How To Shrink Jeans – Do Jeans Shrink!

How To Shrink Jeans

So you ordered this cute pair of women’s jeans online, but they’re just a little too big! Now what? Go through the hassle of requesting a trade and waiting for a new pair to arrive in the mail, you can just cut it down. Shrinking jeans is also a standard method of correcting sizing after a pair of spandex blend jeans naturally stretch over time. Jeans shrink quickly in the wash if you use the proper settings. And when the fit is right, you might want to check these formal outfits with jeans.

Which materials shrink best?

Consider the material when shopping for jeans, especially if you intend to shrink them. Of all the types of denim, cotton has the most shrinkage potential; If not already preshrunk, 100% cotton may shrink 20% of its original size.  This is because you will need to make sure that your 100% cotton jeans will have room in the pant legs after shrinking to allow movement, as they don’t have much stretch.

On the other hand, cotton blends shrink less, for example, 80% cotton and 20% polyester will shrink to only 3% of their original size. While the spandex and cotton blends in skinny jeans respond well to shrinking techniques, they will shrink less compared to 100% cotton because the spandex will not shrink.

In addition, any “preshrunk” clothing will not shrink or shrink only slightly when using these methods.

1. Shrink Your Jeans By Wash And Dry Method

The simplest method involves two everyday household items: the washer and dryer. The basis behind all denim shrinking techniques is to apply moisture and heat to the denim you wish to shrink.

This is why care labels don’t list the use of hot water and high dryer temperatures. Not on the care label for cotton-based clothing. If you don’t want to shrink your jeans and keep them the same size, always wash them in cold water, dry them low, or lay them flat to dry.

But if you’re willing to shrink your straight jeans to a size smaller, wash them in the standard wash cycle with your hottest water setting. Use your favorite detergent and fabric softener to clean them at the same time.

Then disobey the care label and dry your jeans on the hottest drying setting allowed. When this heat is applied to wet jeans, the cotton fibers contract as they dry completely, causing the shrinkage effect. To get the most shrinkage, leave the jeans in the dryer for an additional 10 minutes after they’re dry. It is essential to dry your jeans completely, as letting wet jeans air dry can cause the fibers to loosen.

2. Boil Your Jeans To Shrink

No washer with hot water setting? Then boiling your jeans is the best option.

Heat a large pot of water, bring to a high boil. Then, using tongs, carefully put your jeans in the water and let them soak uncovered that the water continues to boil for 20 to 30 minutes.

It’s essential to keep the jeans underwater at all times, so stay close to the pot to push the fabric out now and then. When the timer is in place, carefully remove the jeans and toss them in the dryer on the “hot” setting. If you let the jeans air dry, the cool air will cause some fibers to loosen. Remove the jeans when they are completely dry. 

3. If you need to shrink an area of your jeans

What if your jeans fit you perfectly in most places but need an extra pinch somewhere?

Use a spray bottle to target problem areas! Fill your bottle with three parts hot water and one part liquid fabric softener. Shake to combine, then spray the area until thoroughly soaked.

Let any part you don’t want to shrink completely dry. Then toss the jeans in the dryer on the hottest setting available.

If you let the jeans air dry, they may not shrink at all, or just minimal., If you don’t have access to a dryer, you can also iron or apply a hairdryer to the affected area until it dries completely.

Shrinking your jeans can create the perfect fit in new or old jeans. However, if they are still too big, it may be time to buy a new pair after repeating the process.

How do I make my jeans tighter?

8 Ways to Make Your Jeans Fit Tighter

  1. Wash Them in Hot Water. Washing your jeans in hot water causes the denim fibers to contract and shrink.
  2. Use a Steam Iron.
  3. Place Them in the Dryer.
  4. Boil Them.
  5. Take a Hot Shower While Wearing Them.
  6. Use a Hair Dryer.
  7. Roll Up the Bottom.
  8. Take Them to a Tailor.

How much can you shrink jeans?

Jeans can shrink up to as much as 10% after the first wash, but they usually only shrink about 3 to 4%. You can also expect them to shrink a little after each wash.

Will jeans shrink in hot water?

But if you’re ready to shrink your straight-leg jeans to a smaller size, wash them in the standard washing cycle with your hottest water setting. When this heat is applied to the wet jeans, the cotton fibers will contract as they dry completely, which causes the shrinking effect.

What can I do if my jeans are too big?

Basically, you loop the belt loop closest to the big button on your jeans around said button, which cinches the waist of your pants. Then, you button and zip your jeans up like normal, and boom! You’ve officially got better-fitting jeans.

Can you shrink denim jeans?

The easiest, quickest way to shrink denim is to wash and dry them on the hottest temperatures possible—similar to the way that washing your favorite sweater in hot water and putting it in the dryer is something you try to avoid because it will shrink.” A similar technique trades the washing machine for a pot of boiling.

Do jeans get tighter after washing?

Jeans will stretch out more than they will shrink. they never shrink in width only in length. They will however shrink after a wash, but will stretch out after a few hours of wear.

Do jeans shrink or expand after washing?

Let us explain: A pair of raw-denim jeans typically shrinks 7% to 10% after the first wash and continues to conform to the wearer’s body after every wash and wear. … The result: Your jeans will stretch to the right size after a few wears, leaving you with a perfectly worn-in look.

Will washing jeans at 60 shrink them?

If you are washing at 60 Centigrade or Celsius, then yes your jeans may shrink on you. Again, the quality of the denim and if they have been pre-washed or not will play a role in this situation. If you wash your jeans or other denim at 60 degrees F., then you stand a good chance of your denim not shrinking.

Does boiling jeans shrink them permanently?

Start Boiling Your Jeans Boiling is something that is able to do the same work a lot quicker and with more effectiveness as the water you use is hotter. This heat makes the cotton in your jeans shrink. After this, put your jeans in the dryer at their highest setting for getting a permanent shrinkage.

How do I shrink my jeans after losing weight?

Tips for Shrinking Your Jeans Start in the Washer.

  • If you need to shrink your entire pair of jeans, and not just random spots, go all-in and throw them in the washer at the highest temperature it allows.
  • Use the Tumble Dryer.
  • Bathe With Your Jeans.
  • Spot-Shrink Them.

How do you shrink pants that are too big?

How to Shrink a Pair of Pants Put the pants in the washer. Add detergent. Set the wash to the hottest water setting. Put it on a regular cycle wash for about 20 minutes. Put the pants and other items into the dryer. Set the dryer to the hottest setting. Take the pants out and try them on.

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