How To Freeze Strawberries

How To Freeze Strawberries? | How to store strawberries?

Juicy, delicious and all pink, these berries steal all our hearts at one go! Kids and adults alike love strawberries. You can eat them as snack bites, as marmalade, pour in dessert, garnish on gateaux or eat them whole. 

Freshly picked ripe strawberries are so dear to our tongues. You cannot resist these maroon pink tinies hanging from leafy greens, and come home picking up more than you could store. 

If you live in a small family, or you have plenty of strawberries for months, we have some freezing tips for you! 

Here is how you can store strawberries for the whole year: 

  • Washing comes first! – The first and foremost rule of storing fruits is cleaning them as a priority. Rinse your freshly picked strawberries under running water. (Avoid soaking them lest they would lose their natural flavor). 
  • You ain’t got freeze stems, do you? : After you have cleaned those juicy berries, wipe them a little with a soft and clean cloth. Chop of their stems. 
  • Line them on a tray: For the next step, you would need a parchment sheet and a tray. Place the parchment paper on your tray. Now, line your strawberries on the tray, and keep a little distance between them. This will prevent the strawberries from sticking with each other. Place your tray in the freezer for at least 2-3 hours. 
  • Freeze them altogether: After the strawberries have turned hard, place them in an air- tight container, make sure air is released from the container. Now place all your strawberries in the container and your strawberries are ready to freeze. 

The best part of storing strawberries is you can use them in any recipe and season. 

Now, if you don’t feel like storing them whole, you can store them in the form of a syrup! 

Here is how you can do it: 

  • Prepare a normal syrup: To make a normal syrup, add 1 cup of sugar and 4 cups of water in a pan. Stir the pan until the sugar is dissolved.
  • Add sliced/whole strawberries: Now place sliced, chopped or whole strawberries in containers with syrup. 

Please note if you have prepared the syrup using heat, ensure it is completely cooled, before pouring strawberries into the containers. 

You can use this syrup as a topping on an ice cream or in a smoothie. 

Now that you know how to store strawberries in two different ways, sneak-peek into the benefits of strawberries: 

  • Water rich berries: Strawberries contain 91% of water. Therefore, you can always rely on them and try out some good strawberry recipes to fill in your tummies. 
  • Running low on vitamin C? : If you’ve looked at strawberries as flavoring agents, you’re underestimating the power of juicy blush pink berries! Strawberries are rich in Vitamin C and therefore boost your immunity quickly. 
  • Protects you from cancer: Because strawberries contain vitamin C, strawberries help you prevent cancer. They contain Ellagic acid that helps in boosting immunity and preventing cancer. 
  • No cholesterol problems! : Strawberries are low in cholesterol, you can give them to your loved ones without any worries. Heart patients need not think twice before consuming these delicious berries. 
  • Potassium rich fruit: Strawberries are also rich in potassium and therefore help in maintaining your blood pressure. Besides, they are helpful in preventing inflammation especially caused in joints owing to arthritis. 

Well, if you are no so fond of strawberries when it comes to eating, you can try out some beauty hacks to enhance your skin: 

  • Pink lips, pink lips: Are your lips turning brown? Can’t get rid of dead cells of your lips? Keep your worries at bay!Take some strawberry pulp, rub it smoothly on your lips for 3-5 minutes and see the result. Strawberries turn your lips pink naturally! 
  • Teeth whitener: Malic acid in strawberries keeps your teeth white, and happy. You need not spend your money on expensive toothpaste any longer! Wondering how you use strawberry as  toothpaste? Take a little bit of pulp on your toothbrush and rub it on your teeth, just as you brush your teeth with normal toothpaste. 
  • Exfoliation scrub: Strawberries can be helpful in exfoliating dead cells from your skin. To use it as a scrub, cut strawberries into half, rub the pieces on your skin for a few minutes and see the magic. 
  • Natural skin toner: Strawberries can do wonders when used as a toner. To prepare a toner, add a few drops of fresh rose water in strawberry juice and apply it on your face using soft cotton cloth. 
  • Ward off puffiness under eyes: Did you know strawberries can help prevent puffiness below your eyes? Slice a strawberry into two, place each on your eyes and sit for 15-20 minutes. You will be surprised to see the results. 

Now that you know so many uses of strawberries, it will no more be trouble freezing these strawberries for various hacks the entire year! 

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