How To Style Workwear With Piercing For Men

How To Style Workwear With Piercing Male

As we all know, men in corporate settings have to follow a dress code, unlike typical streetwear. Workwear and formal attire are styles that many men like to adopt at their workplace. In most corporate settings, this is the standard uniform. You will, however, find some companies having casual wear in their work environment. Here is everything you need to know about how to style workwear with piercing male.

When it comes to workwear, you need to consider how you are styling yourself. One of the negative points that some men face in their workplace is their desire to keep their piercings in place. Check out everything about styling workwear when you have piercings and some references for the same.

How To Style Work Wear With Piercing Male

Piercing At Work

To prosper in the corporate world, you need to set yourself apart from your coworkers, which is done with your clothing. But the question is, do piercings at work help in this? The answer is a simple yes, provided that you are smart about it.

On the other hand, it’s important to think about how your piercings will affect others’ perceptions of you and your work. That depends on what kind of piercings you have and how you style them. However, you cannot flaunt your piercings if there is a list of anti piercing regulations set by the organization. Let us now understand how different types of piercings look in the workplace.

Facial Piercings In The Workplace

eyebrow piercing men

  • Facial piercings may be popular, but they don’t make for a good business environment.
  • Many workplaces have adopted a strict no-facial piercings policy, while other businesses have made guidelines specifying which types of facial piercing are acceptable.
  • Facial piercings are acceptable at work (depending on the organization) as long as they are not too distracting or blingy.
  • These piercings include eyebrow, nose, lip piercing, tribal, diamond, and other face jewelry.
  • You can wear facial piercings such as the nose stud, eyebrow ring, and lip ring safely in a professional environment; however, You should avoid piercings in locations such as the tongue, cheek, and navel.

Nose Piercings In The Workplace

Nose Piercings In The Workplace

  • Nose piercing is trendy. However, many companies do not allow them.
  • You can change these piercings from studs to a ring.
  • If your organization allows you to wear nose piercing jewelry, many designers make studs and hoops that are less noticeable under your nose and look classy on your face.
  • In many places of the world, women get their nose piercings as a part of their tradition. For men, it is just a style statement. Therefore we advise you not to go for a nose piercing at the workplace.

Lip Piercings In The Workplace

Lip Piercings In The Workplace

  • The trendiness of lip piercings has gone far beyond the under-the-radar phase. People want them, and many employers are allowing them.
  • Lip piercings aren’t always the most professional in a work environment, even if the organization allows you to have one.
  • Some people think it’s unprofessional, while others believe it doesn’t fit in with the conservative dress code.
  • Even a simple stud or a metal ring on your lips looks unprofessional. Therefore, it is better to avoid them altogether.

Septum Piercing In The Workplace

Septum Piercing In The Workplace

  • Let’s face it, septum piercings are an excellent way to spice up an otherwise mundane face.
  • Wearing a septum piercing at the workplace is not advisable as it seems too blingy and distracting due to its size.
  • This type of piercing involves a bigger piece when compared to the jewelry used in other types of piercings.

Styling Tips For Workwear And Piercings

A perfect pair of workwear and piercings is an easy way to add style and class to your work wardrobe, but finding the right balance between what works and what doesn’t can be tricky. Here are some reliable styling tips for workwear and piercings with reference pictures featuring the most appropriate piercing jewelry for different pieces in your work wardrobe.

Pastel Tailored Suit With Diamond Ear Stud

Pastel colors work the best for a work attire especially if you are working with creative and colorful spaces like branding firms, advertisement agencies, etc. And most of these organizations allow piercings that are simple. Pick ear-piercing jewelry that is simple and subtle, like this diamond ear stud.

Pastel Tailored Suit With Diamond Ear Stud 

Black Suit With Black Ear Ring

Black suits are always appropriate for the office, especially when paired with one of the simplest piercing accessories. This reference makes it easy for you to wear this suit to work and even for any formal occasion. It’s about two black things for your wardrobe – a black suit and a black earring.

Black Suit With Black Ear Ring 

Collared Shirt With Single Ear Stud

The collared shirt is a workplace staple. Worn by employees everywhere, from accountants to top board members, the collared shirt is professional and comfortable. Now imagine a twist on this classic look: a simple ear stud! This single ear stud pierced ears can perfectly complement your office attire.

Collared Shirt With Single Ear Stud 

Formal Shirt And Small Metal Hoop

If you’ve got an ear piercing that you’re proud of but can’t show off at work, get them out in the open with this small metal hoop. Wearing it with a formal shirt will not hinder your performance or lower your colleagues’ impression of you.

Formal Shirt With Small Metal Hoop 

Formal Suit With Double Black Diamond Studs

While wearing your ear-piercing jewelry with formal attires can be challenging, especially if you have two piercings, one on each ear. Picking a pair of simple black diamond studs for your formal suit will enhance your work attire with class and elegance.

Formal Suit With Double Black Diamond Studs 

Finally, remember that it is possible to incorporate jewelry into your workwear wardrobe without looking like you’re on your way to a wedding. The key is to stick to one or two simple pieces and avoid the temptation of going overboard.

Can you wear piercings at work?

Common Piercings in Workplace Ear piercings are, for instance, acceptable in most workplaces. Employers are not likely to object to lobe piercings. Even piercings that are more unusual than helix, conch, or tragus are not often a problem.

Are piercings still considered unprofessional?

Research suggests that tattoos and piercings can still be detrimental to your chances of landing a job. Many people still consider facial piercings unprofessional and not welcome in the workplace, despite the widespread popularity of body art.

Why are piercings seen as unprofessional?

False stigmas associated with facial piercings lead people to believe that someone with piercings will be less successful in a job environment than someone without. The core issue of this problem is that people’s physical appearance does not affect their ability to work well and be competent employees.

Are piercings and tattoos acceptable in your industry?

For safety reasons, you may be asked to take out your pierced jewelry if you are a worker in a factory. Tattoos are acceptable, though. If your job involves managing people or dealing with the public, you might need to cover the tattoo. Some people find tattoos and other piercings offensive.

Do jobs discriminate against piercings?

Employers cannot discriminate against employees based on tattoos or other piercings that are part of sincerely held religious beliefs.

What jobs don’t allow piercings?

Jobs That Don’t Allow Nose Piercings

  • Law Enforcement.
  • Healthcare.
  • Management.
  • Administration.
  • Teaching.
  • Legal Field.
  • Government.

Can you wear a nose ring at work?

You might be wondering if you are allowed to wear your nose ring to job interviews. But that doesn’t necessarily mean you will be well-received. It is pretty common to have tattoos or piercings. When it comes to landing a job, the question isn’t “Can” but “Should” you wear the nose rings.

Do ear piercings affect getting job?

Piercings may affect your chances of getting a job, as some professions pride themselves on their image. Piercings like a nose or an ear stud shouldn’t affect your prospects. White-collar occupations tend to frown upon unconventional piercings.

Are multiple ear piercings unprofessional?

Different workplaces have different dress codes. Most people consider multiple ear piercings unprofessional. Whether you wear two or three studs depends on where the piercing is located. In the workplace, gauge piercings and industrial piercings don’t look professional.

Should tattoos and piercings still be considered unprofessional?

Although it might seem odd to show a tattoo or piercing while working, it’s more professional for clients or bosses to judge highly-qualified workers by their appearance. A lawyer or doctor has spent their entire life training for the job, and they don’t have to be licensed.

Can my employer make me take out my nose ring?

An employer can prohibit a nose ring if the employee cannot prove that it is necessary to their religious beliefs. Some may say that this is discrimination. But discrimination isn’t illegal in and of itself. What makes it unlawful is its basis.

Can government employees have piercings?

Individuals with tattoos or piercings are not protected from discrimination in employment under any federal or state law.

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