How to wear oversized heels

How to wear oversized heels – Tips and Accessories

The most annoying thing is that when you ordered a favorite pair of heels, they were big when you tried them on. Well, this is one of the common issues among women. Instead of regretting buying and leaving it, you will get tips and tricks to wear more comfortable oversized high heels.

When wearing too big shoes, your feet aren’t receiving proper assistance, meaning that they must overwork to support your body. This, in turn, causes you to walk in an unnatural and often dysfunctional way that leads to foot-related issues. If you have no choice but to wear oversized heels, here are some easy life-saving hacks to help make your heels fit better.

How to wear heels that are too large

Many factors can put you in a situation where you wear oversized heels. But life isn’t perfect, and neither are our shoes and feet, so it’s never a bad idea to make your shoes tighter by adding a few inexpensive shoe accessories. If you’ve gone through the shoe shrink process too much and have done some damage to your shoes, check out my post on the best adhesives for shoes and boots! That is, how to make the boots smaller? Here are some popular ways to wear heels that are too large. Use thick cotton socks, insoles, sole pads, etc. Which one you choose will depend on the type of heel you want to wear and your budget. You can use easy tricks to sew your significant heels and put them on.

Wear Thick Cotton Socks

Thick cotton socks are great for heels that hide your feet. These include kitten heels, spool heels, ankle boots, flared heel boots, and similar styles. Cotton socks offer a temporary and affordable solution for tight-heel situations! Do not wear boot socks because they are too long. Crew-cut cotton socks would be perfect.

Heel Liner for Heels

A heel liner or heel insert backing for a shoe is a 3-inch strip secured to the inside back of the shoe’s heel. They are great for reducing size, preventing heel slipping, and increasing comfort. It does a lot of work for such a little strip!

Toe inserts for oversized Heels

If you have closed-toe shoes too long for your feet, here are some great options. You can easily add toe inserts for too large shoes to act as shoe fillers. It is recommended to shorten the shoe length and can also be used with a foot cushion. This makes the forefoot part of the shoe tighter. Or combine toe inserts with heel liners and ball cushions to make your shoes even more comfortable!

Using a special gel as a footpad

The presence of an insole to help with handling oversized heels shoe filler gel also has the effect of making your feet look pretty when worn. You can make oversized heels more comfortable, and you can buy shoe filling gels from online or offline shoe stores.

Try using insoles and sole pads.

The insole and sole pad make wearing bigger heels amazing. They are a small investment but fit easily over the soles of the feet. It can be worn on any type of heel, even if the heel, toes, and sides of the foot are exposed. Insoles and ball pads work by shifting your weight back to your heels. This will help relieve pressure, improve posture, and maintain ankle stability. Most insoles and sole pads come with long-lasting adhesive backing.

When to avoid Oversized Shoes

There is no better way than to say this. You can wear loose-fitting heels, but sometimes the shoe size mistake comes back. So, to keep your feet and legs safe for as long as possible, it’s ideal to know when not to wear heels that are too large.

While Walking Long Distances

Imagine a day before you put on oversized shoes. Estimate the amount of time you will walk, especially if you expect to be too busy to stop. Avoid large shoes if you will be walking long distances. Walking for a long time in large shoes is directly related to discomfort. And it can cause injuries like blisters or sore spots.

When running or hiking

Shoes too large are not suitable for strenuous activities such as hiking or running. Oversized shoes don’t have the balance, comfort, and support you need to run or hike. So, do not wear shoes that do not fit your feet. Simple.

When passing a rocky road

Also, avoid rocky areas where you can trip over when wearing large heels. But, if you must wear it, take it off the ground entirely and take it one step at a time. That way, you are less likely to fall.

When going up and down the stairs

If you spend a lot of time moving between different building floors, don’t wear oversized heels. Instead, wear shoes that fit and feel comfortable.

Everyone knows that feeling of finding the perfect pair of shoes and trying them on, but the shoes are too big. There are plenty of tricks to make your feet smile and get your oversized heels on without looking bad.

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