-see-through distress in your shorts, this razor technique is the best. Follow the regular steps and use a new shaving razor to fray the fabric in the desired areas.

How To Fray The End Of Jean Shorts

How To Fray Edges Of Jean Shorts

To fray, the edges of the shorts to your desired length, follow the basic procedure to cut the shorts. Now, take a ruler and place it on the shorts according to the length and cut the vertical threads. Then pull out the horizontal threads with a tweezer.

How To Fray Edges Of Jean Shorts

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