How To Stretch Leather Pants

How To Stretch Leather Pants

The leather pants that we love are ultra sexy and tight! But let’s be honest, sometimes it’s so tight you can hardly walk and breathe. So can we give those leather pants some ease? Let’s get into how to stretch leather pants and be comfortable in your leather.

how to stretch leather pants

1. Expand your leather pants naturally

Leather is a natural and living material that stretches naturally as it is used. If you wear your pants regularly and do a few squats with them, they will widen. But hey, we recognize that it will take time.

Another option is to stuff it with a damp cloth and leave it for a while. You will need to put on as much fabric as possible to fill your pants and stretch them accordingly.

2. The magic spray that stretches the leather

And yes, there are sprays that stretch leather. You can find them online or in shoe stores. These sprays soften the leather. You will therefore need to wear your pants immediately afterward so that they can easily expand.

A water bath and a heat stroke to make your leather pants bigger

Finally, the two last options can allow you to widen your pants.

The first is to immerse it in a water bath for about ten minutes and then wear it while still wet. Not very comfortable but it will soften the leather to your size.

The second option is to put your pants in the dryer, always for about ten minutes (fifteen maximum). The heat of the device will reproduce the effects of wear and tear on a garment worn for a long time. You can even add basketball or tennis balls to the tumble dryer drum. This will increase the friction of the leather and allow it to wear evenly.

So, are you able to do the splits with your leather now?

We hope that these few methods will allow you to evolve in your pants with complete freedom!

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