How To Prevent Dengue

How To Prevent Dengue

With the advent of the monsoon, come several other dangers. However, we shall be proactive and help our families, especially children from the deadly viral attacks like ‘break bone’ fever, due to the pain it causes. It is well-known as “Dengue Fever”, a pathogenic (viral) disease, which can prove fatal in some cases. It is caused by the Aedes mosquito, which is the vector (helps in transmission) for this disease. The primary point to be noted is that there is no particular treatment for dengue fever. Check out diet for dengue fever complete do’s and don’t with dengue fever.


The symptoms can start nearly after a week (once the mosquito bites) with chills, headaches, and loss of appetite. There is also an intense pain, aching in the legs and joints during the first hours of illness. Rashes may also spread all over the body.

Other Symptoms Include:

  1. Fatigue
  2. Stiff nose sensation
  3. Intense headache
  4. Nausea and vomiting
  5. Frequent cough


Though it is difficult to differentiate between dengue and other viral diseases initially, it can be diagnosed later with a blood test and rule out the presence of other conditions like Chikungunya or other viral conditions.

Risk Factors

  1. Children are more likely to be infected.
  2. It can be nearly fatal for people with chronic conditions like diabetes.
  3. There are four different types of the dengue virus. Infection with another three types of viruses (apart from the previous one) can prove fatal with the development of severe conditions like dengue shock syndrome.


It is essential to know that mosquitoes that spread Dengue can bite you in the day or the nighttime. They are the same mosquitos that spread Chikungunya and Zika. If these mosquitoes bite a person already infected with the dengue virus, then that virus is ‘transmitted’ to the next person whom the mosquito bites. An important aspect is that if a pregnant woman has dengue, the infection can infect her baby also.


Using mosquito repellents can be helpful. Well-made nets are available online these days, which can help reduce the risk for mosquito bites that can spread dengue fever and other infections. Door nets are also available to prevent the entry of mosquitos, indoors. It is better to avoid sitting outside in the evenings to avoid mosquito bites, especially during monsoons.


As per the World Health Organisation, there is no specific treatment for dengue fever. Taking liquids along with the medication for fever and pain will help.

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