How to Wear Crop Top with Belly Fat

How to Wear Crop Top with Belly Fat

Crop Tops are dresses, i.e., a woman’s casual sleeveless outfit or garment that is not the same length as a normal garment; somewhat, it is shortened and cut short of revealing the person’s stomach. Crop Tops are generally dresses that are made for skinny people. However, people with belly fat might question how to wear crop top with belly fat one can wear a crop top with a belly by styling it in various ways.

In this article, we have compiled a long list of ways how to wear a crop top with belly fat. One can style the crop top to hide the belly fat of the person wearing the crop top and other useful methods that get rid of the notion that they are just for skinny women.

Wear it with High Waist Jeans

High waist bottoms, most preferably jeans, help hold all the belly fat inside the pants. It also helps accentuate one’s hips and waistline. High waist jeans or high waist shorts always do the job of hiding the belly fat as they fit perfectly, which is not the case with a high waist skirt. hips and waist

While pairing the high waist jeans with a crop top, one should go for footwear that matches or contrasts the colors of the clothes. Pairing this outfit with sneakers makes for a great casual outfit when going out to meet with friends or to a party.

Style it as a Co-ord Set

When one is trying to think about how to wear a crop top with belly fat, using it as a co-ord set seems to be an immediate solution. A co-ord set is essentially a whole outfit where the color of the top half of the outfit is the same as the bottom part of it.

A co-ord set makes a person look put together in their outfit choice and makes the person wearing it look slimmer and taller. The use of a co-ord set is numerous, and when it is paired with appropriate footwear, it makes for a really smart way where people with belly fat can wear crop tops.

Use of Outerwear to go with Crop Tops

As most things go about in the fashion industry, the layering of clothes seems to play an essential role in most styling issues. When worn with outerwear such as, say, a trench coat or a jacket with an open zipper, Crop tops helps hide the exposed belly fat in the stomach region.

It is, however, not absolutely necessary that one wears trench coats to create a solution for how to wear a crop top with belly fat. It is possible to pair it with even a light sweater.

Wear Flowy or Baggy Crop tops

Form-fitting crop tops even though the traditional crop top tends to expose one’s excess belly fat, including one’s love handles and belly fat. Therefore, to avoid these problems, one should go for oversized crop tops or baggy in shape and size.

The oversized look of the baggy crop top creates the illusion that the person has a smaller torso and takes all the attention away from the stomach area. It is the same thing with flowy crop tops, but they restrict the person from pairing it with many other things as it doesn’t go with most things.

Pair it with Structured Fabric

It is traditionally recommended that one pair crop tops with leggings; however, people with a belly who wear a crop top need to go for structured fabric clothing. The best thing to go with it is high waist tweed denim. Further, it slightly sculpts the belly of the person wearing it.

Pair the Crop Top with a Sweater Dress for Winter

For winter days, if someone with a belly wants to wear a crop top, they can hide it via a sweater dress. The sweater crop top dress does a brilliant job of hiding excess belly fat and keeps one warm in winter.
People style Crop Top sweater dresses in various ways to achieve different looks for different occasions. One can pair it up with lace-up leather boots for a function and pair it with jeans and sneakers to create a casual look that is ideal for meeting with friends.

By wearing darker color shades

If one wants to look slimmer in a crop top, wearing darker shades seems to be the way to go. Dark clothing hides the creases and folds in one’s body, thereby making everything seem smooth and creating a delicate creaseless outline of the body.

If one wants to go with a dark-colored crop top, it would be best to wear a black fitted crop top because it will outline one’s body better, creating the illusion that the person wearing it has a slim waist.

Layer the Crop Top

To hide the excess belly fat, one can use the classic technique of layering, where one can wear a crop top over a shirt to give it a formal effect and hide the belly fat that could have been seen if one was wearing just the crop top.

Thus, this concludes the article where we have stated various methods to wear a crop top with a belly. These styling methods align with the latest fashion trends and things going on recently.

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