How to store figs: Best ways

Best way to store figs

Figs don’t require any introduction. They are found to be amusing and favorite to every 3 out of 5 fruit lovers. Even you must be enjoying these figs. Or, you might be having questions like (how to store figs?); (how long do the figs last?). You will get answers to all of your queries.

They are entirely different in texture along with their delicious flavor and amusing color. I haven’t tried anything compared to it. They are found to have the best taste when harvested ripe.

But, there’s a problem with these delicious fruits of heaven (figs). They have a very short shelf life. That is, they get rotten within a very short period, similar to most fruits.

Therefore, if you are a figs lover, or a figs distributer your main concern would be how to save them.

What to avoid while selecting figs?

  • It’s highly preferred that you should avoid those figs which are looking/feel quite stiff because when it comes to selecting the best quality of figs, one should always remember that their tenderness comes from the fact that how firm they are!
  • Even too-ripe figs aren’t very good as they will start to rot within a few days i.e. before they even go to the store (dealers), or to your house itself. So, Over-ripeness (mushy) is also something which you should be concerned about.
  • If you are storing the fruit under high moisture then it’s likely that they can catch mold.

What you should be looking for while selecting the best quality figs?

If you are looking for personal usage then definitely go for tender to firm fruits and it’s advised that you should have these delicious figs within a few days or less than a week. After that, the quality of the figs will start deteriorating and further, after a few days, the fruit itself will start to rot.

How Long Do Figs Last?

Before moving on to the storage of the figs, let’s look at the fact that how much they last, even if that is one of the necessary questions.

  • If you go on to store your figs in a dry place and at room temperature, you can be assured that your fresh figs will easily last for two to three days.
  • Now, they even go on to last a week or two, if you are refrigerating the fruit with plenty of room and obviously within the right storage conditions.
  • Now if you look properly to store your figs you can have several ways to last it depending upon the period. One such way is freezing them; frozen figs can last even for a year and many more months to come.

Storage of figs can be relevant for many people be it a fruit vendor or a farmer or the person transporting it and last but not least, the consumer itself. Here I will mention some of the best ways to store figs at home.

  • Firstly, you need to understand that figs are fruits that get easily perished. So, it’s always advised that you should enjoy this tasty fruit soon after the purchase.
  • I would suggest you store figs on a plate or anything that is single-layered and further cover it with plastic wrap to avoid all sorts of damage such as crushing or somehow absorbing any type of odors.
  • For eliminating the risk of molds, you should go on to wash your figs with water properly, right before usage.
  • You can even go on to use any clean, empty egg carton for storing them.

How to Store Figs

How to store figs

As mentioned above the best possible way in a household would be to store fresh ripe figs in none other than the refrigerator. So, due to the low temperature of the surrounding the fruit will start to perish almost after a week or two. Below mentioned is a way of storing this fruit in the best possible way, you can even go on to use it.

  • While buying your batch of figs, make sure that you check the proper ripeness of the fruit. Somehow, if any bad ones come into your batch make sure to discard or remove them immediately as they can lead to the spoilage of the entire batch itself. Make sure that your figs are bright purple and that it feels slightly firm but yet not too soft. Always, make sure to discard the moldy and ruined figs.
  • Do make sure that where ever you are keeping the figs, these amusing fruits need not come in direct contact with each other. So, it’s advisable that you should store the fresh fruit in trays made up of polystyrene or simple cardboard along with the paper towels between the figs. (It’s done to allow them for breathing that is absorbing the moisture which results in their freshness.) Never miss placing the figs in a breathable tray.
  • In the fridge, there are various eatable products. So, to make sure that the aromas of other products don’t seep into your figs, you should avoid keeping them open in the refrigerator. Use plastic bags or wrap your tray of figs and then store it in the fruit crisper drawer.

How to Freeze Figs

Freezing slows down the perishable rate of fruit almost negligible as compared to its normal rate. So, freezing figs also turn out to be a very good option. Even house cooks also freeze these figs for their long usage. The most profound way of freezing figs is to flash freeze the fruits to prevent them from freezing altogether i.e., in one entire big chunk. Below mentioned are steps that you can follow to freeze your figs.

Step 1: You should start by washing your entire batch of fruit (figs) in cold water. And then further dry your figs using a paper towel.

Step 2: Once the figs are washed you now have laid them out on a baking sheet. In a layer using parchment paper.

Step 3: Now place all of the figs inside the freezer and let them freeze for two to three hours. But, make sure that before keeping the figs inside the freezer. You have given each fig a little space around to breathe.

Step 4: Now, take the figs out of the freezer.

Step 5: Place the entire frozen figs in a proper freezer bag or an air-tight container and further keep these bags in a cold place such as a freezer.

Now, you don’t have to worry for almost a year. But, do mark the date of freezing on the container. (To remind yourself how long you can use these figs effectively.)

Some extra tips for you while buying figs:-

Some extra tips for you while buying figs

The extra tip that I would be giving you might not be magical. But, applying that while buying will have a positive impact.

  • When it’s about figs. Then one vital factor that some only know is, that buying them in the harvesting season is the best. (for choosing fresh figs)
  • Harvesting season generally lies between June to November. I would recommend you go for only California figs. To assure the best quality that you buy. As California is the largest producing state in the United States of America (USA).
  • Off-season figs you get typically imported from Turkey, Greece, Chile, and Mexico

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