Kalamkari Kurta Design (Front Cut Kurti – Cigarette Pants)

Kalamkari Dress Design | Front Cut Kurti:

Here’s another beautiful floral print kalamkari kurta design with a kalamkari cotton saree. You can also check out my kalamkari dress design patterns which include some kalamkari kurta designs in 5 different styles. The hand-printed kalamkari kurta designs when used in kalamkari kurtis make the garment look stylish and sophisticated.

This design of mine can be called the most trendy style among all the styles of kalamkari kurta designs and cigarette pants with kurta. Get a new fresh look with this Kalamkari dress design in a front-cut kurta for your day-long look. Its awesome color gives you a charming look.

Continuing the kalamkari style with kalamkari long dress, this time it’s a fully professional way from cutting to stitching. The yellow and blue combination print on black background gave fullness to the cloth.

Kalamkari Dress Design Material:

I thought a fully flared type style would be great for the fullness of this Kalamkari dress design material. But wanted to add a different material or color, in contrast, to reduce the heaviness and use it for a wider variety of occasions and complexions.

Yellow could be the best contrast as other colors blue or cream would make it dull or awkward respectively for the front cut kurti.

Picked up some sheets and a pencil for sketching and ended up with a front-cut gathered kurta and a yellow cigarette pants. It looked like this

Kalamkari Kurta Design – Cigarette Pants With Kurta | Kalamkari Dress Design:

Here is the Kalamkari kurta design with cigarette pants. The cigarette pants with a kurta will modernize the look.

Kalamkari Kurta Design | Kalamkari Kurta Designs - Cigarette Pants With Kurta

Now the gathering part is tough. Again started to check out YouTube and found ways to add frills, pleats or the gathers at the waist as sketched. I’ve used the last technique for the gathers.


Gathering enough information and materials, took the pattern cuttings which was mentioned in my kalamkari long dress and the cloth.

Height measurements are important, which was a little difficult to decide for me. The body height to the waist is constant but the height from the waist to below needs more trials to decide the look.

I’ve cut the upper body pattern, and hands and kept it aside.

This cloth needed a lining for the upper body for a finished firm look, so I’ve cut the lining pattern also the same as the actual cloth.

Then decided on the height as 40″ from the waist and gathered the cloth following the video above. Stitched everything together.

Kalamkari Kurta Design | Kalamkari Kurta Designs | Cigarette Pants With Kurta:

Kalamkari Kurta Design | Kalamkari Kurta Designs | Cigarette Pants With Kurta

Kalamkari Kurta Designs | Front Cut Kurti | Cigarette Pants With Kurta:

The cigarette pants with kurta or with any kalamkari kurta designs are supposed to be visible in some fashionable way. In this kalamkari kurta design, it is from the front through and below the slit adding style to the kurta and making it a front cut kurti.

Kalamkari Kurta Design | Kalamkari Kurta Designs | Cigarette pants with kurta

Kalamkari Dress Neck Design:

A kalamkari dress neck design of a rhombus-shaped loop was added in the back. As it is a closed round neck in the front, I’ve added hooks on the side shoulder for easy wearing and removal.

Coming to the trousers section, I need to cut the patterns first on sheets and then start applying that on the yellow cloth. Till that point of completing the top section and looking for what next, I was completely ignorant about the pant cutting patterns. This time YouTube wasn’t so interesting, I felt so, and Pinterest was on. I would like to come again with more details on trousers. However, there’s my complete outfit, kalamkari kurta above.

I hope you like this unique kalamkari front cut kurti, back neck and cigarette pants style among the kalamkari kurta designs you get to see every day.

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