How to use Hydra Moisturizer?

Apply a pea-size amount onto skin and dab it onto your face. Distribute the product evenly over your face and neck and dont apply too much pressure. Follow an upward, circular direction to massage the cream on to your skin. For that delicate area, use your ring finger since it naturally has the lightest touch.

How to apply face serum correctly?

Unlike other skincare products like thick face creams and moisturizers that you massage into your skin in an upward direction, serums are meant to be applied to your face in small tapping motions with your fingertips or your palms. Do not rub your skin excessively, let the serum absorb into your skin on its own.

How to use face serum with Moisturizer?

Follow these steps to learn how to properly use and get the most out of your face serum.

  • Step #1 Cleanse. Before you apply your face serum, make sure your skin is properly prepped.
  • Step #2 Apply Toner, Mist, or Water.
  • Step #3 Application of Facial Serum.
  • Step #4 Wait 5 Minutes.
  • Step #5 Moisturize.
  • What is the correct way to apply moisturizer?

    MOISTURIZER DO: APPLY IT IMMEDIATELY AFTER CLEANSING When youre done washing your face, dont towel off completely. Thats because applying skin cream to a damp face can help lock in hydration. The same thing goes for the rest of your bodyapply lotion to damp skin after showering

    How do you apply moisturizer to wet face?

    Moisturize twice daily with mild products specifically designed for sensitive skin. Night is an essential time to renew your mindand your skin. Adding a lotion before bed creates softer, more hydrated, and better-looking skin the next day.

    What is the best way to apply face serum?

    Heres a quick recap on how to properly use face serum. First, cleanse and exfoliate your skin and follow it up with a toner or facial mist. Next, gently apply a small amount of serum to your face and neck with either your fingertips or palms.Then, wait 5 minutes for your face serum to fully absorb into your skin

    How long should I leave serum on my face?

    Let the serum properly settle into your skin before going in with a moisturiser. The recommended time is usually 4-5 minutes. You know your serum is doing a good job when it is seamless this means no oily residue or tackiness post application.

    What should I apply after face serum?

    After youve rubbed the serum into your skin, place your fingers on your cheeks and press your skin in small, circular motions for 30 to 60 seconds until the serum is fully absorbed. Follow up with a dime-sized amount of moisturizer to your face, which will seal in the serums nourishing properties.

    What is the best time to apply serum on face?

    Frequency of face serum application

    • Anti-pigmentation and antioxidant serums work best when applied in the morning.
    • Anti-aging serums are often best suited for nighttime application.
    • Hydrating serums for drier skin can be applied twice daily to help keep your skin dewy and moisturized.


    Can I use serum and moisturizer at the same time?

    Since serums contain the active ingredients that you want to penetrate as deeply as possible into your skin, you should always apply a serum directly to your skin after cleansing or toning and before your moisturizer and sunscreen. Dont put your serum on after you moisturize.

    How do you apply face serum?

    In most cases, it makes sense to apply serum before moisturizer. This is because serum is usually more lightweight, whereas moisturizer tends to be thicker. Applying serum first can also give the skin more opportunity to absorb the active ingredients. In many skin care routines, moisturizer is the last step.

    What goes on first serum or moisturizer?

    Most face serums are safe to be applied twice daily once in the morning on a cleansed face, before the rest of your makeup, and once at night before bed.

    What is the best way to apply moisturizer?

    Moisturizers should be applied to clean skin after you cleanse your face, as they prevent skin from drying out post-wash. Theyre also most effective when applied to slightly damp skin, as they seal in moisture.

    Why do you apply moisturizer upwards?

    Use a small amount of your moisturizer and rub it in upwards, so that it absorbs and helps to work against gravity! Using these motions helps to lift saggy skin and provide elasticity for preventing aging skin.

    Do you put moisturizer on wet or dry face?


    What are the steps to moisturizing your face?

    What else can you do to moisturize your skin?

  • Use a humidifier in the winter. Set it to around 60%, a level that should be sufficient to moisturize your skin.
  • Keep showers short.
  • Minimize your use of soaps.
  • Be gentle to your skin.
  • Dont scratch.
  • Prune your wardrobe.
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